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Don’t Go Away Mad, Feb, Just Go Away February 26, 2011

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The best way to describe how the past couple of weeks have felt: You know when you’re in a hurry and you stick a tampon in and maybe don’t get it quite right so when you stand up and start walking around you realize it’s bad but you don’t have time to fix it right then so you spend an hour or two feeling some discomfort and the occasional stab? That.

But it hasn’t all been a pain in the vagina. A lot of the craziness has involved working our non-day jobs, and that means extra money, which is of course good. I’ve tried to think the last time I’ve actually had any substantial amount in a SAVINGS account, and I think it was when my parents were saving for my college fund. Shameful. Which you’d think I’d just feel positive about, but that’s not in my genetic make-up. What I first feel is happiness, but that quickly slides into “Uh-oh; this must mean something expensive is about to go wrong.” It’s not a fun way to live but it’s unfortunately how I roll.

Which is the perfect segue to the fact that our bathroom is sinking. It quickly went from the initial, Hmm do you think the floor feels weird quickly to, Holy shit, what’s happening!?! We’ve determined there’s a leak in some pipes near the tub that is rapidly spreading throughout the sub-floor. Brian, who has a lot of sheetrock, drywall and tile experience but knows almost nothing about plumbing, seems to think this is something a quick trip to Home Depot and some floor chopping will take care of, but I’m pretty sure that’s not going to be the case. This is us we’re talking about; come on! And since it’s easier to run around doing other things that *earn* money and put off something that’s potentially going to *cost* money, nothing has been done to fix this yet. I’ll be sure to let you know the moment when instead of a nice bathroom skylight, all of a sudden we have a new ground light.

I’ve sort of been half-assedly working on taking off the seven pounds of “holiday weight” I gained during prime eating season, which means taking advantage of cool sunny days and walking during lunch hours, trying to keep up the ridiculous water intake I seem to require to make a difference and sporadically using my elliptical thingie and new bicycle. I realized I’m down to the point where food is my only acceptable drug though when you use food as a drug you run the risk of not being able to breathe when you put on your pants. Or being able to put on your pants at all. What I’m doing now isn’t the best plan, but you do what works at the time and hope for the best. Of course I’m not back down to where I was last Fall when I was doing everything right, but I’m hoping I’ll find the energy somewhere to get back there eventually, please God.

Work has been brutal in terms of random idiocy and general fuckery, and though that tends to happen from time to time, it’s been exhausting lately. The economy is affecting us because obviously we’re not immune and so a lot of the time lately I’m hating being there while simultaneously thanking God I’m there. This coming week I’m going to Florida for a long weekend and though it’ll only be two extra days off from work, I’m very much looking forward to the break. I’m excited to see Sister, Brother and Niece because when I’ve gone too long spending time with Brian’s family and not my own, I start to feel like I’m in some surreal identity crisis where everybody talks too slow and nobody gets me. I love his family, but I need to get back to my people for reals and it’s been too long since I have.

For relaxation right now I’m reading the book Away by Amy Bloom. If you’re feeling a little stressed and upset about your own life, reading about a Jewish Russian woman in 1925 who goes to live in New York City after her family is murdered certainly helps to put your problems in perspective. I guess The Diary of Anne Frank has that same effect, but I’m not feeling quite *that* masochistic at the moment – a little levity mixed in with the tragedy seems to be the perfect balance. I guess that’s true not just in books, but life too.


A Mid-Summer Night’s Walk July 22, 2010

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Ah, that most magical time of year – the time when I check the tropical update daily, just hoping for some kind of storm to blow up the east coast and stir up some excitement; anything to break the monotony of heat/humidity. I’ve given up trying not to talk about the weather and have come to accept it’s just part of who I am. My dear grandmother was also obsessed with it and I miss comparing notes with her about what we watched on The Weather Channel. My plan is to do what I do every year for this six-week period in Hell – bitch about it, survive it and cry tears of joy when that first cool snappy breeze blows in sometime around the end of September. I think it’s a solid plan.

