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Don’t Go Away Mad, Feb, Just Go Away February 26, 2011

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The best way to describe how the past couple of weeks have felt: You know when you’re in a hurry and you stick a tampon in and maybe don’t get it quite right so when you stand up and start walking around you realize it’s bad but you don’t have time to fix it right then so you spend an hour or two feeling some discomfort and the occasional stab? That.

But it hasn’t all been a pain in the vagina. A lot of the craziness has involved working our non-day jobs, and that means extra money, which is of course good. I’ve tried to think the last time I’ve actually had any substantial amount in a SAVINGS account, and I think it was when my parents were saving for my college fund. Shameful. Which you’d think I’d just feel positive about, but that’s not in my genetic make-up. What I first feel is happiness, but that quickly slides into “Uh-oh; this must mean something expensive is about to go wrong.” It’s not a fun way to live but it’s unfortunately how I roll.

Which is the perfect segue to the fact that our bathroom is sinking. It quickly went from the initial, Hmm do you think the floor feels weird quickly to, Holy shit, what’s happening!?! We’ve determined there’s a leak in some pipes near the tub that is rapidly spreading throughout the sub-floor. Brian, who has a lot of sheetrock, drywall and tile experience but knows almost nothing about plumbing, seems to think this is something a quick trip to Home Depot and some floor chopping will take care of, but I’m pretty sure that’s not going to be the case. This is us we’re talking about; come on! And since it’s easier to run around doing other things that *earn* money and put off something that’s potentially going to *cost* money, nothing has been done to fix this yet. I’ll be sure to let you know the moment when instead of a nice bathroom skylight, all of a sudden we have a new ground light.

I’ve sort of been half-assedly working on taking off the seven pounds of “holiday weight” I gained during prime eating season, which means taking advantage of cool sunny days and walking during lunch hours, trying to keep up the ridiculous water intake I seem to require to make a difference and sporadically using my elliptical thingie and new bicycle. I realized I’m down to the point where food is my only acceptable drug though when you use food as a drug you run the risk of not being able to breathe when you put on your pants. Or being able to put on your pants at all. What I’m doing now isn’t the best plan, but you do what works at the time and hope for the best. Of course I’m not back down to where I was last Fall when I was doing everything right, but I’m hoping I’ll find the energy somewhere to get back there eventually, please God.

Work has been brutal in terms of random idiocy and general fuckery, and though that tends to happen from time to time, it’s been exhausting lately. The economy is affecting us because obviously we’re not immune and so a lot of the time lately I’m hating being there while simultaneously thanking God I’m there. This coming week I’m going to Florida for a long weekend and though it’ll only be two extra days off from work, I’m very much looking forward to the break. I’m excited to see Sister, Brother and Niece because when I’ve gone too long spending time with Brian’s family and not my own, I start to feel like I’m in some surreal identity crisis where everybody talks too slow and nobody gets me. I love his family, but I need to get back to my people for reals and it’s been too long since I have.

For relaxation right now I’m reading the book Away by Amy Bloom. If you’re feeling a little stressed and upset about your own life, reading about a Jewish Russian woman in 1925 who goes to live in New York City after her family is murdered certainly helps to put your problems in perspective. I guess The Diary of Anne Frank has that same effect, but I’m not feeling quite *that* masochistic at the moment – a little levity mixed in with the tragedy seems to be the perfect balance. I guess that’s true not just in books, but life too.


Book Report December 18, 2010

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I started a book journal in 2008 where after every book I read, I listed the title, author and number of pages, a short summary and a score based on a stolen-from-Netflix idea one to five star rating. As I’m winding down my third year of doing this, I still feel a little like punching myself in the face for not having started this practice years ago. Not only do I live for documenting and listing, it serves as a useful tool for preventing buying a book I already own (this happens more than I’d like to admit) or to refer back and see what my feelings about a particular writer are. It also amuses me to look back and see I have truly schizophrenic reading tastes.

