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Last of the ’10 Recaps, No Really January 10, 2011

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Because we’re getting an unexpected snow day tomorrow (which in reality sounds like it’s going to be more of a sleet day, but I’ll take it) and the sedative hasn’t kicked in yet, why not. Sundry and various other bloggers have posted this the past few years and I always enjoy reading them so here goes nothing.

1. What did you do in 2010 that you’d never done before? Lost twenty-ish pounds (mainly because I never needed to before, but regardless). Ate at Paula Deen’s restaurant (ironically during the weightloss period). Got paid for writing. Got paid for reading.

2. Did you keep your New Year’s resolutions and will you make more for this year? I tend to feel more comfortable with using “goals” as opposed to “resolutions” – more leeway that way. I’d say we definitely achieved some goals, mostly financial, but I’ve not really committed to anything specific for the coming year. Keep your expections low but keep trying anyway; that’s my motto.

3. Did anyone close to you give birth? Why, of course! In fact during the painful, not being able to get knocked up period of time, I had FOUR friends who weren’t really trying get pregnant and subsequently give birth this past year. God has a healthy sense of humor, is all I can figure.

4. Did anyone close to you die? Well, I wouldn’t necessarily consider them close to me but Brian’s family saw three untimely deaths which obviously did affect me. Here’s hoping that’s enough of that for a very long while.

5. What countries did you visit? None. And I’d venture a guess I won’t be visiting any this year either.

6. What would you like to have in 2011 you lacked in 2010? A late-model, reliable vehicle. And yes, still a kid.

7. What dates from 2010 will be etched upon your memory and why?
– February 12th: had a long snowfall which started late afternoon and lasted well into the night, giving me a winter wonderland for a little while on my birthday the following day.
– April 23rd: the last day I was able to use my car – Bessie was towed home from work where she mostly sat in the driveway minus a couple of attempts to revive her, until yesterday when I sold her.
– May 8th: While down in Orlando visiting mom & Sister, I was reunited (and it felt so good) with one of my oldest, dearest friends Shari, whom I hadn’t seen in over eight years.
– June 22nd: paid off Bessie which was bittersweet since she wasn’t exactly running at the time.
– August 15th: paid off the truck which was a lot more satisfying since it was. Of course a week or so later its radiator blew up and had to be replaced but it wouldn’t be our life if something like that didn’t happen.
– September 11th: saw Kid Rock for the 9th time a mile away at Fort Jackson. Got into a little girlfight, which should also be listed under things I’d never done before. Great night.
– October 3rd: in the early morning of the last day of a great weekend my friend Annette had come to visit, we got the phone call my sister-in-law had been killed.
– October 16th: during a beautiful weekend in upstate New York while visiting my favorite cousin and his family, Sister called me for the first time in months. I’m not sure why we hadn’t talked for so long but I hope we never go that long again.
– November 11th: Grace came to visit for a weekend where we got to spend quality time, just the two of us, together for the first time in a long time.
– December 14th: found out the bane of my existence at work, my boss, was no longer going to have any supervisory duties, making her my EX-boss.

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year? I’d have to say the time, energy and sweat I put into losing the weight. Some of those 90 degree/110% humidity days were hell but I went out and walked in a lot of them and it felt like a big accomplishment every time I did it.

9. What was your biggest failure? The recurring not getting pregnant theme. Some people may not view this as a failure; I do.

10. Did you suffer illness or injury? Nothing serious, thank God. Although I say this in all seriousness: 2011 is probably going to have to be the Year of the Colonoscopy. Because, pun intended, shit ain’t right.

11. What was the best thing you bought? This here computer machine I’m using to type this on right now.

12. Where did most of your money go? No question – the upkeep and paying off of the two vehicles.

13. What did you get really excited about? Finally seeing an ever-brightening light at the end of the long dark financial tunnel. We’re by no means completely out in the bright sunlight yet, but it continues to become more of a reality.

14. What song will always remind you of 2010? Unfortunately probably something really annoying I heard non-stop on the radio by Lady Gaga or that trashy girl with a dollar sign in her name.

15. Compared to this time last year are you:
– Happier or sadder? Most definitely happier
– Thinner or fatter? Most DEFINITELY thinner
– Richer or poorer? I’d never use “rich” and “me” in the same sentence, but we are definitely better off than we were a year ago

16. What do you wish you’d done more of? Kept in better contact with my mom, other family members and some friends.

17. What do you wish you’d done less of? Worry, but that would be my answer for any and every year.

18. How did you spend Christmas? We got our first Christmas Eve and morning to spend alone ever in the history of us and then spent the rest of the day traveling to various family of his to exchange gifts and eat.

