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It’s Hard to Hang Out in Crowds September 16, 2010

Posted by Kimmothy in Celebrities, Experience, Music.

Jim Beam & a disco ball; I mean come on

Saturday night I went to my eighth Kid Rock concert. A little excessive but there was no way I was passing up this show: September 11th, a tribute for the troops, held at Fort Jackson, the Army base whose entrance gate is .6 miles from my driveway. After all the miles I’ve traveled to see him this was a no-brainer. And though Delorme had told me he was also going wanted us to meet up, I kind of already had my mind made up I was going by myself. That’s a cool check-off for a bucket list: Attend concert alone. I’ve wanted to do it ever since I met a woman in 1994 at Woodstock who was there alone and traveling around the world after leaving her husband. The original Eat, Pray, Love lady, in my opinion and way cooler than Julia Roberts. /Digression

I know the type of audience he attracts: families, rednecks, bikers – and the average age always seems to be around my age or maybe even slightly older. I knew I’d be among my people. And I was for awhile. Knowing it was a general admission show, I obviously went hours ahead of time to secure a spot close to the stage. Once there I met an extremely nice lesbian couple and we were having a fine time. A seriously awesome moment occured when to our right, across the field, the troops all started to arrive in their camo, appearing from the distant horizon. As they were approaching, we all spontaneously stood up and applauded them. Chills all over my freaking body. This, I thought to myself, is how to spend September 11th.

I should’ve stayed right there, with Patty and Beth. But after the opening band started, I realized I wanted to be a little closer to the stage. Greedy bastard. I regretfully bid the ladies farewell and they told me they’d save my spot in case things got too rough. I was able to make my way closer, to the point I was probably twenty feet away. The crowd was packed tightly, but again I seemed to be surrounded by cool people.

The sun had set, there was finally a breeze blowing and a thin white curtain fell as they changed the stage set. To me, the most exciting part of a concert is that moment the performer(s) enter. After that there are highlights like when they sing your favorite songs or maybe some audience interaction or whatever, but nothing compares to that first sight of him. So that happened and it was great as always. People were shuffling around and the usual dancing and bouncing and all that – which is fine and to be expected. I was feeling a little claustrophobic, but that’s more due to my shortness than anything else and as long as I was able to look up and see him and breathe and repeat my mantra – I’m not in a mosh pit and I’m sober, I’m not in a mosh pit and I’m sober – I was okay.

Enter the girl. Drunky McStupid started pushing her way into our little group, trying to get in front of us. We had all decided nobody else was going to do that and did the whole linking arms thing to form a barricade. It had been successful up to that point, but this bitch wasn’t having it. Pushing and shoving, sloshing around the two cups of beer she was holding, I thought, Oh shit – here we go. Then I thought it’s a damn good thing Brian isn’t here, because he doesn’t like when I make scenes and I had a strong feeling I was about to make one.

The shoving was happening at regular intervals and finally after several verbal exchanges, I shoved back. All I could think was, Goddammit, either my necklace or my damn glasses are about to get broken. This bitch. I guess because I’m old, I didn’t want any of my personal effects to be a casuality of stupidity and whether that stupidity was from me being forty-one at a rock concert or some drunk asshole, it doesn’t matter. More insults were traded, fuck-you’s were bandied about and her beer breath and sweaty boobs were seriously invading my personal space. Then she pushed me and pulled my hair. I thought what a classic girl move that is – hair pulling. Then I guess something in me snapped, and I threw a punch. Luck, definitely not skill, was in play because it landed on her jaw. I don’t really know who was more shocked. We looked at each other and I had time to question whether or not I was about to get hit back, when a couple of people started clapping and some guy said I have a good right hook. Her friends dragged her off back into the crowd and for the next half hour I stood there, my heart pounding, sweating, shaking and thinking Oh my God, I just hit someone. I felt nauseous. But then also kind of good. When you’re like me, a non-confrontational, always apologizing for things whether they’re my fault or not, mild and WIMP, something like this is pretty big. I’m not exactly proud of myself, but I’m not completely ashamed either. I’m trying to look at it as a step in the right direction to a more assertive self, something I’ve struggled with my whole life. And hopefully I can achieve it without punching anyone else, but hey – sometimes you have to get your point across, you know?

