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The Good, The Bad & The Borderline Psychotic May 6, 2011

Posted by Kimmothy in Work.

I really like my new job. Like, really-really. It’s almost as though the last 3 1/2 years at my old office was sort of a barometer to see how much bullshit I am willing to put up with in order to work at this university. And if I had to live through that in order to get here, well fine. It’s only one street down and four blocks away, but the old place may as well be on another planet.  

So far I really like just about everyone. There is, however, a resident office Crazy. I’m guessing, based on my twenty-plus years of work experience, the odds dictate that every office must have at least one. In the past, that person has been my immediate supervisor three times that I can think of; a certifiable whack-job I was required to report to. This time the heavens were smiling upon me because a few months before I arrived, this psycho was demoted out of her supervisory position. I cannot emphasize enough how grateful I am for this prior development, and maybe that’s the lesson here. I dealt with enough assholery so I’m due for a more pleasant work environment? I don’t know; I don’t care. Life is good when the control freak has no discernable power. Though I’m not naive enough to think she won’t try to stir shit up like it’s her job. I will remain viligently closed off to her.

This person is roughly my age. She started working here when she was twenty-six and has basically no other work experience. As she likes to remind anyone within earshot, FIFTEEN YEARS she has been here. Fif. Teen. Years. In one place. On one hand that is impressive to me, as my record tenure anywhere is four years and my average is probably closer to two per office. But the lack of outside influences and little bubble world she exists in is astounding. She may have been demoted but the reality is she has the power of longevity (and some crusty old professors) on her side and she is not afraid to wield it. No, strike that – she LIVES to wield it.

She was on vacation my first and second days here (another gift that had a card with it that said To Kim, Love Jesus). People hesitantly and in whispered tones gave me dire warnings. They thought they were scaring me until I assured them I may look like a wimpy wallflower but I’m a decorated veteran in office foolishness with a specialty in the arts of schmucky co-workers. Some of her stunts I heard about:

– She disregarded the university’s policies & procedures and decided to write her own and make people sign it. Some people actually signed it.

– She banned cell phones and personal calls from the office. She relented this a little for the people who have kids, but only after people complained.

– She discouraged inter-office socializing to the point people mainly communicated via email even though they worked in the same room.

– She’s told HER boss off several times, enough so that they went outside the department to the university’s main HR office to see what could be done about subordination. This is what finally got her demoted, as I understand it.

This goes a long way in upholding the universal joke that is government work. How would someone like this make almost $60K a year and not only not be fired, but get promoted in a private sector job? Unless you have dirt on someone, which maybe she has, it wouldn’t happen.

Either way. Thank the good Lord above she is not my boss but merely fodder for my amazement, my diary and maybe someday my therapist. In the meantime, I’m just happy to be here and collecting a paycheck from the same office Steve Spurrier gets his from.



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