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Underdressed at the Flea Market December 6, 2009

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Earlier this week my friend Brandy asked if I wanted to join her and a few other people to sell some stuff at the flea market yesterday. I jumped at the chance, not because I thought I’d make a lot of money (which was good thinking) or because our house is once again bursting-at-the-seams loaded down with crap, but because as a Certified People Watcher, I luuuurve the flea market.

Where on earth (besides maybe NYC) can you see a better cross-section of humanity in such a small area? Nowhere, I think. And it’s not the leathered up bikers, NASCAR t-shirt rednecks or Christmas sweatered old ladies that are the real visual treat, although none of them were in short supply. No, it’s the women who dress as if they’re waiting in a roped-off line to get into a dress-to-impress club I love with all my heart.

One of them was a woman who came by our table and briefly glanced at all of our stuff. She was on her cell the whole time, talking loudly, sometimes in another language (Brandy said at one point, “Is that even real German because it didn’t sound like it – Poopoo-vek-blitzen?”) and generally giving the impression she was a very busy and important lady. Great haircut, puffy white vest/jacket thing, beret and a lot of  jewelry. I think I saw her on a ski slope once. I was sad I couldn’t leave our post to follow her around the rest of the morning.

Another was actually one the people selling with us, the daughter of another lady we were with. Britney, aged 25. There is no other name more perfectly suited for her, as she is tall, blonde, perfectly made up – very pretty. She was wearing knee-high stilletto boots, tight expensive looking jeans, a tight gold turtleneck sweater belted with a wide leather belt and a leopard print scarf. (I warned Brian he should come with me, but did he listen, no.) I’m not being mean here, because she really seemed like a sweet girl and Brandy confirmed this. She also confirmed that she never leaves her house not looking like this, which didn’t surprise me at all.

I like dressing nice, when my hair cooperates and how my eyes look after some liner and mascara. I’ve fully subscribed to the connection between looking good and feeling more confident. But I can’t visualize any scenerio (Minus knowing Kid Rock might make an appearance) where I put that kind of effort into selling crap at a small town southern semi-rural flea market on a drizzly cold Saturday morning. I thought I’d done well to have on clean, weather-appropriate clothes and matching socks.

Sister and I once talked about how there are women who fall into the always-put-together category and how we’ll never make it into that club no matter how hard we try. Some of our friends effortlessly have that magical, elusive crisp-and-pressed factor. They have shiny bobbed hair, tailored clothes and clean cars. We, on the other hand, may leave the house feeling perfectly good about our appearance, only to discover later a stain, a rip, a run, and hair that somehow escaped all the product used to tame it. We decided the best we can ever hope for is “appropriate.”  

Either way I had a lot of fun yesterday and before we left we talked about the possibility of doing it again this coming weekend. If Brian and Brandy’s husband agree to join us, there are some larger items I’d love to purge out of this house and the four of us always have a great time hanging out. Plus that way, I might be able to leave my post to follow some woman around, and maybe finally learn the secret to looking your best is to always look your best, even on a Saturday morning at the Barnyard Flea Market.


Long-winded August 10, 2009

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I have this beastly work project looming over my head, so of course I’ve spent the first hour here at work doing nothing about it. I never used to think of myself as a procrastinator, but damn. I’m blaming it on the fact I barely spent any time online over the weekend, getting it out of my system now and will be a good little worker bee the rest of the day. Yeah.

It actually was a lot better than I expected, the not having a computer thing. Maybe it was just a coincidence (but I doubt it), but since Brian didn’t have the option of playing poker, we got out of the house a whole lot more than we normally do.

Friday night we went on a Barnes & Noble date, something we haven’t done in months. I warned him, “Please let’s not do the usual and spend fifty dollars. We’re saving for a new computer; we can’t spend a bunch of money on books.” He reminded me his dad just sent him a check for exactly fifty dollars for his birthday, but agreed. He was smiling though, so I didn’t believe him. Personally, it’s hard for me to pay full price for books anymore, what with all the cheaper options out there.

It’s true there are certain writers where, when they release something new I’m at the store that day, my twenty-five bucks happily in hand. Augusten Burroughs. Stephen King. Haven Kimmel. But I’ve even re-evaluated that, because MAN did I just get burned. If you were a fan of The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood like I was, DO NOT rush to buy Rebecca Wells’ new one. You’re probably thinking, duh, but I’m not as smart as you and was very excited when I bought The Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder to take with me on vacay.

Drivel! Utter crap! Horribly predictable plot, ridiculous cheesy dialogue, one-dimensional characters I didn’t give a fart about – were it not for certain similarites like the Louisiana setting, some cajun wording and a strong mother-daughter theme, I’d have never thought the same person could write these two books. I didn’t mean to write a book review, but I will be scarred for a long time from this. Like I said, it’s changed my whole book buying philosophy and tomorrow when Pat Conroy’s South of Broad is released, his first novel in fourteen years, I won’t be flying out to get it. Sad.

Anyway. The total Barnes & Noble bill? $49.15. I was waiting for it and he didn’t disappoint: “See, we didn’t spend fifty dollars!” Okay. Both my books were bargain priced and came to eleven bucks. But if he wanted to justify it by saying it was birthday money, fine.