19. What was your favorite TV program? Breaking Bad, Breaking Bad and did I mention Breaking Bad? Mad Men runs a close second.

20. What were your favorite books of the year? I just did a whole post on that but off the top of my head probably The Help by Kathryn Stockett.

21. Favorite music from the past year? I haven’t devoted enough time to listening to music lately to give a qualified answer and I plan to change that in the upcoming year because I just recently remembered music makes me really happy.

22. Favorite films of the year? Compared to what I used to watch I’ve been shamefully slacking in this department to but probably The Town.

23. What did you do on your birthday and how old were you? We rode around looking at snow, Brian took me on a shopping trip for books, perfume and make-up and we ate dinner at what became a favorite restaurant, Tokyo Grill. I was forty-fucking-one.

24. What one thing would’ve made your year immeasurably more satisfying? I’ll skip the obvious baby answer and go with more sex.

25. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2010? That hasn’t really changed since the early 90’s, but I will say this was the year I actively started putting more effort into my make-up and skincare routine. Your 40’s will do that to you.

26. What kept you sane? Exercise, my therapist and like every year, books.

27. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2010. Making a commitment and actually sticking to it actually can lead to positive results.


2010, It’s Been Real December 30, 2010

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Yay, it’s still snowing on my blog! I don’t know how long that will last but I always enjoy it while it does.

It’s that week between Christmas and New Year’s where I always feel like I’m stuck in some kind of Twilight Zoneified limbo. The days feel like they’re oozing by, yet I know that hateful moment when the first alarm goes off to signify it’s back to work is going to be here before I know it, so I’m trying my hardest to make the most of what’s left of my freedom.

For the first time in a really long time I feel like the past year has been significantly good. In list form:
– We paid off both vehicles, two huge monkeys who had resided on our backs for way too long.
– We were able to upgrade our dinosaur of a desktop into two cute laptops and a printer that actually prints. I realize for most people that’s not much of an accomplishment but for us it felt like a technological epoch we jumped.
– I sweated and counted calories until almost twenty pounds came off my body; slowly and painfully, but they did come off. The holidays have put back about three of those pounds and I was at a stand-still before that but at least I know I can do it now and I’m motivated to keep going (after this weekend of course; I’m not a superhero – sheesh).
– Besides my usual trips to Florida (one driving, one flying), I made it to Savannah again (during which time I got to eat at Paula Deen’s restaurant thus achieving a big food goal) and up to New York for an awesome weekend with my favorite cousin. I do tend to somehow always end up somewhere along the eastern seaboard so maybe in the coming year I’ll make it a point to try to go west for once.
– Along with my day job and our foreclosure work, I landed a sweet side job (thanks to Sister) proof reading transcripts for her court reporting company. This is significant in that it let me achieve a life dream of actually reading for money which to me is amazing.

Unfortunately there were a few deaths in Brian’s family that were untimely and really sad: his 17-year-old cousin Justin who died of an accidental drug overdose, his mom’s cousin Keith who was 54 and whose house on the river we went to every summer for family reunions, and most shocking of all our sister-in-law Toni, whose death I’m still having a hard time understanding. She was 37 and her kids and husband are getting ripped off by not getting to have had her longer. Brian is there right now spending some time with his brother and the kids and I can’t imagine how they got through their first Christmas without her. But they did, because that’s what you do.

When we first found out about her, Brian grabbed me into a hug and said, “It just makes me want to be a better husband to you,” and I knew what he meant. It SUCKS, but what I’m trying to take from all of it is to appreciate and acknowledge our health and happiness. Because all the material things, the financial goals, whatever – none of it means anything compared to that.

Even the other day when we were riding around looking at the post-Christmas day snow (also in 2010 it snowed here twice – woo!), I said to him, “MAN I’m thankful I’m not blind so I can see this.” That sounds silly but it’s true. And I guess that’s my main resolution: to pause in the middle of a good moment like that and to recognize it as it’s happening.

