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Lake Murray in FallI was born a Jewish New Yorker and somehow ended up married to a Southern Baptist, living in one of the buckles of the Bible Belt. Not necessarily what I would’ve imagined myself, but is it ever?

This is who I’m married to:




And certainly not for lack of trying, but we don’t have any kids yet. But we are the proud parents of this:


For the most part, I get a kick out of life. There have been a few exceptions of course, but all that is just fodder for the eventual bestselling autobiography.

You can contact me at kimmothy69@yahoo.com



1. jadarain2 - December 22, 2009

Can you tell me something? I am very new at this blogging and setting up your pages and such, how do you follow a fellow blogger? I would love to follow your blog, I can follow with my yahoo page, but I would like to have a link to your blog on my blog, and how on earth do you get those buttons to show up on your blogs, I want one for the Friends of Maddie, I follow her blog dont go a day without checking to see if they have made any new entries, she lost her precious daughter, she was premiee, but made it until she was 17 months old, Heather Spohr is a truly special peson, and he husband blogs are great too, his is the Newborn Identity, and hers is: The Spohr’s are multiplying.com, check it out if you get the chance, but bring a well needed box of tissues!
Hope to become fast friends,
Vanessa (jadarain2)

2. Scott - February 10, 2011

I’m glad I read this, because it explains your subtitle, “Never go with a hippie to a second location”!

And you’re right–our lives take us in directions we never would have imagined!

Kimmothy - February 10, 2011

I woke up yesterday morning, dressed nicely to go to my office job at a university and ended my day at a scrap metal yard then stacking firewood from a cut-down tree in my backyard. You never know where the day will take you.

3. AnnaSanborn - April 2, 2012

I found you!! 🙂 I’m glad I did, I literally laughed a few times while reading some of your posts. Ha! But I can’t figure out how to follow you…?

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