Speaking of, August is coming up fast, and like last year, I’m trying to make my way down South for the first week of the month. Yes it’s very amusing that someone who hates the heat would be headed that way during the hottest part of the year, but what can I say – I appreciate irony. The biggest obstacle has been trying to get a mechanic, any mechanic really, to return a phone call regarding replacing my clutch. Haven’t they heard there’s a recession on and people are looking for work? I feel like putting out an ad: “Have money – will gladly part with it in exchange for your services.” I mean really. After months of not having it, I’m actually looking forward to driving Bessie again. Especially if she’s running right. Edit to add: A mechanic named Bubba has taken posession of Bessie and it looks like, fingers crossed, I’ll have her back on Monday. Woo to the hoo!!

The weight loss thing has been going really well. It does take up a lot of space in my life and in my head, but I’m already seeing some payoffs. Besides improvements mentally and physically, I just feel…lighter. It’s hard to explain. The most enjoyable part has been my almost-daily walks. I wait until around 7 – 7:30 when it’s cooled down to a brisk 90 and set out through my neighborhood. Usually too on Saturday mornings I head out right after waking up to beat the heat and experience the morning version of the atmosphere. Most of the time now I leave the mp3 at home, because as much as I like how music makes exercise go by faster, I realized I really love and maybe even crave the quiet.Sundry just posted about walking as well and of course she describes it a lot prettier than I can, but it’s all true. It’s been a surprising source of happiness and stress relief for me and I’m finding when I miss a day I really miss it. Regardless of the weight loss, this is something I’m so, SO glad I started this. Walking. Who knew. My neighborhood is funny; I spend half the time lusting over beautiful, Charleston-like lakeside mini-mansions and the other half thanking God I don’t live in one of the sagging, dilapidated shack-like structures. Which I guess is a good metaphor for life.

Brian had a cousin pass away last week, a surprising and tragic event in his family, as the kid was only sixteen. Drug overdose. It’s obviously been really rough for the family, including Brian who went through a little period of feeling like he wished he would’ve taken more of an interest in the kid when he first heard he was having problems. I hear about things like this, especially when they hit close to home and it’s just more of the There But for the Grace of God feelings for me.

I’m really thankful I survived myself. A lot of times it’s hard and sometimes it really and truly sucks, but life is a beautiful thing and I’m very happy I get to live it.

And the Season is Only 4 Days Old June 25, 2010

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It’s 3:00 on a Friday afternoon – would YOU feel like working anymore?

It’s been a really good week here at Hot-fucking Central. No, I won’t dedicate anymore time to bitching about the heat. Except for this: Highs in the 100’s and lows in the Doesn’t-Even-Matter. I’m seeing glimpses of possible relief next week, so let’s just hope for that and move on.

The most exciting thing that happened is that we paid the car off. Until I have that title in my hand it will go on feeling a little surreal, but wow does it feel great too. This was the first step in accomplishing some things and even though it took about a month longer than we’d planned (which is actually ahead of schedule for us), we both are feeling really optimistic about things in general. Optimism usually scares the crap out of me, but I’m trying to enjoy it for once.

I try to keep most of the weight loss talk over on the Butts blog, but I can’t help but say that I’ve settled into a nice little routine again and though the changes are small and slow-going, the fact that there are changes at all is really cool. Brian’s amazed every time I come back beat-red in the face and sweating and I really must say it’s like walking through hot soup, but I can’t deny it feels great too. I can’t imagine how excited I’ll be once the humidity level dips back down below 50%. Oops, weather again.

We have a foreclosure to clean for the first time in a few months and guess who is assigned to cleaning out the toxic wasteland that is the refrigerator. Here’s a question. WHY. I can understand people who are being kicked out of their house not giving a shit about cleaning up after themselves, but the fact that the real estate company thinks keeping these appliances after so much damage has been done to them is a good idea…I just don’t get it. Brian said not to worry – he’d pay me a good twenty-five or thirty bucks to do it. His mouth is still recovering from where I punched it.

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since Michael Jackson peaced out. I actually got choked up listening to a little tribute they did on the radio this morning.