Deep Sleep Thoughts June 7, 2010

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Even though I take a sedative almost every night, with hopes and intentions of getting a good night’s sleep, lately I’ve been waking up anywhere between 2 and 4:00, and usually stay awake for about a half hour (on a good night) or more (bad, bad, bad). I hate just lying there, listening resentfully to Brian snoozing away, so I’ve started leaving the bedroom and doing weird things to try to make constructive use of the time: pee, sit on the front porch and read, walk around watching the dog sniff around, etc.

This happened Saturday night and for some reason in my demented half-conscious state, I made a list on the back of the electric bill envelope. That Xanax is a wily little thing – I had absolutely no recall of doing it until I saw it this morning. I didn’t title it, but it’s safe to say it’s a list of qualities in people I’m envious of. I’m not sure if this is the medication or my deep dark subconscience talking, but either way here it goes, in order and with no editing:

– Mothers (I guess I wanted to get the most obvious out of the way first?)

– People who make a living being creative

– Those with unquestioning religious faith

– Real redheads (ironically I’m currently on a mission trying to get the red dye out of my hair and it’s NOT WORKING)

– Those who are unfailingly kind

– Those who set goals and then actually reach them (ouch)

– Those who leave the world a better place (I’m definitely in the middle of some sort of crisis)

– Those who make a living making people laugh (although I highly enjoy making people laugh even though I don’t get paid for it)

– Those who consistently pay their bills ontime without having to worry if that will leave enough money to eat until next payday

– Tall, thin women (original!)

– Talented cooks who don’t need to follow recipes

– People who do laundry to completion, i.e. taking them from the dryer right when they’ve finished drying and folding and/or hanging up the clothes right away (why, WHY do I find that last step so frigging difficult?)

– Women with shiny hair (hair products have come a long way and have definitely made my hair better, but there’s nothing man-made that can make my hair truly shiny) (I know this, because I’ve tried them all)

– People who have the type of skin that always looks like they just completed some vigorous, healthy outdoor activity (I saw a girl while on a ski trip once who, in the middle of winter, had a healthy tan glow and a cute little pink nose and I’ve never gotten over it) (she also had very shiny hair)

– People with beautiful singing voices

– People unafraid of public speaking

– People unafraid of confrontation and therefore easily stick up for themselves when need be

– Those who have stamps from many different places in a passport

– People for whom vacation means actually going someplace and staying in a hotel or beach house or a mountain cabin or an RV; pretty much anywhere besides with relatives

– The naturally cool ones; true cool cannot be learned

– People my age or older who have both parents still living

– People who have completed a college degree

– Women with the kind of asses rappers sing about

– People who are blissfully ignorant to life’s worries and disappointments, so that they fall quickly into deep sleep and remain asleep all night (timely and appropriate)

I’m a little disappointed at how many items there were that I quickly dashed off right off the top of my head. But maybe though I’ll never be able to achieve things like being tall, there are several things I could still potentially do in order to put a line through some of these. Obviously my brain is trying to urge me toward something like this.

Or else I was just medicated and sleep-writing.

My Top Ten December 23, 2009

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I’m a sucker for both lists and end-of-the-year round-ups, so imagine my delight when I came Paste Magazine’s fifty best movies of the decade. Jon has a list of his own as well. While these things are totally subjective, I was pretty impressed with myself I’d seen eighteen of the movies Paste listed and while Donnie Darko still makes me want to punch a kitten, I agreed with the greatness factor of most of the others.

Out of that list, here’s my personal top ten:

10. The Departed – Scorsese. DiCaprio. Damon. Boston accents. Loved it.

9. Junebug – You may not have heard of this quiet little thing, but it’s the first thing I saw Amy Adams in and what made me start liking her even though I’ve heard she’s not really a nice person and I can kind of see that about her.

8. No Country for Old Men – You can just go ahead and put every Coen Brothers movie on every top ten list as far as I’m concerned.

7. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – Trippy, kind of suicide-inducing, but creative and proof Jim Carrey can do more than make weird faces and stupid noises.

6. Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2 – For awhile there I thought Quentin was in an early retirement, but this proved he’s just as badass as he ever was. This also confirmed my suspicion he’s obsessed with Uma, but I can’t blame him for that; for awhile she was my number one If I Ever Switched Teams girl.

5. LOTR Trilogy – I fought this for a long time and I’m glad I waited to watch all of them with my movie club successively over a three-week period. Yes, it was a twelve hour movie of a long walk and then a ring getting tossed into an abyss at the end. So what.