That night I thought I was going to only knock one thing off my life list, but what do you know.



1. Tiffany - September 16, 2010

You are my HERO.

Kimmothy - September 16, 2010

Hee hee, thank you – you’re mine too and you didn’t even have to hit anyone!

2. Taoist Biker - September 16, 2010

MINE TOO. I have seriously NEVER hit someone like that despite some really good cause, and sometimes I wish that I’d just DONE IT back in elementary school just to know I was capable of saying “Fuck that, you just crossed the line!!”

Kimmothy - September 16, 2010

And you guys recently just had an experience with an obnoxious person in a crowd, didn’t you? I seem to remember something like that.

3. shmode - September 16, 2010

I’ve done it once in my life and it felt so good!! Pushed into a corner the only recourse is to give your best right hook. Is it weird to say congrats?

Kimmothy - September 16, 2010

No; thank you for saying it – I do still have some guilt!

4. Jean - September 16, 2010

Sweet jeezus, girlie! That’s the way to handle a drunky drunk.

I had my then-11 year old at a Joan Jett show at a free stage (I know – a travesty!) at our state fair. We got their early and were about 5 people from the front. I was in khaki shorts and a plum colored tank, looking all soccer mom-ish, but rocking out to my girl crush Joan. My 11 year old was covering his ears (MOOOOOMMMMM – ITS TOO LOUDDDDDDD!!!).

Along comes some pimply faced pseudo-goth boy and sidekick, hell bent on squashing through to the front of the pack. Now, I have done my share of moving to the front, but at a certain stage in the show, the crowd is at critical mass and there is NO MORE ROOM. This kid kept pushing me from the side to make a place. After about the third time, I turned and told him to back off, there was no more room.

He put out both of his hands and shoved me, hard. I sort of fell back against my kid, and only the sheer compaction of body mass didn’t allow me to fall. I reacted instantly and shoved him HARDER back and said “BACK OFF, DUMBASS”. Two guys next to me grabbed him and tossed him back. About 20 people cheered as he tried to get out of the crowd. My son was mortified, but said to me later “He didn’t know you or he wouldn’t have pushed you, Mom.”


Kimmothy - September 16, 2010

That is so awesome!!
And I’m seriously jealous because I’ve never seen Joan and I’d die with happiness if I ever did.

5. Kimmothy - September 16, 2010

Wow; I seriously feel so much better now – thank you, thank you!!

6. Shari - September 16, 2010

Wowza! Definitely a turning point moment in your life! You will not be able to label yourself as non-confrontational again. People better back their shit up from here on out. And finally, the next time you say “I feel like punching someone” I’m going to really, really believe you! Every girl should know how to jack a jaw if need be.

Kimmothy - September 17, 2010

I do say that a lot, don’t I!

7. crisi-tunity - September 17, 2010

Good for you! Kick ass!

(also, Jean’s story is pretty awesome too)

Kimmothy - September 17, 2010

I love her story too!

8. Swistle - September 17, 2010

First of all, I love this story. That must have felt SO WEIRD to do something like that in real life. And man, I was HOPING you would!

Second: Eat Booze Concert would indeed have been a way better book.

Kim - September 19, 2010

Eat Booze Concert – LOVE.

9. Heather - September 17, 2010

I just remember getting the text and saying “oh you WILL be telling me this story”! Haha! I’m glad you clocked her. She deserved it. I’m also glad that her friends dragged her stupid ass away. (Flashbacks to ‘Dazed & Confused’ where that DIDN’T happen.)

I’ve only hit someone once and it was a guy and I was completely expecting to get hit back since I had brought the fight to him, but thankfully I got to keep my pearly Chickletts. Girls, for some reason, don’t really mess with me much. I’m not complaining. 😀

Kim - September 19, 2010

I couldn’t wait to tell you!

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