I’ve really been in the mood to go fishing lately. I don’t know; it happens every once in awhile. Unfortunately Brian let me know it’s not a good time, because even the fish in their water are hiding out and not very active right now. Oh my God. I guess I literally cannot talk about anything without it somehow leading back to the weather.

Excuse me while I contact my local TV station and see if they’re in need of any help in the meteorology department. Will work for free as long I’m allowed to constantly talk about weather.

Sunday Bullets January 31, 2010

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  • I feel like this month has flown by. Normally January is like August for me in that it drags, drags, DRAGS. Not this time – tomorrow is February!
  • I’ve been enjoying exercising again and reading and writing on the No Butts blog. If I could bottle that awesome adrenaline high that comes right after a good work-out, I’d be a very rich woman. Under obvious, see obvious.
  • I finished the massive Stephen King book in just under three weeks’ time. Brian put it well: Anytime a long novel reads like a short story, you have a good thing on your hands. I’d recommend it to any SK fan.
  • I’m doing well on my no-unnecessary-spending kick. It helps a lot that the last two weekends, prime money wasting time, have been so ugly weather-wise we haven’t really left the house. Avoiding Amazon helps too.
  • Good friends are coming up from Florida at the end of this week. One of them is staying at a mutual friend’s house a little ways up the road apiece from here and the other is staying here. This coincides nicely with Brian leaving for another business-related-excuse-for-out-of-town-shennanigans (just how many trade shows are in the landscape business anyway?) trip to Myrtle Beach. Girl time, you know what that means: pedicures and pillow fights. All the way.
  • Facebook continues to amuse and amaze me. Is it me, or do other people experience the weird phenomenon that people you thought you knew are really, really dumb. I went through and cleaned some people out this week. No offense, but if I didn’t like talking to you in real life I probably shouldn’t subject myself to your idiocy online either.
  • The male half of our redneck friends helped Brian throw sod in our front yard Friday afternoon. We took him home later that night, around 7pm. I was eager to see the wife, as I haven’t since before Christmas and have heard she’s been going through some rough times re: their relationship. I wasn’t cheered by the fact she was in her pajamas when we got there, especially when I remembered the last time we were there – during the day – she was also dressed for bed. This isn’t a good sign as to her state of mind. I’m planning on giving her a call in the next few days to talk to her uncensored and see how she is. It seems Mr. Redneck is feeling pretty dreary too. Brian said when they were working on the yard, out of the blue with no segue he said, I can help you for as long as you want, man. I don’t have anything to do tonight, tomorrow, next week, or the rest of my life. Brian told me later, What do you say to that? Uh…we’ll be finished around 4?
  • I’m continually flabbergasted by my office neighbors, especially the one who turns any subject, work-related or not, into an anecdote about her kids. I’ve decided to start a game with it. Starting tomorrow, anytime this happens, I’m going to do a shot make a little note. Then at the end of the week I’ll tally it up and see what the data looks like. Will this accomplish anything besides my own stupid amusement? No it will not. That’s never stopped me before though, and it adds fodder to my continued fascination with the human race.
  • My SIL gave me what I do believe could qualify as one of the top three haircuts of all time this week. I don’t know how, because we were especially chatty the whole time and she kept snip, snip, snipping away until I started getting nervous. But no – I wake up in the morning and don’t resemble the Bugs Bunny monster anymore. She’s getting married March 6th and I’m looking forward to it despite the family drama that has already begun. It’s an outdoor affair and I’m curious as to what the weather will be like. I’d normally have something planned to wear by now but considering it could be anywhere from 30 degrees to 70 that day, I’m waiting. Smart, right?
  • Not much else to report. Life is good.

I Love Fridays July 10, 2009

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Such a busy day I didn’t have time to blog – the horror! But a seriously good day, so no biggie.

I try to save the exercise stuff for the other blog, but I just have to say this. Sometimes it’s so good to get out of your little box, whether that be your home or office and just walk, man. (Walkman? Remember the days before mp3 players, old farts like me?) I volunteered to go pick up our office mail today across campus and noticed while I was out the weather was exceedingly pleasant. This is a rarity here in the summer months so whenever it happens I try to take full advantage and be outside as much as possible. And I may be biased (definitely), but the University of South Carolina is really a beautiful campus. And trust me, I’ve seen a few.