4. Little Miss Sunshine – In my humble opinion, this is pretty much perfection in a movie.

3. O’ Brother Where Art Thou? – This came out during my Bad Time and it was one of the few things that proved to me it was still good to be alive. The soundtrack is still never too far out of reach in our house.

2. Juno – I used to want to be Tina Fey. Until Diablo Cody came along.

1. Almost Famous – I was amazed this movie arrived technically in this decade because it sort of feels like it’s been around my whole life. I can’t say anything about it that hasn’t already been said, but I will say it’s probably not just my favorite of the past ten years, but pretty much my favorite of all time. I did not see Kate Hudson’s career going in the direction it has after this though.

I’m sure there will be a deluge of these types of lists over the next few weeks – it’s what pop culturists live for. And I’m also pretty sure I’ll stop and read each one of them. Except did we already technically hit the end of a decade when 2009 started? That always confuses me a lot.

One of the traditions I loved and wish I could implement again is going to the movies on Christmas Day. How perfect is that – you’ve opened all the presents, eaten a bunch of food and already spent way too many “quality” hours-days with people you’re related to. One year my mom was being a total bitchface about something and I was feeling murderous toward her but it soon didn’t matter because we got the hell out of there and went to see Titanic. Movies are supposed to be about escapism and what more do you ever need to escape than your family at the holidays? Those evil Hollywood geniuses know this of course, which is why a movie always premieres that day – how convenient!

I’m hoping to fit a movie in somewhere between now and when I go back to work. We shall see.

Overshare October 20, 2009

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We had a super-fun weekend and hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to do a picture post. My camera was being a crackhead today and decided to upload 267 pictures, most of which I thought I’d deleted off of the camera a long time ago. Silly me – hitting the “delete” icon that looks like a trashcan, answering that yes I really do want to delete the picture and watching it disappear apparently isn’t enough to really make the picture go away. Must figure out this problem somehow or else maybe throw the camera into the nearest brick wall and watch it smash into many small pieces, something I fantasized about doing this afternoon during the upload debacle. I mean, if you can’t immediately post your vacation pictures on Facebook, what good is it to actually go on vacation? It’s like it doesn’t even count or something.

Aside: While walking around the festival Saturday, I overheard a dad say to his daughter, “See, this is better than Facebook, isn’t it?” I didn’t hear her answer but it made me laugh. In my opinion real life is still better than a social networking site but maybe it wouldn’t be if I was fourteen. 

I was talking to a friend today and the subject turned to sex as it oft does amongst women. (I have a theory that we female folk discuss it more than men do and in a way more raunchy manner most of the time, but maybe that’s just been my experience.) Anyhoo, we were talking about the old days, back long before we were married, when sex seemed like an all-consuming activity. I mean, the amount of energy we used to put into thinking and planning and talking about it, let alone doing it, is staggering to me now.

I’m now going to share some of the fascinating details of my sexual career – you’re welcome.

– I was ten days into being sixteen the first time I did it. Weirdly, that is the exact same age, to the day, how old a good friend of mine was too for her first time.

– I’ve been impaled by fourteen penises (penii?) in total (not all at once). That never sounded like a lot to me until just now.

– Not only do I know all the last names of the guys I’ve been intimate with, I know most of their middle names too. And knew them before Facebook and Myspace were around.

– I’ve done it with a few boys who were only one-time deals, but never had a one-night stand in the sense where I met the dude that night and we boinked, never to speak again. In fact, I’m still on friendly terms with roughly half my list. And yes, that is thanks to the internet.

– I think a lot of this has to do with the fact I grew up in a very small town. A small, uneventful, incestuous town.

– Most of my non-monogamus action happened between the ages of 19 and 21.

– I once was forced to crawl out of the bedroom window of a double-wide trailer after doing it with a guy a friend of mine liked. I was quickly caught, since I really had no plan figured out beyond that and had to turn right around and enter the place through the front door, thus letting her know we’d both spent the night there. That kind of sucked.

– I once hooked up with this HOT-ass dude, a blonde, blue-eyed player way out of my league. It was the most boring sex I’ve ever had (and I was only nineteen or twenty at the time but even back then I knew it sucked) and when my friend knocked on the door to tell me she had to go home, I made him stop in the middle of it. He was pissed, but luckily not an asshole about it like he sort of had the right to be.

– I’ve only done it with one Jew. We ate bagels and cream cheese afterwards and I’m not even making that up.