We were seriously considering making the computer purchase and by Saturday morning had plans to go shopping for it. This past weekend was our state’s sales tax free weekend and we figured what better time to do it. Except for the fact it’s going to put a little dent in our monthly budget. We talked about it for awhile and decided though it is doable without having to resort to eating beans and rice the rest of the month, we decided to wait a little bit. I’m not sure if we’re getting wiser, more careful or what, but I was fine with the decision. In fact, when he suggested we go that evening and watch the football team practice – it’s free and open to the public – I started thinking maybe I’ll keep coming up with excuses not to get the new computer for awhile.

I’m sure they plan the practices for 7:30 p.m. to cut down on heat exhaustion-related incidents for the players because by the time we got there the sun was setting and there was a downright pleasant breeze. It wasn’t exactly a taste of Fall, but there were enough elements around – the color of the sky, the field’s lights, the uniformed players – to make me a little giddy, knowing my favorite season isn’t that far away. I am obsessed with the weather anyway, but at this time of year it gets ridiculous. To the point I wrote my favorite local weatherman (“meteorologist”) a fan email the other day – and was surprised and elated when he wrote a nice letter back to me. Yes. I am queen of the dorks.

So while I’m usually lamenting the weather this time of year, I’ve decided to take a different approach and find things to be thankful for instead – maybe it’ll make the next month go by easier, who knows. Either way, here goes:


1. The parking lot at work only has about four shaded spots and I’m able to get one of them almost every day.

2. Even though it’s going to be 99 (in the shade?) today, two years ago this week we had over ten days in a row when the high’s were over a hundred, one day even reaching 107. Death Valley called that day and said it wanted its weather back.

3. Despite the high’s, in the early mornings and after the sun sets it’s still managing to be low 70’s and the humidity levels have been lower so there are still times it’s nice being outside.

4. There are many things wrong with my car Ol’ Bessie, but her A/C still kicks it old school and runs like a champ. (*KNOCKS WOOD*)

5. Popsicles. I’ve found this new slow melting kind (“Popsicle” brand in your grocer’s freezer) that are awesome.

6. It’s much easier to meet my daily requirement of water intake in weather like this.

7. It’s sort of an unwritten agreement that the dress code at work gets slightly more relaxed. Today for instance, I’m wearing a Target tee, denim skirt and what are essentially glorified flip flops and that’s just dandy. I can remember back in the day when no matter how freaking hot it was I’d be wearing a button down shirt or dress with panty hose. I’m so glad those evil days are gone.

Wow. It’s amazing how much I can ramble on when I’m putting off doing work.

I’ll stop now.

Kimmy Lovey Daddy Likey September 16, 2008

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For the record, one of my favorite bloggers, Winona from Daddy Likey COMMENTED on my last blog! I’m a sucker for fashion, which is how I found her blog long ago and she has one of the best and definitely the funniest out there. So it’s pretty much like I just got touched by an angel or at least acknowledged by a celebrity. She’s pretty, witty, cool, funny and awesome and I have a total girlcrush going on. (Can you tell?) I got so excited when I saw she’d commented, I sort of screeched, then Brian asked what was wrong, then I had to tell him, then he looked at me kind of weird but not really since he’s used to this type of thing after twelve years. If you are a woman and aren’t already reading Daddy Likey, your life isn’t yet complete. Just make sure if you read her at work to prepare to snort or laugh out loud a lot.

Ironic too, that Winona should stop by, because it’s kind of been all about clothes for me lately. I mean come on – it’s *always* about clothes, but now more than usual. I think the most fun I’ve had in a long time was having S come over and go through the bounty and pick out a ton of new-to-her stuff that looked amazing on her and fit perfectly. She’s one of those people who works her ass off but always gives to her kids and family first and never seems to do anything nice for herself, so I was really happy to be able to do that for her. I know from experience that the next few weeks for her will be fun picking out new stuff to wear to work every day.

Except for one weird little thing. Her husband, whom I believe I’ve mentioned here before, is…um…an interesting dude. I like him a lot, but that’s because I’m not married to him. He’s very…let me be delicate here…TRADITIONAL in the ways he views male/female roles, and also very PROTECTIVE (cough, insecure, cough cough) over things like where she is at all times and what she wears. I’ve heard him make several comments to her in this regard. Last week was their daughter’s birthday party for which only family was invited and S wore a cute pair of khaki capris, a black short-sleeved cardi with a black tank underneath. He said, “What’re you wearing THAT for; trying to pick up guys?” Um, by guys does he mean relatives, since they were the only guys present? Was it the black lace on the tank top that caused his fury? The color black itself? Hmm. But of course I didn’t say anything, because it’s not my bidness. And also because if I did say something, we probably wouldn’t be able to hang out with them anymore and I’d miss her.

I thought stuff like that ended after high school; the jealous dude thing. And also, he gives off the vibe that if given any small opportunity he’d cheat on her, which falls in perfect line with why he’s so jealous of her whereabouts and all. It’s just very unpleasant to think about, so I’ll stop.

I wonder what I would do if Brian ever told me I *couldn’t* wear something? My closest guess is that I’d start laughing and maybe never stop.