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A Dream, Realized August 16, 2011

Posted by Kimmothy in Fam Damily, Home Life.

I’m pretty sure everyone who blogs regularly (maybe except for the Famous Bloggers or hell, maybe them too) has experienced a dry spell where they feel like, Okay maybe I’m done. I don’t know that I’ve reached that point as much as I literally have felt all summer that I’ve had nothing much to say. To friends, family, my written jounral, the internet. The 140-character limit of Twitter has been just about right lately, and even Facebook is feeling more like a chore/morbid curiosity than anything resembling fun.

This wouldn’t be the first summer I’ve turned hiding inside from the shitty heat into an actual life crisis; as much as I bitch about it, I don’t think people really realize how adversely it affects me. Like Seasonal Opposite Affective Disorder.  To compound the malaise, I didn’t get my annual week-long trek to Florida this year due to losing my leave when I took my three-week hiatus from employment in the Spring. I thought I was dealing with it  like a reasonable adult until I realized it was seriously bumming me out. It may only be a week, but it’s my reconnection back with the people who mean the most to me (besides that guy I live with, obvs) and something I look forward to to help bridge the gap between my Hate Season and Fall.

I’ve been a big pissy stagnant armpit and I hate it when that happens.

Until a couple of days ago and as it usually is, timing is everything.

Brian’s dad lives in Florida now, but he’s held onto the house he built and lived in here. For a lot of reasons: he designed and pretty much built it himself. It was his home for a lot of years, a quirky split-level that largely resembles one of those ski chalet places you rent for a week on the side of a mountain. Instead of a mountain, this one sits on the shores of a lake; Lake Murray, in this case. It’s a lake I’m very fond of and have some history with, as my first adult house was also located in one of its coves and I also got married a few feet away from its edge. Right in his dad’s back yard in fact, which is now very soon going to be OUR back yard.

His dad’s offer came completely unexpectedly and unsolicited by us – we would never presume to ask for such a thing. In fact, nothing against him, but we never dreamed he’d even offer it to us. But he’s had bad luck with renters and he’s sick of dealing with a property management company that can’t seem to get people in there who have any lasting power beyond a few months. He’s thought of selling it but luckily the real estate market sucks way too much for that to have been a viable option. He’s had Brian do some fixer upper things to it over the past few years and knows he cares about the place a lot. Me, well I’ve loved the house since the moment I first stepped inside of it, some fifteen years ago. Mentally decorating it, ruefully shaking my head over his spartan man-decor that was 90% function and 10% late mid-90’s Hunting Lodge. My favorite spot – on the deck I threw my bridal bouquet from, the deck that’s high up in the air, practically in the trees that overlook a wide green lawn that leads down to the water – I always visualize a “Serenity Now” thought balloon over my head when I’m out there.

It took a few days of intense discussion over the move, what it means in terms of commutes, budget, responsibility and logistics. The pros trumped the cons like a bitch and the final decision was made today.

Sometime on or around the first of October I will literally be living in the house of my dreams. I don’t even think it’s really hit me yet, but all of a sudden lists are being made, the first boxes came home with me today, and the  forward momentum has blasted us out of the real and/or imagined rut and damn does it feel good to be out.



1. Heather - August 17, 2011

YAY for the house!!! 🙂

And…I still don’t understand how Twitter is all that much different than FB. Guess that’s why I’ve never seen the need to have more than one social network account. :/

2. Swistle - August 17, 2011

What happy news!

3. crisi-tunity - August 17, 2011

Congratulations! Very happy for you.

4. Tiffany - August 17, 2011

That’s fantastic!!! Can’t wait to see pictures!

5. Karen - August 26, 2011

That’s great, Kim! So happy for you guys.

6. Shari Sherman - September 5, 2011

Kim, I am so happy for you and Brian. This is beyond AWESOME!! I know how much you love that space, that lake, and I look back and that time surrounding when you got married…with all of us standing on that dock in our black dresses…it was such a good time in life, and I can only think that the best of times lie ahead for you and Brian in that house! Congratulations! If we lived closer, you know we’d be lugging books right there with you!

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