In the years since I’ve been gone it’s been beautified and refurbished even more, and it sounds stupid since I go to work there every day, but I rarely see it since my office is in a building a little ways apart from the main part of campus. I really need to get out more. I spent my entire lunch hour walking to the main campus bookstore and figured out something important. South Carolina is A LOT hillier (is that a word? I don’t care) than Florida. A big no-shitter, right? But seriously. We’re a good two hours from any honest-to-goodness mountains, but there are some serious elevations here too, when you consider I spent a good portion of my life ten feet above sea level. I miss many things about Florida, but that’s not one of them.

By the time I got back to the office I was sweaty, red-faced and jello-legged (flip flops probably weren’t the best footwear choice, but I obviously didn’t plan this to happen today), but man I felt excellent. It didn’t hurt I made a couple of purchases in the Barnes & Noble part of the book store, oops. Finally, finally found Common Sense by Glenn Beck, a book I’ve been trying to buy for Brian for over a week (is Amazon broken? Because seriously) and yeah I’ll go ahead and admit it: Storytelling by Tori Spelling for myself. (You can say what you want about her, but that has to be the coolest book title to writer name rhyme in the history of books.) I’ve never read romance novels, I hate Danielle Steele and Mary Higgins Clark, so yes – one must get their summer reading fluff somewhere, right? I started watching her stupid show on Oxygen and somehow got all into it. Don’t ask me. And don’t judge, lest ye be smited with my wand of smite.

And, AND, after hemming and hawing and scheduling and re-scheduling, I think I may actually have my Florida trip planned – finally. The problem with going there is, and I’m not exaggerating this, about twenty different people I want to see and spend time with and they’re spread out in three different cities. Everyone has stuff going on, everyone is busy, but they all also want to see me whenever I’m there. I am loved there, and I am lucky for that. Plus the fact my uncle is having serious surgery the day before I’m arriving, so that lends an air of obligation to the whole thing. I am pretty sure I have it finalized though and it looks like I’ll be leaving home on the 24th and returning on the 31st. Give or take.

Since my damn sister’s husband (I’m not cursing him; I love him) has to be out of town for work that week and she was planning on going with him, I’ve revised visiting them in Orlando and instead will be stopping in Columbus, GA where they’ll be for the week to spend a couple of nights with them in the hotel there. That little girl they made two years ago (and them too, of course) is a big part of why I want to go so badly, so hey – family slumber party in a hotel room. I’ve been to Columbus before, strangely enough, for a wedding. Luckily we don’t need much outside stimulus when we’re together  in order to have a good time because the place isn’t what I’d call your typical vacation destination.

It doesn’t matter. I’m soon to see a lot of people I love vurry vurry much and I can’t wait.

A week of Mondays June 19, 2009

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Whew, I don’t mind tellin’ ya – this has been one wild and craaazy week. Let’s see if I can remember what all went down in the last seven days:

– I bought a scale and after stepping on it and seeing the reading, had to spend several hours talking myself down off the ledge.

– Luckily, this was the motivation I’d been so sorely lacking and not only did I jump back on the exercise train, Laura and I started a new bloggie where I get to bitch, moan, complain and hopefully sometimes brag about my new hobby, Operation Fit Into Your Clothes Again Because It’s Not Like You Can Go Buy a Whole New Wardrobe. In less than a week, five more contributors have joined us and it just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy knowing I Am Not Alone in this. Journeys are way more fun when traveled together. Either I just made that up or I read it on a fortune cookie once.

– Monday morning I ran out of gas on the way to work with a dead cell phone and was rescued by a very nice man. I didn’t panic until I started telling people the story and seeing the look of fear in their eyes when I got to the part about getting into the nice man’s car.

– George lost twenty-five years’ worth of tools, recreational equipment, furniture, file cabinets, a generator and countless other things in a fire that was caused by lighting hitting his shed (which was the size of a two-story barn). We went over the other night to see the damage and it looked like a war-torn bombing site, with huge piles of black, charred and still-smoking remains. It’ll take weeks to clean up and they’re both understandably shaken up.

