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Road Trip Requirements July 21, 2009

Posted by Kimmothy in Books, Lists, Travel, Vacation.

I leave for my trip in three days and as per usual, I have so many lists going, my lists have lists. And because I know your life wouldn’t be complete without me (over)sharing, here’s a glimpse of some of what’s floating around right now in my little peanut head. And of course this list is in addition to the obvious clothes, shoes, and toiletries, because duh.

The list (Yes, I title all my lists; why, don’t you?):

MUST Bring Since I’m Visiting a Third World Country Where There Are No Walmarts or CVS Drugstores Except Not Really, I Just Feel Much More Secure Surrounded by My Stuff:

  • Various early/late cards/presents – I know there’s such a thing called the U.S. Postal Service and I even utilize it on occasion, but since there are quite a few people’s b-days around this time, it’s more fun to see them open the stuff in person. And more difficult for them to lie and tell me they like it.
  • Camera/batteries – Because I think it’s a law of Facebook if you take a vacation you’re required to post 50 – 100 pictures. At least that’s what my friends do. Hell, some of them take a trip to the grocery store and post pictures.
  • Phone charger! Phone charger! FUCKING PHONE CHARGER!!! – Do you get the feeling I’ve forgotten this item on a previous trip?
  • CD mixes – There’s a long stretch on I-95 somewhere in South Georgia – North Florida where the only radio stations that come in are talk, yelling preachers or country music. Although I actually like country music when I’m driving long distances, I like it as a choice, not a last resort.
  • Light fluffy Summer reading book – Got this covered today when I bought Rebecca Wells’ new one, The Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder. She’s the one who wrote the Ya-Ya books, so I knew this would be a sure thing. Without reading material at night before sleeping, I would surely perish. Or buy magazines.
  • Garbage bag for use as laundry bag – Because nothing ruins a good vacation like a stanked up suitcase.
  • Adequate snacks/beverages for the road so the gas stations and/or rest stop fare won’t tempt me – This requires a small cooler, which we already have which totally rocks since I’d hate to buy one. Hopefully this will prevent stupid road food choices, but I’m not promising anything regarding Slim Jims and Diet Coke. And Jolly Ranchers. Must have Jolly Ranchers.
  • Glasses, both of the sun and prescription varieties – For my comfort and others’ safety. And I always bring two pairs of sun glasses, because Kim’s Law states I will lose a pair during the course of the week.
  • 30-Day Shred dvd – Can’t wait to share the joy with some curious people.
  • 10 – 15 pairs of underwear – Yes, I’m only going to be gone one week. I can’t explain it; having extra undies makes me feel safe.
  • 5 – 6 bras – Even though I’ll only wear one or two.
  • Various notebooks, journals and calendars – Again, it’s a security thing. Plus, you can’t ever tell when a brilliant thought will occur to you – it would be terrible to be unprepared for that.
  • A big file folder full of work I want to get done while on vacation – Haaaahahahahahahaha!!!

So that’s about it right now. I still have some things I need to get done before I hit the road Friday morning, but I’m getting a little done each day and it’s going really smoothly. I tell ya, for me not having gone anywhere since last October, I’m feeling very calm and in control about everything.

I don’t trust myself when I’m like that.




1. Taoist Biker - July 21, 2009

Your list is similar to mine, really. Except nowadays we usually pack the Xbox with us when we go someplace. Oh, and I always bring a bra for every day I’ll be gone.

Kimmothy - July 21, 2009

If Brian was going with me, the PlayStation would be included!

2. iamheatherjo - July 21, 2009

I already knew you are more dedicated than I, that goes without saying but I’d leave Jillian’s ass at home! 😉

Kimmothy - July 21, 2009

I’m mostly bringing her to show people how psycho I can be. And to prove how weak they are!

3. Swistle - July 21, 2009

I have a Base List on my computer that I customize for specific trips and then save THOSE lists as their own documents. So, things like “cell phone charger,” “camera,” and “plastic bag for laundry” are on the base list and harder to forget. Even if I’m going to the grocery store.

Kimmothy - July 21, 2009

*Drool* – What a great idea!

4. Laura - July 21, 2009

Do you need maps? Didn’t see those on your list. Also, hats and sunblock, and a pillow and blanket to make the car ride more comfy.

Brought to you by my OWN overkill vacation list. 😀

Kimmothy - July 21, 2009

No maps needed; I can drive this route with my eyes closed (and sometimes have)! And I’ve already mapped the route to GA, printed it out and stuck it in the glove.
A little anal, but that’s the way I like it!
Wait, that sounded wrong.

5. iamheatherjo - July 21, 2009

Please! No pillows or blankets for the car ride!!! Seein’s how you’re going to be DRIVING! Hahahahaha!!! 😉

Kimmothy - July 21, 2009

I don’t think Laura was aware of that!

Laura - July 22, 2009

Hey! You can drive and be comfy at the same time, you know!

6. morethananelectrician - July 21, 2009

Put the phone charger in the vehicle now…don’t wait.

Kimmothy - July 22, 2009

The car is being packed tonight and you’re right – it’s going in there.

7. Shari - July 22, 2009

And whatever you do, don’t leave the phone charger behind in the hotel room.

Kimmothy - July 22, 2009

YIKES. Considering I usually leave something behind everywhere I go, this is a frightening thought.

8. LL Cool Joe - July 22, 2009

Everytime we’ve travelled around the States the only music stations we’ve been able to get are Country or 80’s rock, neither which I’m that into. It’s wonderful as we approach a city and get a bit of chart and hip hop. Well for me anyway.

Kimmothy - July 23, 2009

Yeah. Certain parts of this region are truly frightening.
I got a couple of great mixes made though – just call me Mix Master K!

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