In 2008 I read 69 books (and to be honest, the fact I couldn’t make it an even 70 bothers me a lot). 2009 must’ve been a rough year for my concentration levels because I only made it through 48. For this year I just finished my 65th book, though there are still two weeks left of 2010 and in that two weeks I don’t have to go to work so there’s actual hope I could make that goal of knocking out 70 after all. I could cheat and read a couple of 200 pager’s, but that would mess up the integrity of my system and I’d rather have a non-cool number than do that. Why yes, I do devote a lot of thought to this, thanks.

For no other reason than it’s Saturday night and I’m bored, here are my top ten faves of this year and then the five I liked the least.

1. Special Topics in Calamity Physics by Marisha Pessl – a totally lucky book sale find I picked up for no other reason than I liked the title and the way the cover looked.

2. Under the Dome by Stephen King – Steve usually figures into my life at least once a year; several times if I’m lucky as was the case this year. It’s not my favorite novel of his by far, but the fact it’s over a thousand pages long and that the majority of those pages kept me glued to the book speaks volumes of my deep and unabashed love for this man. Anyone who says SK is a shitty writer is a pretentious asshole.

3. The Help by Kathryn Stockett – Usually when there’s a book Oprah raves about, I automatically go on the defense. I’ll wait it out and let the hysteria pass and then I’ll quietly go about looking into what all the fuss was about before I throw my opinion in there, if I choose to at all. This is the exception to that rule. This would probably have to be my number one pick for the year, if not the last few years. I wanted to eat it so I could keep it inside me forever.

4. The Best of Dorothy Parker – I thought I’d pretty much read everything of hers so I was pretty excited to come across this at yes, another book sale. She and Shirley Jackson are my two favorite women who ever put pen to paper and the fact we’ll never get anymore from them depresses me very much.

5. Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You by Peter Cameron – One of those where I knew by the end of the first page I’d love it and I was right. I’m pretty sure I read this in a 24-hour time period.

6. Unless by Carol Shields – I’d read another book by her a few years ago that I’d absolutely HATED, so it surprised me I liked this one so much. This happens to me a lot so I try to be forgiving to writers who make me angry the first time around. Unless the writer’s name happens to be Stephanie Meyer.

7. Countdown by Deborah Wiles – Another case of not knowing a damn thing about the book or writer but it was cheap and looked fun and isn’t that reason enough to do a lot of things? This one served my unending fascination with 1960’s America perfectly and was one of the best dollars I spent this year.

8. Kissing in Manhattan by David Schickler – I’m pretty sure this was fairly popular a few years back and it was one of those once I finally got around to I was pissed at myself for waiting so long to get to it. I’m also a sucker for short story collections and this one was stellar.

9. Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King – And speaking of short stories, look who popped up on the list again! Mr. King is the supposed Master of Horror, but I consider him more of the master of the short story/novella situation, master of characterization, master of my world, whatever, and I jumped on this one pretty much as soon as it was released.

10. High on Arrival by Mackenzie Phillips – I’m a sucker for a good druggie celeb memoir and this did not disappoint. What with all the incest stuff thrown in as well it was like getting two for the price of one except I got it from the library.

And the five books you should avoid at all costs and use the money on a nice coffee instead:

1. Leave the Building Quickly by Cynthia Kaplan – Sometimes the universe conspires to leave me bookless and I start to get a little panicky. This is a very dangerous situation, as it leads to reading more than one book by a writer I never liked before, which is the opposite of my forgiveness rule above. Next time she writes a book I’ll make sure I have plenty of reading material or else I’ll re-read a Stephen King book.

2. Crazy Love by Leslie Steiner – A memoir about a woman in an abusive marriage. What bothered me more than her husband hitting her or calling her by his favorite nickname, “Retard,” was the fact that she fed her dog a Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup every day when she took him for a walk, until he died from complications of the chocolate poisoning. As I wrote in my book journal, “I was under the assumption most people, even non-dog owners, knew chocolate is bad for dogs, let alone a Harvard graduate.” I mean, come on.

3. Me & Emma by Elizabeth Flock – Sometimes even though a book is a quarter at the thrift store that doesn’t mean I should buy it.