– For a couple of days it seemed like we might have to move out of our house, but luckily that problem went away. I don’t think I even realized how stressed that made me until after the crisis had passed. We do NOT need that hell anytime soon.

– Last night a five-minute thunderstorm passed through (yeah, this Florida Summer storm every afternoon shit can go back from whence it came anytime now) and it knocked our power out from 7 until 10pm. Considering last Summer we had that happen seven or eight times, we were very unprepared last night with dead batteries in all the flashlights, a broken Coleman lantern that has yet to be replaced and the scarce amount of what’s left of my candle collection. We ended up getting a long visit from Crazy Old Neighbor Lady and then playing poker on the front porch by the light of a Sun & Sand scented Yankee candle. I will be purchasing replacements for light sources, because I have the feeling this is only the beginning.

It seems like a lot more happened, but maybe not. Either way I’m hap-hap-happy it’s Friday and I hope you are too.

New venture June 12, 2009

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Ahhhhhh, Friday. If there’s a better day of the week I’d like to hear it. Work is casual dress and laid back, the promise of a new weekend lies before us like a neverending adventure wonderland…sorry. I think some endorphins have finally started releasing due to the three consecutive days of exercise.

Which brings me to my point. I realize when it comes to diet and/or exercise NO ONE is interested in hearing about your martyr-like sacrifices and exciting accomplishments, except for maybe other people who are also into it at the same time. I have noticed though, right now there are other people in the same boat as I am. As she sometimes does, Laura read my mind the other day and approached me with the idea of starting a separate blog for ourselves and anyone else who might be interested in reading and/or sharing stories of the hell we’re all going through (voluntarily!) right now. So I guess what I’m asking is for some feedback and she’s going to do the same. Would you be interested in being friends-in-pain with us? I think it would be a great way of holding myself a little more accountable and also I AM one of those freaks who likes hearing about people’s struggles and successes with this. If you wanna play, let one or both of us know about it. We’re still in the very early planning stages. This is going to be so much fun! And also this will prevent me from turning this blog into something even more monotonous than it already is. Whew, close one! And now I’m starting to think maybe I’ll be able to go outside this summer after all.

Other than that, I’m slightly freaked out that Sister & Brother-in-law are getting on a plane tonight for an eight hour (direct, thank God) flight to London. Besides when my dad went to Germany in the late 70’s, this is the farthest anyone in my direct family unit has ever gone and I’m going to be very happy when I hear from her tomorrow morning, knowing she’s safe on the ground. We talked for a long time last night and I let her know that while I’m jealous of many things regarding her trip, I think the thing that kills me most of all is that for the next week, she’s going to get to hear that accent all day every day. I swear. And she agreed – that just would never get old. I also told her if she happens to find King’s Cross Station and Platform 9 3/4 and makes it onto the Hogwarts Express, I’m never speaking to her again. Just to be clear.

On that note, Cheerio, mates! Here’s to a brilliant weekend.

Blame it on midnight, shame on the moon June 11, 2009

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I believe there are evil forces trying to keep Jillian and I apart. We have a stupid problem with the dvd player and that is the remote is no longer with us. Of course I couldn’t view the workout portion of the dvd without having a remote to skip through the menu. So that was Tuesday. Yesterday I stopped by the Deathstar to pick up a new cheap dvd player, since we’ve tried the universal remote route and that was a big fail. The one I’d seen advertised for $29.99 was of course sold out. I’m not paying more than that, when we ALREADY HAVE ONE at home. Either way, I’m hoping to rectify this situation tomorrow. In the meantime, I’ve started upping the ante on the stepper by throwing some light hand weights into the mix. It’s so unbelievably crazy how quickly I turn into a bright red, shaky, worn out mess due to how frighteningly out of shape I am! I know it won’t be like this for long, as I usually bounce back fairly quickly, but last night I was just embarrassed. And I did it while I was home alone. I have the feeling it’s going to be awhile before I show my face (or boobs) at a gym.

