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Bzz Bzz September 29, 2010

Posted by Kimmothy in Friends, Home Life, Work.

I don’t understand how everything goes from routine, slow and boring to warp speed chaos without me noticing until I’m in the middle of the crazy and am totally overwhelmed. Right now I should be doing twelve other things, which is why I’m doing this. World Class Procrastinators of the world unite! …In a little while.

After months of no work with the foreclosures, George gave us like seven properties a couple of weeks ago. Some had to be cleaned out, some needed yardwork, some just needed their locks changed and I’m pretty sure two of them needed all of the above. I fully realize it’s only because he gives us this work we’ve been able to accomplish things we never would have done otherwise (like pay off both vehicles within three months of each other – woo!), but anytime you have work to do on top of a regular full-time job, life gets very hectic all of a sudden. And because it’s always a hurry-up-and-wait scene, a lot of it is hard to do on what would be our preferred method, which is to get everything done as soon as possible, get the invoices submitted and get paid. I’m not saying that’s George’s fault, except that it partially is. He takes on so much he rarely knows whether he’s coming or going because most of the time he’s doing both at the same time.

My good friend Annette is coming to visit tomorrow, up from Florida. I’m of course very happy about this; we always have a good time together and have a fun weekend planned. But you know, there are certain things that are nice to do when someone is coming to stay; things like making sure there are clean linens, removing the dog hair and potentially hazardous detrious from the main living areas of the house, providing things to eat and drink. All that stuff takes time too; I know – surprise!

At the beginning of this week I was determined to make time to get the house things done so I wouldn’t FOR ONCE be running around like a psycho at the last minute. Monday I went home from work, hyper and psyched to get started. I was on the phone, talking about how we’d finally gotten rain after over a month and was absentmindedly following the dog out the back door, down the porch steps. The wet porch steps. With flip flops on. You see where this is going, obviously. I slipped off the top step and landed somewhere near the bottom, with most of the left side of my body taking the brunt of the fall: neck, shoulder, elbow, butt cheek. You know that split second after you’ve hurt yourself where you’re waiting to see how bad the damage is going to be? That anticipation went by very quickly and went straight to MOTHERF*CKING OW.

Now, not only do I feel like an idiot when I explain to people why I’m walking funny, I’m still really freaking sore. So instead of spending the last few evenings doing things around the house, I’ve mostly laid on the couch and watched TV to dull the pain. So. Tomorrow has almost arrived and along with it Annette, and I’m as ill-prepared as ever. Luckily she knows me well enough to not be offended by the state of the house no matter what it may be when she arrives. It’s good to have people who know you well.

Also on one of the back burners that should be on the front, I have another writing assignment I need to get finished, because I’m getting paid to do that too. I’m wondering when I’m going to find time to walk again, now that the weather is what I’ve been waiting for since I started walking in June. Even the damn dog wanted to play catch yesterday and I couldn’t make the time to do that for which I obviously feel guilty about.

Don’t get me wrong; I like being busy. Especially when it’s all good stuff. I just wish I had time to actually pause for a minute, catch my breath and appreciate it all.



1. iamheatherjo - September 29, 2010

You know, the footie doctor just told me not to wear flip flops anymore because they’re not good for the way my feets are made and in his words ‘you’re just asking for an accident when you wear them anyway’. :/

I hope you feel okay enough to have mucho fun with Annette!

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