4. The Mistress’s Daughter by A.M. Holmes – Besides fiction I’m pretty sure my most-read genre is the memoir. In fact I’m completely sure it is. And most of the time that means reading amazing life stories by Augusten Burroughs, David Sedaris and even Sarah Silverman (her memoir missed my top ten by only a little). But sometimes it means reading things like this: a whiny, bitchy long-winded complaint about a girl who was adopted by lovely people but spent most of her adult life obsessing over her biological parents who were complete assholes.

5. Imperial Bedrooms by Bret Easton Ellis – This man defies every reading rule I’ve ever imposed on myself. Time after time I go back for more abuse. The only, ONLY book of his I’ve ever felt good about afterwards is Lunar Park and even that left me with a confusion headache. When I reached the end of American Psycho, I literally threw the book across the room and Less Than Zero made me contemplate suicide for a short time. Yet I fell for it again. I guess sometimes even self rules are meant to be broken, but at least I’ve learned to ONLY EVER get his books from the library and MAKE SURE I never incur a late fee.

Things & Stuff August 26, 2010

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Just add salt

Besides a plethora of peppers, this here is the only successful thing that came out of the small garden we planted in June.

I hate when I randomly come across an amazing book that I think no one has heard of and then soon after I finish reading it, find out they’re making a movie out of it. This has happened to me a few times, most recently being a few of years ago with I Love You Beth Cooper by Larry Doyle and then again this week with Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You by Peter Cameron. Because I’ve lived for awhile now and I know from experience as much as I loved the book, I will exponentially HATE the movie. Maybe if I could be in charge of casting these movies I wouldn’t have such a sourpuss attitude about it but that’s highly unlikely, therefore the list of movies I’ll never see continues to grow. Weirdly both of those examples fall under the YA category, but that’s just coincidence.

The other day we were on our way to a funeral (Brian’s mother’s family has lost two members unexpectedly in the past month – very strange) and we stopped to fill up on gas. As per usual, he pumped while I went inside to stock up on the road trip essentials. The clerk in this particular store is a somewhat intimidating looking girl but is usually pleasant, despite her habit of constantly talking loudly on her cell phone which takes precedence over any customer service she needs to perform. On this day however, things were to be very different. As I was picking through the individual Jolly Rancher bin to get as many sour apples as possible, she started talking to me. And talking. Talking to the point that I’d already paid for everything and saw out of the corner of my eye Brian had pulled up to the front door and all I could think to do was keep subtly inching toward the door as I waited for there to be a break in the conversation where I could tactfully say bye. I started to feel as though it was a comedy sketch or maybe someone was trying to revive the show Punk’d. Without any prompting or encouragement from me I learned about her son, her son’s father who she’s not together with right now but he loves her and they’re trying to work things out but he found out she had a Facebook page he didn’t know about, but that’s only because she sells t-shirts and had forgotten she made the page and how he always looks for something to be mad at her for, but that he had just sent her a text calling her Goober which she thinks was meant to be funny but isn’t sure because she calls her fifteen-year-old cousin that and, and, and…By the time I made it outside and got into the truck, Brian, phone in hand, said “I wasn’t sure if I should call the police because I thought for sure the store was being robbed, but then I saw two customers walk out.” All I can think now is amphetamines are a hell of a drug.

(I’m obviously) On the look-out for any miniscule signs of Autumn and this is what I’ve found so far:
– Halloween t-shirts at Target
– Every so often we’ll hear a very loud, sudden noise which scares the shit out of us but also makes me happy because it means the hickory nut tree is dropping its nuts (ha) onto our metal porch roof
– Also I’m starting to find acorns to step on during my walks
– Even though I’m starting my walks around the same time as always it’s now a lot darker by the time I’m done
– The stupid long pre-season football is annoying, but that music, duh-duh-duh-DUH…DUH-DUH-DUH-DUHHHHH…always strikes excitement in my heart
– I dyed my hair back to its best incarnation of violet red and as soon as the new color was revealed post-drying and straightening, all was immediately right with the world.