There are many things I’m willing to do to get back into shape but I can tell you what isn’t one of them. Skim milk. Light mayonaise. Low calorie cheese. Okay, that’s more than one thing. Whatever; I’m not ever going there again. Skim milk makes my Rice Krispies look purple, light mayo looks like jizz and low cal cheese should be used as an adhesive, but not ever injested. For me it’s about portion control and cutting out the extra crap. I know all the tricks that work for me; now it’s a matter of employing them. Which I’ve started doing and already I feel a little better. Forward momentum is so much nicer than being stagnant.

As if I wasn’t already a little nervous about Sister flying across the pond tomorrow, she called me this morning to tell me she accidentally cut the tip of her finger off yesterday while pruning her tomato plant. Not enough to warrant stitches, but enough so that the doctor had to pump some weird foam or gel stuff in there to help coagulate the blood and also her fingerprint might be permanently altered. So yeah, MTAE, you thought YOUR finger injury was a good one? My sister just totally topped it. Not that anyone would want to be the winner in a contest like that. I was instantly nauseous as she described it to me. But now she gets to go to England with Vicodin, so all’s well that ends well.

I just found out our bid was accepted to clean the Rednecks’ place out and that it needs to be done like yesterday. Thanks for all the advance notice, dicks. So now all of a sudden we have another work-filled weekend ahead. Hopefully though I personally will be far removed from the physical work, but I’ll be more than happy to type up and submit the invoice! If things keep going this well, I daresay I might actually be going to Florida next month for realsies. *Knocks particle board* Brian also has a tile job scheduled for two weeks from now, which I’m excited about mainly for the potential of leftover tile, but also holy cow – had this many side jobs come BEFORE he started back working full-time, we would’ve been doing fine the past few months. But I guess what would be the fun in that.

Speaking of the Reds, Brian found out some really good friends of ours we thought still lived in a different state have moved back to this area recently. They are also rednecks, but are way more entertaining and fun than the Rednecks. In fact, they make Nick & Sheri look like suburbanites or something. They used to keep one of Dale Earnhardt’s tires in their living room as a showpiece. That type of thing. They’re who we got stuck on the lake on their boat during a tornado with and stuck out in the woods when we accidentally sunk into a mud hole and had to walk four miles in forty degree weather back to a Waffle House to call someone for help. They are AWESOME! We only have a couple of vague clues as to where they might be, so I’ve been furiously Googling away. This is one reunion I am very much looking forward to.

Our yard was so lit up with fireflies last night, it was awesome. Between that and the sight of the big orange moon, I made peace with Summer for a minute.

Side effect June 9, 2009

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So, I’ve been hinting and teasing about how I need to start exercising more regularly and blah blah, but besides half-assedly using my stepper a couple of times a week for no longer than 35 minutes at a time, I haven’t done shit to change anything. And then something very unpleasant happened this morning.

I was getting dressed for work and put on a clean pair of cute cuffed capris I hadn’t worn in a few weeks due to lack of laundry doing. And they were tight. Not only were they tight, they were damn-near impossible to button. Full disclosure: these are my fat pants. But considering I was already running ridiculously late for work and hadn’t really planned out any other clothing options, I made do – took a hair band and did the maternity pants trick of looping it through the hole and securing it around the button twice like I was three months’ preg. Add to that a long button down shirt (which I noticed gapped at boob level)(which I HATE) and off I went. Somehow I managed not to have a crying fit/nervous breakdown. Not sure how, because damn, I am Not Happy about this.

Obviously things haven’t been going the best over the past few (six) months or so. And considering I’ve made great effort in trying to be the healthiest I can be, you’d think this wouldn’t be a problem right now. But between quitting smoking, not drinking anything alcoholic or very much caffeinated and carbonated and not being able to pop a pill whenever things get a little rough, food has become my way of medicating. I don’t know why I thought I was immune to this type of behavior, considering things I’ve done in my past.

Very ironically sex is high up on the priority list lately, so it’s not good that I am in no mood to be naked in front of myself, let alone Brian. Not that I’ve ever been the type to lounge around sans clothes anyway, but right now? Even with with lights out I’m nowhere near comfortable. Not good. It’s easy to avoid looking in the mirror, not so easy to keep avoiding other things.

