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In My Defense I’m Sure My Blood Sugar Was Really Low June 21, 2012

Posted by Kimmothy in Uncategorized.

There was a meeting at work today that involved me, another admin (who happens to also be the first new friend I’ve made in way too long a time and man, that’s sad but also really nice), the new head of the committee member and Liz, the Dean of Everything That Involves Money. I normally hate committees (and meetings), but I enjoy this one, being that it involves hiring new faculty and I’m a total HR nerd. Anyway, we were discussing the annual hiring convention they attend in Washington, DC every Fall and the fact it was such a pain in the ass last year to get the committee members to make their travel arrangements. I mean, you KNOW you’re going to this thing, in fact you’ve KNOWN for MANY MONTHS, yet a couple of them prefer to wait until the last possible moment to finalize plans and book their flights, which meant their plane tickets cost roughly triple of what the more responsible parties’ did. Hey, the law school is footing the bill, so no sweat off your asses, right. 

Anyway, blah blah, money, people, blah – all of a sudden Liz says, “I mean, not to sound like an anal bean counter or something,” and immediately her face reflected that did NOT come out sounding like it did in my head, but she pushed on and kept talking.

I very briefly caught my friend’s eye and then I had to look away.

I’m 43 years old. I pay bills and vote and consider myself a productive member of society, and while sitting in one of the most prestigious rooms on the university’s campus, all I could dwell on for the rest of the meeting was how badly I wanted to say, I’ve definitely heard of anal BEADS, but what is this anal bean  you speak of? And do they really need to be counted?

And with that, my long spell of not blogging is broken.



1. Tiffany Joyce - June 21, 2012

Well YES they need to be counted! How else can you be sure that you’ve… erm… RECOVERED them all? 😀

2. Whiskeymarie - June 25, 2012

The fact that you worked the word “anal” into your triumphant return post speaks volumes of your awesomeness.

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