Sunday Bullets January 31, 2010

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  • I feel like this month has flown by. Normally January is like August for me in that it drags, drags, DRAGS. Not this time – tomorrow is February!
  • I’ve been enjoying exercising again and reading and writing on the No Butts blog. If I could bottle that awesome adrenaline high that comes right after a good work-out, I’d be a very rich woman. Under obvious, see obvious.
  • I finished the massive Stephen King book in just under three weeks’ time. Brian put it well: Anytime a long novel reads like a short story, you have a good thing on your hands. I’d recommend it to any SK fan.
  • I’m doing well on my no-unnecessary-spending kick. It helps a lot that the last two weekends, prime money wasting time, have been so ugly weather-wise we haven’t really left the house. Avoiding Amazon helps too.
  • Good friends are coming up from Florida at the end of this week. One of them is staying at a mutual friend’s house a little ways up the road apiece from here and the other is staying here. This coincides nicely with Brian leaving for another business-related-excuse-for-out-of-town-shennanigans (just how many trade shows are in the landscape business anyway?) trip to Myrtle Beach. Girl time, you know what that means: pedicures and pillow fights. All the way.
  • Facebook continues to amuse and amaze me. Is it me, or do other people experience the weird phenomenon that people you thought you knew are really, really dumb. I went through and cleaned some people out this week. No offense, but if I didn’t like talking to you in real life I probably shouldn’t subject myself to your idiocy online either.
  • The male half of our redneck friends helped Brian throw sod in our front yard Friday afternoon. We took him home later that night, around 7pm. I was eager to see the wife, as I haven’t since before Christmas and have heard she’s been going through some rough times re: their relationship. I wasn’t cheered by the fact she was in her pajamas when we got there, especially when I remembered the last time we were there – during the day – she was also dressed for bed. This isn’t a good sign as to her state of mind. I’m planning on giving her a call in the next few days to talk to her uncensored and see how she is. It seems Mr. Redneck is feeling pretty dreary too. Brian said when they were working on the yard, out of the blue with no segue he said, I can help you for as long as you want, man. I don’t have anything to do tonight, tomorrow, next week, or the rest of my life. Brian told me later, What do you say to that? Uh…we’ll be finished around 4?
  • I’m continually flabbergasted by my office neighbors, especially the one who turns any subject, work-related or not, into an anecdote about her kids. I’ve decided to start a game with it. Starting tomorrow, anytime this happens, I’m going to do a shot make a little note. Then at the end of the week I’ll tally it up and see what the data looks like. Will this accomplish anything besides my own stupid amusement? No it will not. That’s never stopped me before though, and it adds fodder to my continued fascination with the human race.
  • My SIL gave me what I do believe could qualify as one of the top three haircuts of all time this week. I don’t know how, because we were especially chatty the whole time and she kept snip, snip, snipping away until I started getting nervous. But no – I wake up in the morning and don’t resemble the Bugs Bunny monster anymore. She’s getting married March 6th and I’m looking forward to it despite the family drama that has already begun. It’s an outdoor affair and I’m curious as to what the weather will be like. I’d normally have something planned to wear by now but considering it could be anywhere from 30 degrees to 70 that day, I’m waiting. Smart, right?
  • Not much else to report. Life is good.

Sunday Babble January 24, 2010

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I’m scared to talk about any of this, since the last time I went public with it I of course sabotaged myself and fell so far off the wagon, I landed in a pile of dust never to be seen again. But screw it: I’m back on the weightloss train. Taking small steps at first, of course, but slowly coming back. For a week I’ve had nothing to drink except coffee and water and if you know me and my deep love of soda you know that’s a biggie. Also cut out most sweets which is another big weakness. We’ll see what happens, but I already feel the difference adequate water consumption makes and it’s all good.

We went to the book sale yesterday and this was what we brought home:

Brian knew about my shopping ban, but he also knew how cruel it would be to let me go without any new books while he loaded up, so he paid for the six I picked out. These sales only happen four times a year and we usually only make two of those, so it was a fun time. We always have fun on book dates. After them, I always feel happy I married someone who loves reading as much as I do, and who understands the love of holding a book in your hands. It always kills me when someone says, (Like one of his cousins did yesterday) “Ha, I HATE to read; I don’t know how you do it!” like they’re all proud of themselves and I’m the dumbass. Okay, buddy – good on you.