But it’s not just sex; being like this is affecting every aspect of life. I would no sooner accept an invitation that would involve getting into a bathing suit right now then I would to go take a tour of Auschwitz. Hell, I wasn’t fond of wearing shorts when I weighed 105, let alone right now. And hey, have you noticed – it’s summertime. This past weekend we almost went to visit his brother’s family who have a pool and spend most of their free time at the river. In bathing suits. I was sadly very relieved when the landscape job opportunity came up so that we couldn’t go. But I’m planning a trip to Florida in the near future. We’re doing the beach house thing with his family again this Labor Day – the one year anniversary of the first time I saw our sister-in-law in her new boob job and bikini. None of these activities are at all attractive to me right now. But neither is hibernating in the house for the next three months. So that means it’s time to get off my ever-expanding ass in a serious way and do something the hell about it.

That 30-Day Shred dvd I’ve talked about for months? Is now in the dvd player, ready to go. Tomorrow when I go to the grocery, there will be no tough decision regarding what flavor of Breyer’s we’ll be eating for the week. There will however, be much less fun food purchases instead. But that’s okay. Because regardless of what’s going on with the baby situation or the money situation or whatever else is stressing me out at the moment, not fitting into my clothes certainly can’t be helping matters.

I’ve usually been pretty good at recognizing when the time has come to stop bitching and start actually doing something. And holy hell, that time is now.

"Reality" is the new reality May 14, 2009

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I don’t know how it got to be Thursday already, but I damn sure ain’t complaining. But I decided it would behoove me to work the next few Fridays in hopes of maybe digging myself out from under this steaming pile of work that is currently ruling my life. So while I am glad it’s Thursday, it’s not like I’m rubbing it in that it’s the last day of my work week like I normally would.

And it’s a Special Thursday too – the finales of all my Must See TV shows are tonight! And here’s something weird I’ve been noticing lately. Besides these shows – Earl, The Office and 30 Rock, I don’t think I watch any other sitcoms anymore. Very weird, considering that has pretty much been my favorite genre for the entirety of my TV watching career. Oh sure; throw a good drama in there for good measure, but not anymore. Now it’s all turning into “reality” shows. Heavy emphasis on the quotation marks, obviously. I think maybe Deadliest Catch started it for me, but now pretty much if you’re a “documentary” style show on Bravo, A&E, TLC or Discovery, I’m your bitch and you are my everything. We even started watching this show called The Exterminators, starring a family that owns the business and all it shows is them going on service calls, with a juicy little family drama thrown in. I mean, come on! BUT I LOVE IT.

It’s a good thing I read or else I might have to worry about my brains leaking out of my ears from lack of stimulation.

Speaking of, a co-worker and I were discussing books this morning; she’s been my book buddy for a few months now. Someone else joined the conversation and then someone else. We started comparing what we’re reading right now and one asked if I’d share any good suggestions – actually we all promised to share. Someone mentioned the possibility of starting a book club. Be still my cold black heart. The thought of sitting around talking about books makes me almost as excited as actually reading books. Strangely I’ve never been in a book club before. Oprah’s Book Club doesn’t count, ha-ha, especially since its very existence offends me. You may like it; many people do and that’s cool – I do not. But that’s okay; you say potato, I say vodka; it’s what makes the world go round.

Exercising in the morning is going okay so far, but something’s been stopping me from walking the neighborhood and I’m not sure what it is since that’s one of my favorite activities. It’s light enough outside by 6:30 now, but I don’t know, it just seems…weird. Too quiet? I don’t know. I see plenty of dog walkers walking by that early so I just need to leash up the beast and stop being a little bitch about it. It’s not getting any freaking cooler, that’s for sure. One thing I’ve noticed already, and Laura also brought it up – exercise in the morning? Makes my belleh HONGRAY. I went today and bought yogurt and granola bars so at least I’ll be a little more prepared – or else by lunchtime I am ready to eat the state capital building and that kind of defeats the purpose of exercising.