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In Brief January 24, 2012

Posted by Kimmothy in Home Life, Marriage.

Friday night, after Brian intuitively taped an entire season of a show he had a strong feeling I’d like, we got into an actual argument over who in the household introduced The Walking Dead into the Favorite Show category.  After giving him full credit for Breaking Bad, I tried to remind him of the circumstances surrounding the beginning of the zombie show. Just to egg me on (I think), he laughingly disagreed.  I got so pissed, I heaved a gigantic, exaggerated sigh, grabbed my lemon water (I’ve heard it boosts metabolism; so far I can’t tell) and went up to read in bed.  There’s that moment you know you’ve over-reacted but pride prevents you from conceding you’ve been an idiot and moving past it.  By the time he came to bed, I was more than over it and we “made up,” by which I mean we totally did it. Which actually didn’t surprise me in the least since I was wearing my sexy micro-fleece Grinch pajama pants (inside out, no less).  After relaying the story to a friend the next day she said, “I’d say your marriage is in pretty good shape if those are the kinds of things you argue about.”  I hadn’t thought of that, but she had a point. Good to know.



1. Heather - January 24, 2012

You’re both incorrect. It was ME and you both know it. Heehee 😉

2. Karen - January 27, 2012

Hell yeah, sexy Grinch pants!

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