– I’ve never done anything with a girl besides kiss. It was midnight on New Year’s Eve, we were at a hotel room party and her boyfriend was drunk and being a dick and wouldn’t kiss her when the clock struck twelve. So I did. Her name was Kate.

– I’ve had sex in Florida, Alabama, New York, Virginia, and both Carolinas.

Sooooo…what’s new with you?

Ten Words September 26, 2009

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Thought-provoking as usual, Cool Joe gave us the opportunity for him to pick out some words for us to write about and these are the ones he chose for me. Great ones, in my opinion. Plus it fits quite nicely in with the fact that my last few posts have been nothing but lists.

Freedom – Something that as an American I’ve taken for granted all my life. Until recently. And now I fear greatly that little by little it’s being taken away from us, in increments so small as to hardly be noticeable. But I’m noticing. And trying to decide what I want to do about it because bitching alone is not effective. We forget that our original goal as a country was not to fight for freedom from our enemies, but from our own government. Plus it’s a kick-ass song by George Michael.

Childhood – I think mine was as close to idyllic as one can be. I was well loved, well provided for and secure in the knowledge of both of these things at all times. Many, many happy memories. Lucky.

Baby – Wow, Joe, good one. Up until this past year, something that was in the back of my mind most of my adult life. Then, great hope. Then hope lost. Now it seems like something not really attainable for me and somehow I have to find a way to find a way to make my life meaningful without one. The loss is right on the surface, raw and extremely painful some days.

Words – I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love them. The opposite of how I’ve always felt about numbers. When strung together the right way, they have the power to cause me to burst into hysterical laughter or else into immediate throat-choking tears. Sometimes both.

Life – Is short but also wide.

Hobby – Creative play is as important to me as work is in order to keep a nice balance I think. I’ve enjoyed a few in my lifetime and lately have been feeling the need to find a new one to put some time and energy into.

Someday – I’d like to look back on my life and have as few regrets as possible, so I’m trying to live with that in mind.

Passion – I wish it wasn’t the first casualty in relationships, but with some effort I believe can be resuscitated. And I believe it’s worth it to try. Without it, life would be awfully dull and sad.

Image – The older I get, the more forgiving I am of this for myself and how mine is viewed by others. I wish so much importance wasn’t placed on it, but I believe it’s something that always has been and always will be.

Husband – The first word that popped into my head when I thought of mine was “kindness.” I feel very lucky to be married to someone who not only loves me, but also likes and respects me. In a few weeks he’ll have been my husband for ten years and that fact amazes me on many different levels.

Thanks, Joe – I hope I did your words some justice!

Mmm/Yuck! September 24, 2009

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Since I don’t seem to have completely gotten over the sickness in that I still can’t taste most things, I’ve been thinking about food more than usual for a few days. And that’s saying a lot.

Foods I like but hate the idea of either what they’re made of or the journey from their origins to my mouth or both:

Chicken – feathery, stringy, tendony, veiney , VOM

Hot Dogs – you’re not fooling me with your “100% beef.”

Mayo – Yes, I’d like some fat with a side of fat please? Plus some egg.

Veal – I’m sorry what a shitty life you had little baby cow. But damn are you tasty.

Escargot – Snails. Whoever thought it’d be a good idea to put one of these things in their mouth? Whoever they were – GENIUS.

Hamburger Helper – I’ve read the label and should probably just pick up a salt lick next time.

Foods I hate but wish I liked, if only to seem cool and/or normal:

Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches – hate so much that once the daycare had to call my parents and tell them I was crying and refusing to eat lunch and my parents told them to feed me Spaghettio’s instead. Because my parents ruled.

Filet mignon – I love pretty much all forms of beef, so why not this primo cut? It is a mystery.

Crawfish – WAAAY too much work for a puny, gritty payoff.

Soft cookies (ala Mrs. Fields) – I like my cookies like I like my men; firm and crispy.

S’mores – I will cook yours and hand them over for you all night long but do NOT ask me to eat that hot gooey mess. I’ll take the Hershey bar and the graham crackers. As long as they’re raw and no marshmellow has soiled them.

Cinnamon-based foods, like buns or toast or cookies – yet I love Big Red gum and Red Hots. Again, a mystery.

Collards – I’ve acclimated to living in the South in many ways but not this one. Tastes like dirty spinach.

Dark chocolate – If I wanted something bitter and not-sweet, I’d eat an onion.