The Haiti stuff is killing me and I only allow myself a few minutes a day to watch/read about it. I caught a news story the other night about how a bunch of babies who were up for adoption were brought over here and united with their adoptive parents in a day. And while that made me very happy, it’s also a little disappointing that all the red tape that usually goes along with adoption was so easily skirted. Sooo…why the red tape at all? Another thing upsetting me: I’m wondering how much easier it would be for people like us, or let’s just say US, to adopt now that this situation is here. There are plenty of baby-less parents and now a lot of parent-less babies…but I can tell you that would never happen, and it’s for a shitty reason. Any potential child we’d adopt would most likely be white. Fuck, I hate even writing that. This is not because of me, or even necessarily because of Brian, but because of his family. You’re thinking, Uh, what does his family have to do with what you do? Unfortunately, a lot.

When we moved back here, we knew his parents would be more involved in our lives than ever before. Hell, we moved into one of their houses. And though they’ve (hardly) ever pulled that card, it has come into play at times. Nothing is free; everything has a price. You can judge, that’s okay – it’s just the way it is. I don’t love his parents any less for it; it’s just the way they are and I accept that. For the most part. They were also responsible for most of the cost of the whole fertility experiment last year; they’re very generous with us. But with something like this…it’s just frustrating.

My desire to be a parent hasn’t lessened at all…it’s just been tabled for the time being. And I hate, HATE feeling like it’s out of my control. I don’t accept that. So in the next few days I’m having another talk with an adoption specialist and I plan to gather some information. A little information never hurts.

If there’s a way out there for me to make my family complete, I’m going to  find it.

Bye Buy January 21, 2010

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We had a bout of ridiculously beautiful weather for the last week or so (sunny, highs in the low 60’s) and it went a long way toward boosting my mood and lifting me out of what I’m guessing is a post-holiday funk. Today it’s back to cold and rainy but that’s not supposed to last and I’m okay with those days as well, as long as there aren’t too many of them in a row. As much as I profess to want to move to the Pacific NW someday, I seriously doubt I’d be good with their weather for very long. It’s been difficult to remain at work during the good weather stretch and I’ve tried to get outside and take as many walks during the day as I could get away with, which on some days was a lot.

Another thing I do to give myself a little lift quite often is buy something. It doesn’t have to be big; it can be as small as a bag of Cracker Jacks or a Cherry Coke. However, we are extremely close to meeting a big financial goal and the closer we get the more excited/anxious I am to pay off the debt. I’ve instituted a self-imposed shopping ban for myself for the next thirty days or so in order to meet the goal as soon as possible. (I’m actually embarrassed to say what the goal is but embarrassment has never stopped me from sharing before, so here it is: we’re finally paying off my ever-aging car, the poor sad Bessie. You may be saying to yourself, But isn’t that an old car, one that should’ve been paid off like two years ago? And my answer to that would be, Don’t ever take finanical advice from me because I’m really, really bad at it.)

Of course normal bills and things like groceries and gas will still be purchased. But once I decided this, which was only three days ago, it has already been dismaying to see how often I get the urge to poop out cash for completely or nearly-completely unnecessary items. Itching to get out of the office? Run to Target during my lunch hour under the guise of “picking up something for the house,” and come home with a new belt or cute new gloves. Standing in line at the grocery check-out? Why not grab the latest issue of Lucky to see what people luckier than me are buying. Feeling that late-afternoon blood sugar drop? Run down the street to the fun convenience store where they know me so well, they let me know when my favorite candy and soda is on sale. Can’t sleep in the middle of the night? Go to Amazon and/or Overstock and take a peek at what books, purses, jewelry, t-shirts, etc. might be on sale. Stop in to say hi to my sister-in-law at her hair salon and go next door to see what new hair product goodies or OPI nail polish might be on clearance.

Oh my God, I suck.

But! That’s all over with for the time being. I may feel the urges still, like any good addict would, but I guess the difference is having the bigger goal within reach. The light at the end of the proverbial tunnel is getting brighter all the time and I’m counting on it to blind me to instant gratification. I’m feeling good and strong.

Even though yesterday I found out the library’s bi-annual book sale is happening this coming Saturday.

God is laughing at me as we speak.

