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Indefatigable April 15, 2010

Posted by Kimmothy in Friends, Life, Whatever.

I hadn’t talked with Grace for well over a month so we were on the phone for well over two hours last night, catching up, gossiping, etc. She said something that made my stomach drop and almost fall out of my butt (which would actually help speed the diet along really well). After this school year is over, there will be three, count them THREE short years until Elizabeth graduates and potentially leaves home. I know “leaving home” can mean many things: living at home while attending community college, going off to a university nearish to home, making it easy to come back whenever she wants her laundry done or to be cooked for, or, OR it could mean her going farther away and maybe never living at home full-time again. I swear, it’s almost hard for me to comprehend it. On several levels. One of which being Grace and I are very close in age, pretty much grew up together, experienced many of the same things, yet here I am thinking about just starting out on the whole kid journey while she’s preparing herself for empty nest syndrome. Blows my mind.

I’m thankful the human lifespan has become longer, because I really am a late bloomer. The things I’m trying to accomplish now, most of my peers (the ones I personally know) checked off their lists ten years ago. Or more. My dad always said I’d probably get my four year degree the same month I received my first social security check, but haha, joke’s on him – social security will be LONG GONE by then!

Okay, enough of that.

Brian was driving home from a job Saturday morning, came in and told me what he just saw: two people in a car, a man and woman driving, and a guy walking on the side of the road. Suddenly and without provocation the people in the car threw a soda can at the guy walking and hit him. There was no way for Brian to stop until he reached the entrance to our neighborhood but then he did and waited for the walking guy. He said he didn’t know what he could do, but he was going to at least offer the guy a ride or something. Anything to make up for the fact that people fucking suck sometimes. The guy never showed up and Brian felt awful.

God, I hated to hear that. We decided that we were going to try to go out of our way to be kinder to people (a challenge for me, I know) and at least maybe that will balance out the bullshit a little more. Maybe? I don’t know. That includes feigning interest when co-worker (A) prattles on and on (and on) about her home life and co-worker (B) comes into my office to show me things like the results of her sunless tanning lotion or her newest color-coordinated QVC outfit, well then so be it. I am willing to sacrafice a little sanity for the betterment of humankind.

Is betterment a word? IT IS NOW!

In other news, at the advanced age of 41, I’ve finally found the perfect nude lipstick color.

Be well. And let me know if there’s anything I can do to improve your day, because I seriously want to do it.



1. Tiffany - April 15, 2010

Just the fact that you posted TWICE in one week has improved my day immensely! 😀 Also, I am going to e-mail you my phone number because dammit, I want to talk to you in person one of these days!

Kimmothy - April 19, 2010

I’m a chickenshit for talking on the phone (ask Heather!), but I’d love to have it to text, that’s for sure!

2. iamheatherjo - April 15, 2010

You know, I’m sure age is a concern with you wanting to become a parent, but you’re not 70! My Mom thought she was too old to be having children when she got pregnant with me and I was born two days before her 31st birthday. She was incorrect, even though I know I wore her out physically and mentally. Poor little thing. 😉

I was kind to someone yesterday, somewhat of a stranger but not completely unknown to me and that very evening someone was unexpectedly kind to me. I’m not sure I believe in karma (in any of its many interpretations) anymore, but that whole Do Unto Others/Golden Rule thing? Pretty awesome.

Kimmothy - April 19, 2010

I do find if I make an effort to be nicer I notice it more. It’s so much more pleasant than being a dick.

3. Swistle - April 15, 2010

I do think it helps to add kindness. I find that when I’m suffering with the idea that all of humankind is horrible (like when I was out walking and a car full of teenaged boys yelled “Run, Fatty, run!” out the window), it really helps to remember the times when people have NOT been like that.

Kimmothy - April 19, 2010

God, that just made me nauseous.

4. LL Cool Joe - April 18, 2010

I have several friends who have had babies in their 40’s. Infact one of my good friends has just had her 4th at age 45. Very common now.

Oh and I think your kindness will be rewarded, not that you are doing it for that reason I know!

Kimmothy - April 19, 2010

Hi Joey! I am thankful having kids in your 40’s now isn’t the crazy thing it used to be. Not that I’ve ever been afraid of looking crazy!

5. Whiskeymarie - April 19, 2010

My sister will be 41 soon, and she & her husband are just now looking into adoption. It’s never too late- I just read an article in the local paper about a couple that adopted 13 (!) kids, all still at home (ages 4-16), and he’s 74, she’s 68. (Insert “you’re only as old as you feel” cliche’ here)
And, those people that threw the can will get their asses kicked karmically one day. Well, at least one can hope they will. I’d like to think it will come in the form of herpes or extreme public humiliation of some sort.

Kimmothy - April 21, 2010

Thank you, WM – I loved reading that!

6. Taoist Biker - April 20, 2010

I SO want to sign up to be the Karmic Avenger. I’d even forgo the cape if I just had a license to beat the ever-loving fuck out of people who so richly deserve it.

I might still want the mask, though, just in case.

Kimmothy - April 21, 2010

I think you’d be the perfect candidate & I’d love to design your costume.

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