Pop Tarts (thank you Heather, for reminding me of this one) – I WANT to like these convenient, sugary little squares of weirdness, but that goo in the middle makes me feel a little funny inside.

If you would’ve told me 10/20/30 years ago I would ever like these, I would have laughed in your face:


Swiss cheese


Artichoke hearts


I’m especially picky and annoying about:

Fries have to be firm on the outside & soft in the middle. And preferably from McDonald’s, but if they’re homemade, I like crinkle cut and steak fries but then hell-to-the-no on shoestrings or tots.

Scrambled eggs have to be done enough to have some brown on them and must be HOT.

Pizza slices should have some brown cheese bubbles at the toppings/crust apex.

M ‘n M’s must be sorted by color before eating (really).

Love grapes, hate grape flavor.

Same with bananas.

Like eating raisins out of the box; can’t stand them in anything.

Love onion flavor, hate onions. But weirdly I’m beginning to come around a little on these; just for the love of God, cut them up SMALL.

Love most potato salads except the yellow mustardy shit from a store deli.

And last but not least, two Jew foods I love you’ve probably never heard of:

Gefilte fish – cold, in a jar, goes against everything I normally believe in.

Matzo ball soup – otherwise known as Jewish Penicillin; I’ve never introduced it to a Gentile who also didn’t immediately fall in love with it as well. The only thing I miss about my mom’s cooking.

Damn, I’m looking forward to tasting food again someday.

Autumnal September 23, 2009

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The air smelling like how it used to smell before school in the mornings.

The sound and feel of crunching acorns under my shoe.

The eyeball-searingly bright Carolina blue sky.

The appearance of the first couple of red leaves on my Dogwood.

Nightly fireplace fires.

How spastic the dog gets while we gather sticks for the nightly fires. Also how he sniffs the air because he agrees with me on how damn good it smells.

The smell the heater makes the first time we turn it on.

Getting to wear hoodies, sweaters, slippers and socks every day. Sometimes boots.

Not having to keep up the pedicure anymore.

Or the leg-shaving.

Coming home to whatever awesomeness I’ve let bubble in the Crockpot all day.

Lizard’s Thicket’s vegetable soup (something I’ve tried to recreate in the Crockpot yet never have) and cornbread.

Halloween decorations and candy in every store. My annual bag of Brach’s candy corn.

When the Gamecocks make their entrance onto the field amidst the big puff of smoke and opening strains of 2001. “We may not always win the game but we always win the tailgate.”

How cute Brian looks in his flannel jacket and my “NYC” ski hat.

The Harvest Moon, both the song and the event.

Coffee and the Sunday paper on the front porch.

That even though I know it’s actually almost the end of another year, it always feels like it could also be a new beginning.

Long-winded August 10, 2009

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I have this beastly work project looming over my head, so of course I’ve spent the first hour here at work doing nothing about it. I never used to think of myself as a procrastinator, but damn. I’m blaming it on the fact I barely spent any time online over the weekend, getting it out of my system now and will be a good little worker bee the rest of the day. Yeah.

It actually was a lot better than I expected, the not having a computer thing. Maybe it was just a coincidence (but I doubt it), but since Brian didn’t have the option of playing poker, we got out of the house a whole lot more than we normally do.

Friday night we went on a Barnes & Noble date, something we haven’t done in months. I warned him, “Please let’s not do the usual and spend fifty dollars. We’re saving for a new computer; we can’t spend a bunch of money on books.” He reminded me his dad just sent him a check for exactly fifty dollars for his birthday, but agreed. He was smiling though, so I didn’t believe him. Personally, it’s hard for me to pay full price for books anymore, what with all the cheaper options out there.

It’s true there are certain writers where, when they release something new I’m at the store that day, my twenty-five bucks happily in hand. Augusten Burroughs. Stephen King. Haven Kimmel. But I’ve even re-evaluated that, because MAN did I just get burned. If you were a fan of The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood like I was, DO NOT rush to buy Rebecca Wells’ new one. You’re probably thinking, duh, but I’m not as smart as you and was very excited when I bought The Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder to take with me on vacay.

Drivel! Utter crap! Horribly predictable plot, ridiculous cheesy dialogue, one-dimensional characters I didn’t give a fart about – were it not for certain similarites like the Louisiana setting, some cajun wording and a strong mother-daughter theme, I’d have never thought the same person could write these two books. I didn’t mean to write a book review, but I will be scarred for a long time from this. Like I said, it’s changed my whole book buying philosophy and tomorrow when Pat Conroy’s South of Broad is released, his first novel in fourteen years, I won’t be flying out to get it. Sad.