Money, it’s a Gas January 10, 2010

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We’ve spent most of the first days of the new year hunkered down, as it’s been unusually cold and we’re southern wimps. I like it though; we make a big deal of gathering firewood and maintaining a fire as we all Snuggie together on the couch to read/watch TV – it’s like a license to hibernate, this weather. But the fact I’m actually looking forward to going to the inlaws’ today tells me I wouldn’t do well in a real cabin fever-ish situation; most likely I’d go the way of Jack at the Overlook Hotel after a few weeks.

Oh, speaking of Stephen King! I’m knee-deep in his newest 1,074 page opus Under the Dome and loving every minute of it. I was really scared after reading Cell (garbage) the man was hanging it up, but then he bounced back with Lisey’s Story and Duma Key and now this. I truly don’t know what I’ll do when there’s no more new stuff from him. I’ve told Heather that’s what I’m saving the Dark Tower series for, even though I believe her when she says that’s probably not how I want to go out. It’s too depressing to contemplate, as he’s been a such big part of my literary world since the age of twelve, when I snuck Salem’s Lot and ended up sleeping on the couch for a month in order to be near my parents’ bedroom because I knew logically I was too old to be in their bed. 

We’re kind of in that post-holiday, post-vacation poorhouse, so to have both the house and my car act up this week was a little frightening. Especially since there is some travel potential in my near future and I haven’t quite figured out how I’m going to swing it. Weetabix, one of my first blogging crushes, contacted me the other day to encourage me to attend Weetacon in Green Bay in early March. My happiness was short-lived and stunted by the fact the only thing it hinges on is money. Always money. I haven’t completely discounted it yet, but (insert whiny voice) when is it going to be that I can just say yes to something like that, without immediately doing calculations in my head: “Well, if I do this, don’t pay that, skip groceries for a month…” Stupid.

Because that’s the thing. If money wasn’t an issue I would travel, like a lot. Both to spend more time with the people I love and to go on adventures to new places I’ve never been. I realize that’s not original and a lot of people would do the same thing. Just thought I’d put it out there.

One exciting thing is that on February 1st, I’m eligible for an upgrade on my phone. Oh happy day. I think I’ve pretty much narrowed it down to two, though I’m going into a Sprint dealer sometime soon to actually hold and play with them, to see which one I like better. I made a hasty, stupid decision with this current piece of plastic poop and I’ve had to live with the suck for a year and a half. Never again. Just to make the point even more clear, at some point this week the back of it fell off leaving the battery exposed and making me the proud owner of the most ghetto-fied phone in the world.

So to recap: I think I need a new house, new car, new phone and some travel money. THAT’S NOT TOO MUCH TO ASK, RIGHT??? Does anyone know of anyplace hiring for part-time night work? I kid, but I’m starting to think that might not be a bad idea, at least for a few months. We’re closer than ever to being okay financially, but the closer we get the more impatient I get. We’ve been in the crapper so long it’s time to do whatever it takes to climb all the way out of it. I want this to be the year.

Getting up off my ass I think would be a good first step.

To Fangirl or Not To Fangirl September 17, 2009

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#259Dear Books-A-Million,

I can’t express how excited I was when I found out one of my favorite writers ever was coming to one of your Columbia stores for a book signing this Saturday. For the last few days I’ve been checking around to see where I’d get the best deal on the new book since money’s a little tight and also because it’s getting less than stellar reviews. Of course I own all of his books and so this one would be no different, but it’s hard out there for a Jew and I get most of my book action from Amazon, bartering or the library these days.

I was also gleefully trying to decide which one of his others I’d bring from my personal collection to have him sign since the lady employee I spoke with on the phone told me he will sign up to two books. The cook book/autobiography one for my mom that would thrill her to no end? Beach Music? My copy of Prince of Tides since that’ll always be my favorite? Decisions!

It wasn’t very easy sneaking away from work today during this, what has turned out to be the biggest asspain of a week ever and drive the twenty-two miles across town to pick up my number I need to secure my place in line Saturday morning, but I did it; I mean, getting books signed by the author to someone like me is like bucket list material, you know? I was all excited to get my number, number 259. It brought me back to the Harry Potter midnight book buying parties and how much I used to love thos.

