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Ch-ch-ch-changes October 24, 2011

Posted by Kimmothy in Home Life.

I think the reason they include moving as one of the top five life stressors isn’t because it’s something that momentous (unless we’re talking about a really long-distance move, cross country or a different part of the world), but all the little things. The adjustments and changes in routine are suddenly a daily occurrence and it’s enough to throw you off kilter for a little while. And by “off kilter” I mean I’m lucky I’m managing to wear clean clothes to work every day.

We moved one county away, about forty miles from our old house. His mom actually uttered the words, “It’s like y’all are moving back to Florida!” and unfortunately I’d never have the balls to answer with something like, “When we lived in Florida we saw you once or twice a year as opposed to every week – would you like to go back to seeing what that’s like?” But I get it; we’re now almost double the distance away from them and it’s just long enough to have to put some thought into scheduling visits.

But honestly, that’s the least of my concerns right now. The following items aren’t exactly traumatic, but will definitely take some getting used to.  

I went from a 15 – 20 minute commute to one that is forty, minimum. And that’s only if all the stars align to prevent accidents, anything but clear sunny weather, beating the school buses, and hoping a train doesn’t decide to stop and sit on the track for a leisurely twenty minutes, holding up miles of traffic on either side. All of these I’ve experienced in just the first week. As a bonus, the lovely late-Fall sun I otherwise love shines directly into my eyes both to and from work.  I’ve gone without that for almost five years now; I guess the time had to come again eventually.

As rural as we now are, we’ll no longer enjoy the luxury of trash pick-up.  Oh, surly trash men who liked to pick and choose what items they took arbitrarily, sometimes left lids open on rainy days and occasionally left garbage scattered in the yard, I’ll miss you so. This has already forced a big change in our trash tossing policies and procedures.  With no garbage disposal either, any food waste is now being tied up in a plastic grocery bag, stuck in the fridge, and when a significant amount accumulates, I carry it along with me to work and dispose of it in a dumpster near my office. I’ve turned into a trash ninja. Luckily we have the redneck equivalent of an outdoor fireplace, the burn barrel, in which non-toxic but flammable things can go into, starting off with the roughly ten thousand boxes we’ve broken down the last few days.  

Instead of City water, we’re now dealing with a well and sewage tank. Years ago when we would visit his dad, I have vivid memories of the showers’ crappy water pressure (if you have thick hair, the majority of your shower time becomes attempting to rinse all the shampoo out). I didn’t, however, remember the tap water smelling so farty.  Yesterday at Lowe’s I learned there’s a very wide spectrum of price points for water purifying  and I’m really hoping the fifty bucks I invested will be enough to help alleviate at least some of those issues, because ew.

As excited as I was to go from a 1950’s firetrap that had almost no working outlets and cloth-covered wiring (!) to a place where his dad put in outlets approximately every five feet, he must not have been a fan of overhead lighting.  Because the house gets such great natural light during the day, I didn’t notice until nightfall how damn dark the place was; thank God K-mart was running a clearance sale on floor and table lamps (yeah, I classed the joint right up with some Big K décor) so I no longer feel like we’re watching TV and reading in a cave every night.

Then there’s the stair situation. I’ve wanted one for awhile, but I now have no reason to ever get a stair climbing machine. The house is split level and the stairs are everywhere and never ending.  This was especially amusing during the move all the belongings into the place phase, but even now I spend most of my free time going up and down from the bottom floor where the TV is, to the top where the kitchen and bathrooms are.  Granted, that’s part of what makes the place unique, but damn.  I’ve already started making sure if I get up to do something I multi-purpose as much as possible.  Half the time we’re all, “Where are you? Up here! Where are you? Down here!” but that’s not necessarily bad.

All of this is true, but it’s mostly just bitching in jest. I’m still pretty amazed every morning when I wake up and we’re there. The crappiest part of the move is finally, finally behind us (well, except for getting the old house fixed up) and now I get to finally do the fun stuff; i.e. pick out and rearrange where all our stuff will go, put the pictures on the wall, put the boxes with Brian’s stupid dude stuff into his man cave. Watch a bunch of HGTV.

In two weeks we’ll get our first house guests (Sister! Niece!) and two weeks after that we’ll have more (Grace! Elizabeth!). Soon what is now new and weird will be old hat and I’ll still be living in the house I love, so I’d have to say it’s all more than worth it.



1. iamheatherjo - October 26, 2011

“Brian’s stupid dude stuff”? I would love to hear what he has say about the baskets! 😉

Kimmothy - October 26, 2011

Actually he got me most of them! (To be fair, he wishes he could “accidentally” lose my Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan figurines though.)

2. Jean - October 31, 2011

Sister! Do you compost? Not cooked food (unless it’s animal product -free, no butter etc), but peelings, egg shells, coffee grounds? If you have a spot, you can start an open compost pile. Just toss the stuff on it and stir it up occasionally. It makes amazing new ‘dirt’ that will turn your flower bed or veggies into super plants.

I have a swanky stainless steel one for the countertop now, but used a plastic Folgers coffee can for years.


Kimmothy - October 31, 2011

That is a GREAT idea. My inlaws do it and I’d love to have a garden in the spring. Thanks!!

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