Anyway. The total Barnes & Noble bill? $49.15. I was waiting for it and he didn’t disappoint: “See, we didn’t spend fifty dollars!” Okay. Both my books were bargain priced and came to eleven bucks. But if he wanted to justify it by saying it was birthday money, fine.

We were seriously considering making the computer purchase and by Saturday morning had plans to go shopping for it. This past weekend was our state’s sales tax free weekend and we figured what better time to do it. Except for the fact it’s going to put a little dent in our monthly budget. We talked about it for awhile and decided though it is doable without having to resort to eating beans and rice the rest of the month, we decided to wait a little bit. I’m not sure if we’re getting wiser, more careful or what, but I was fine with the decision. In fact, when he suggested we go that evening and watch the football team practice – it’s free and open to the public – I started thinking maybe I’ll keep coming up with excuses not to get the new computer for awhile.

I’m sure they plan the practices for 7:30 p.m. to cut down on heat exhaustion-related incidents for the players because by the time we got there the sun was setting and there was a downright pleasant breeze. It wasn’t exactly a taste of Fall, but there were enough elements around – the color of the sky, the field’s lights, the uniformed players – to make me a little giddy, knowing my favorite season isn’t that far away. I am obsessed with the weather anyway, but at this time of year it gets ridiculous. To the point I wrote my favorite local weatherman (“meteorologist”) a fan email the other day – and was surprised and elated when he wrote a nice letter back to me. Yes. I am queen of the dorks.

So while I’m usually lamenting the weather this time of year, I’ve decided to take a different approach and find things to be thankful for instead – maybe it’ll make the next month go by easier, who knows. Either way, here goes:


1. The parking lot at work only has about four shaded spots and I’m able to get one of them almost every day.

2. Even though it’s going to be 99 (in the shade?) today, two years ago this week we had over ten days in a row when the high’s were over a hundred, one day even reaching 107. Death Valley called that day and said it wanted its weather back.

3. Despite the high’s, in the early mornings and after the sun sets it’s still managing to be low 70’s and the humidity levels have been lower so there are still times it’s nice being outside.

4. There are many things wrong with my car Ol’ Bessie, but her A/C still kicks it old school and runs like a champ. (*KNOCKS WOOD*)

5. Popsicles. I’ve found this new slow melting kind (“Popsicle” brand in your grocer’s freezer) that are awesome.

6. It’s much easier to meet my daily requirement of water intake in weather like this.

7. It’s sort of an unwritten agreement that the dress code at work gets slightly more relaxed. Today for instance, I’m wearing a Target tee, denim skirt and what are essentially glorified flip flops and that’s just dandy. I can remember back in the day when no matter how freaking hot it was I’d be wearing a button down shirt or dress with panty hose. I’m so glad those evil days are gone.

Wow. It’s amazing how much I can ramble on when I’m putting off doing work.

I’ll stop now.

Half a Bucket(list) August 6, 2009

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Always a sucker for a good list, I ran across something online recently called “50 Things Every Woman Should Do Before They Die.” I’d link to it but the balmy 105 degree heat index has sapped my will to live, let alone exert any extra energy. But don’t worry; I’m only doing the first 25. For now. And in case the heat is also making your brain a little fuzzy, I’ll let you know now the ones I’ve crossed out means I can already check the item off my list. Hey, I’m only trying to make your life better.

1. Ride on the Back of a Motorcycle – My last serious boyfriend from high school turned out to be a controlling, jealous psycho who has the distinct honor of being the only person whose ever verbally and physically abused me. On the plus side, his dad lived on Long Island and loved motorcycles and when we went up there to visit him one Spring Break we took an amazing day-long trip on his Honda Goldwings that traversed most of the length of the island, from his house in Bethpage all the way to the ocean at Montauk Point. I remember the day with vivid, blue-sky, white puffy cloud clarity.

2. Date Someone with Visible Tattoos – There’s only been one and I also married him.

3. Buy a Tool Kit & Learn How to Use It – I’m not crossing this one off yet because I don’t think only using hammers, nails and screwdrivers counts. Maybe when I learn to change a tire.