And then I read the guidelines.

I have to buy the new book and any of his old ones I want his signature on at one of YOUR stores and show my receipt as proof? At YOUR prices, which are consistently the highest of all the book store chains around?

You know what, Books-A-Mil? Screw you. After looking forward to this all damn week, now I don’t know what, if anything, I’m going to do about this. And I suck at decision making.

I’ll see you in Hell.


Long-winded August 10, 2009

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I have this beastly work project looming over my head, so of course I’ve spent the first hour here at work doing nothing about it. I never used to think of myself as a procrastinator, but damn. I’m blaming it on the fact I barely spent any time online over the weekend, getting it out of my system now and will be a good little worker bee the rest of the day. Yeah.

It actually was a lot better than I expected, the not having a computer thing. Maybe it was just a coincidence (but I doubt it), but since Brian didn’t have the option of playing poker, we got out of the house a whole lot more than we normally do.

Friday night we went on a Barnes & Noble date, something we haven’t done in months. I warned him, “Please let’s not do the usual and spend fifty dollars. We’re saving for a new computer; we can’t spend a bunch of money on books.” He reminded me his dad just sent him a check for exactly fifty dollars for his birthday, but agreed. He was smiling though, so I didn’t believe him. Personally, it’s hard for me to pay full price for books anymore, what with all the cheaper options out there.

It’s true there are certain writers where, when they release something new I’m at the store that day, my twenty-five bucks happily in hand. Augusten Burroughs. Stephen King. Haven Kimmel. But I’ve even re-evaluated that, because MAN did I just get burned. If you were a fan of The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood like I was, DO NOT rush to buy Rebecca Wells’ new one. You’re probably thinking, duh, but I’m not as smart as you and was very excited when I bought The Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder to take with me on vacay.

Drivel! Utter crap! Horribly predictable plot, ridiculous cheesy dialogue, one-dimensional characters I didn’t give a fart about – were it not for certain similarites like the Louisiana setting, some cajun wording and a strong mother-daughter theme, I’d have never thought the same person could write these two books. I didn’t mean to write a book review, but I will be scarred for a long time from this. Like I said, it’s changed my whole book buying philosophy and tomorrow when Pat Conroy’s South of Broad is released, his first novel in fourteen years, I won’t be flying out to get it. Sad.

Anyway. The total Barnes & Noble bill? $49.15. I was waiting for it and he didn’t disappoint: “See, we didn’t spend fifty dollars!” Okay. Both my books were bargain priced and came to eleven bucks. But if he wanted to justify it by saying it was birthday money, fine.

We were seriously considering making the computer purchase and by Saturday morning had plans to go shopping for it. This past weekend was our state’s sales tax free weekend and we figured what better time to do it. Except for the fact it’s going to put a little dent in our monthly budget. We talked about it for awhile and decided though it is doable without having to resort to eating beans and rice the rest of the month, we decided to wait a little bit. I’m not sure if we’re getting wiser, more careful or what, but I was fine with the decision. In fact, when he suggested we go that evening and watch the football team practice – it’s free and open to the public – I started thinking maybe I’ll keep coming up with excuses not to get the new computer for awhile.

I’m sure they plan the practices for 7:30 p.m. to cut down on heat exhaustion-related incidents for the players because by the time we got there the sun was setting and there was a downright pleasant breeze. It wasn’t exactly a taste of Fall, but there were enough elements around – the color of the sky, the field’s lights, the uniformed players – to make me a little giddy, knowing my favorite season isn’t that far away. I am obsessed with the weather anyway, but at this time of year it gets ridiculous. To the point I wrote my favorite local weatherman (“meteorologist”) a fan email the other day – and was surprised and elated when he wrote a nice letter back to me. Yes. I am queen of the dorks.

So while I’m usually lamenting the weather this time of year, I’ve decided to take a different approach and find things to be thankful for instead – maybe it’ll make the next month go by easier, who knows. Either way, here goes:


1. The parking lot at work only has about four shaded spots and I’m able to get one of them almost every day.

2. Even though it’s going to be 99 (in the shade?) today, two years ago this week we had over ten days in a row when the high’s were over a hundred, one day even reaching 107. Death Valley called that day and said it wanted its weather back.

