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Limbo August 15, 2010

Posted by Kimmothy in Friends, Home Life, Life, Vacation.

I don’t hate August as much as I say I do. True, it’s still hotter than seven hells and I feel like I’m in a perpetual state of waiting and there’s really no point in trying to do anything with my Jew-fro except put it in a clip or a ponytail and even then the ponytail fluffs out alarmingly an hour later, but still. Now that we’ve reached the middle of the month, little hints of Fall have started to trickle in; back-to-school sales, classes starting back up at the college this week, the Fall issue of Seventeen and Vogue appear. And I realized something important this year – for someone who enjoys the anticipation as much if not more than the actual event itself, it’s nice to try to enjoy the moment instead of pining away miserably for a season that’s still over a month away. But seriously, the weather can still kiss my sweaty ass.

My week in Florida went by in a blur, like always. I spent most of my time with Grace and Elizabeth which was great, got to spend a fun-filled night down in Tampa with my old co-worker friends and spent an extremely large portion of my time either in or on water. I’m not sure if it’s the Aquarian in me or what, but put me in a boat on a body of water and I am instantly serene. Which is weird since I’m not fond of the beach or spending long periods of time in direct sunlight. And it’s weird to be there for short periods of time where I get glimpses into people’s lives that I used to be a part of daily. It reinforces the feeling I know I’m living where I want to live, but with a constant yearn to be with the people I love. Elizabeth is now a sophmore in high school. My old office has a new wood floor. My family is still as crazy as ever. Time marches on.

The economy is affecting work in a big way right now. Where in years’ past our trainings would be already starting in the next week or two, we’re now under a “brown-out” (who came up with the term that makes me think of New York City during WWII I don’t know) and all but “essential” training have been postponed until after September 15th, and I learned Friday it could extend even longer. This makes for a lot of free but stressful time, talking in whispers behind closed doors and guessing as to what the extent of all this will mean. Our side business is still fairly steady, with most of the work right now being yard maintenance but that’s fine with me – that just means I’m responsible for nothing but the invoicing and bookkeeping part. Anything that keeps me inside is peachykeen, Josephine.

Except for taking walks, which I’m still doing. I took one while in Florida and quickly became very grateful for my own neighborhood. Down there exercise is only enjoyable if you’re doing it while submersed in water. Again, I’m glad I live here.

Other than that, things are good (a week away also reminds me how much I like hanging out with my husband and dog) with some minor room for improvements in some areas. Like always.



1. Heather - August 15, 2010

It might be an Aquarian thing, but we’re goofy. We’re the Water Bearers but we’re actually an Air Sign. So maybe that whole floaty above the water thing makes us happy. I have no clue, but the water makes ME very happy too…but I LOVE the beach. 😀

I’m glad you’re home. Now will you please figure out that you actually CAN travel NORTH, too? Hmm?

Bad. Selfish. Me.

Kim - August 17, 2010

You make a very good point! Although I swam while I was down there and enjoyed it, it’s not something I do very often – I’d rather be ON the water than IN it.

2. Heather - August 15, 2010

And I must be tired this morning because I linked you up to some other “Heather’s” blog in the url area up there. Ooops.

3. Kim - August 17, 2010

Haha, that’s funny!

4. Taoist Biker - August 17, 2010

I’m still trying to get the picture of your Jew-fro exploding some innocent hair clip out of my head, like some 70s Saturday morning hero in star-spangled spandex. “FREEDOM! You can’t keep me down!!” it sings, triumphantly.


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