4. Travel Alone – I met this Australian lady once at the Woodstock reunion concert in 1994 who was recently divorced and dealing with it by spending one whole year traveling by herself. I thought that was the most awesome thing ever. While I’ve never had the luxury of something like that, I have done quite a bit of traveling alone (see last week when I solo’d almost 1,400 miles in Bessie). My favorite thing about it is being in an airport by myself. I’m not sure why, but it makes me feel exciting and mysterious.

5. Spend a Day at the Best Spa You Can Afford – Mmm, would be nice. I’d also love to see what I looked like after an entire day of head-to-toe relaxation and grooming.

6. Date Someone Older – Unless I use the term “date” very loosely, than technically no. I was surprised after realizing that I truly am a pedo and always have been.

7. Date Someone Younger – The biggest age difference for this one was eight years my junior, but I knew it wouldn’t work out. For a lot of reasons, but mostly because I was married at the time.

8. Live in a Foreign Country – No thanks. Unless this place keeps going where it’s headed, then I might like to check out Canada. I’ve met some really cool people from there, plus I love their maple syrup.

9. Have a Romance with Someone Who Doesn’t Speak English – Does the time Brian had sex in the Atlantic Ocean with a French girl count? No? Okay.

10. Meet One of Your Idols – I can’t believe I’ve actually done this! Last September here on campus, the oft repeated Kevin Smith Q & A I attended and somehow got the balls to ask him a Q and he answered me with an almost fifteen minute long A. One might argue that doesn’t really count as “meeting” him, but I’d punch that one in the face.  

11. Do Something Your Friends Don’t Approve Of – Check.

12. Delve Into Your Personal Psychology – It took awhile, but this year finally broke me enough to where I think it’s probably prudent I talk to a professional once a month.

13. Live By Yourself – Not for long, but there was a brief time period between Delorme and Brian. Of course by the time I got over freaking out about it and actually started enjoying it, Brian came along. Oh well, that was fun too.

14. Learn to Say No – I’m guessing they don’t just mean sexually, because I certainly know how to do that. It’s the saying no to everything else part I have problems with.

15. Give Time to a Cause You Believe In – An embarrassingly small amount of time, but I’ve volunteered with the Hillsborough County Republican Party, Friends of the Library and for one day at the Harvest Hope Food Bank. That’s pathetic and I need to look into doing more. Like, seriously.

16. Forgive Your Parents for Whatever Mistakes They Made – Shit. NEXT!!!

17. Have Some Photos Taken of You That You Really Like – Heather? Are you available anytime soon because I have the feeling your skillz and your skillz alone would make that possible.

18. Learn to Drive – I scoffed at this one at first until I remembered my aunt from NYC didn’t until she was in her late 20’s and moved out of the city. I’m sure there are a lot of people who live there who are like that. I however, cannot fathom not being able to do this. I would shrivel up and die.

19. Become a Better Public Speaker – Ha! Ten years ago I needed Xanax to make it through a Summer semester, six-week-long public speaking class that only had fifteen or twenty people in it. I go out of my way to avoid situations in which I need to speak in public in front of more than a couple of people at a time so I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

20. Understand How Fortunate You Really Are – I have moments of this. But if anyone knows of a way I can make that feeling constant and permanent, could you share your secret?

21. Break Destructive Patterns – Hi, my name is Kim and I’m …

22. Evolve Your Look & Scare Yourself Often! – Many days you can still find me dressed in a style very similar to Kurt Cobain circa 1990 and the only time I scare myself is before I put eyeliner on in the morning, so maybe I should heed this one.

23. Take a Risk & Prove Naysayers Wrong – There were people who said I was insane to move up here with Delorme and away from my friends and family when I was 23. There were people who said I’d be insane to get back together with Brian after the separation. There were people who said I’d be insane for leaving a good job and people I love to move back here. Fuck the naysayers, fuck fuck the naysayers!!

24. Fall Head-Over-Heels in Love – So much fun and I highly recommend it.

25. Drive Quickly – What the…? Dammit, and the list was going so well too. Well I have gotten some speeding tickets in my time and there was one night we made our friend Mikey push his convertible Mustang up to 100 just so our hair would majorly blow backwards, but I guess then I was actually only riding quickly…but I’ll go with a yes because of the damn speeding tickets. Especially the one from the asshole cop on the Jersey Turnpike; what a schmuck he was. Nowadays I’m happy when Bessie makes it from 0 – 60 in five minutes, but someday, SOMEDAY I’ll drive quickly again.

Have I ever mentioned I like lists?