3. Despite the high’s, in the early mornings and after the sun sets it’s still managing to be low 70’s and the humidity levels have been lower so there are still times it’s nice being outside.

4. There are many things wrong with my car Ol’ Bessie, but her A/C still kicks it old school and runs like a champ. (*KNOCKS WOOD*)

5. Popsicles. I’ve found this new slow melting kind (“Popsicle” brand in your grocer’s freezer) that are awesome.

6. It’s much easier to meet my daily requirement of water intake in weather like this.

7. It’s sort of an unwritten agreement that the dress code at work gets slightly more relaxed. Today for instance, I’m wearing a Target tee, denim skirt and what are essentially glorified flip flops and that’s just dandy. I can remember back in the day when no matter how freaking hot it was I’d be wearing a button down shirt or dress with panty hose. I’m so glad those evil days are gone.

Wow. It’s amazing how much I can ramble on when I’m putting off doing work.

I’ll stop now.

Road Trip Requirements July 21, 2009

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I leave for my trip in three days and as per usual, I have so many lists going, my lists have lists. And because I know your life wouldn’t be complete without me (over)sharing, here’s a glimpse of some of what’s floating around right now in my little peanut head. And of course this list is in addition to the obvious clothes, shoes, and toiletries, because duh.

The list (Yes, I title all my lists; why, don’t you?):

MUST Bring Since I’m Visiting a Third World Country Where There Are No Walmarts or CVS Drugstores Except Not Really, I Just Feel Much More Secure Surrounded by My Stuff:

  • Various early/late cards/presents – I know there’s such a thing called the U.S. Postal Service and I even utilize it on occasion, but since there are quite a few people’s b-days around this time, it’s more fun to see them open the stuff in person. And more difficult for them to lie and tell me they like it.
  • Camera/batteries – Because I think it’s a law of Facebook if you take a vacation you’re required to post 50 – 100 pictures. At least that’s what my friends do. Hell, some of them take a trip to the grocery store and post pictures.
  • Phone charger! Phone charger! FUCKING PHONE CHARGER!!! – Do you get the feeling I’ve forgotten this item on a previous trip?
  • CD mixes – There’s a long stretch on I-95 somewhere in South Georgia – North Florida where the only radio stations that come in are talk, yelling preachers or country music. Although I actually like country music when I’m driving long distances, I like it as a choice, not a last resort.
  • Light fluffy Summer reading book – Got this covered today when I bought Rebecca Wells’ new one, The Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder. She’s the one who wrote the Ya-Ya books, so I knew this would be a sure thing. Without reading material at night before sleeping, I would surely perish. Or buy magazines.
  • Garbage bag for use as laundry bag – Because nothing ruins a good vacation like a stanked up suitcase.
  • Adequate snacks/beverages for the road so the gas stations and/or rest stop fare won’t tempt me – This requires a small cooler, which we already have which totally rocks since I’d hate to buy one. Hopefully this will prevent stupid road food choices, but I’m not promising anything regarding Slim Jims and Diet Coke. And Jolly Ranchers. Must have Jolly Ranchers.
  • Glasses, both of the sun and prescription varieties – For my comfort and others’ safety. And I always bring two pairs of sun glasses, because Kim’s Law states I will lose a pair during the course of the week.
  • 30-Day Shred dvd – Can’t wait to share the joy with some curious people.
  • 10 – 15 pairs of underwear – Yes, I’m only going to be gone one week. I can’t explain it; having extra undies makes me feel safe.
  • 5 – 6 bras – Even though I’ll only wear one or two.
  • Various notebooks, journals and calendars – Again, it’s a security thing. Plus, you can’t ever tell when a brilliant thought will occur to you – it would be terrible to be unprepared for that.
  • A big file folder full of work I want to get done while on vacation – Haaaahahahahahahaha!!!

So that’s about it right now. I still have some things I need to get done before I hit the road Friday morning, but I’m getting a little done each day and it’s going really smoothly. I tell ya, for me not having gone anywhere since last October, I’m feeling very calm and in control about everything.

I don’t trust myself when I’m like that.