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Randomonious March 9, 2010

Posted by Kimmothy in Uncategorized, Whatever.

St. Patrick’s Day is one of those holidays I really like for some reason. I’m not sure why, as I’m not Irish nor do I usually drink regular beer, let alone the green variety. I do wear a lot of green however, and I get aroused for corned beef and cabbage, so maybe I just figured the whole thing out. I’ll be the lone dork at work next Wednesday with green nail polish and a tacky bead necklace. Silly holidays represent!

I recently got my first mp3 player, thanks to Sister and her awesome birthday present prowess. Yes I realize it’s 2010 and they’ve been around for awhile. Sister was actually pretty horrified when she found out I’d never owned one before, thus probably the reasoning for the gift. It’s not that I was morally against them or wasn’t intrigued by the concept, being the music lover I am, but I figured it was one of those unnecessary things I’d be buying just to keep up with the Joneses, electronically speaking. I am a drooling slave to Apple and its brilliant marketing/advertising/packaging ways, but I can’t afford their products. So I figured if I can’t have iPod, I don’t want nobody, baby. But now, oh my hell. I have seen the light and it’s contained in a little earbud that’s been semi-permanently lodged in my ear (except my earholes are either too small or deformed somehow because I’ve never, NEVER found any that fit correctly), blocking out the two co-workers’ incessant chatter. I’ve found out it’s impossible to be annoyed when Nelly is singing Country Grammar to me. Or the Cult singing She Sells Sanctuary. Or the Beastie Boys, or the…yeah. It’s obviously also completely made exercising slightly less like the holocaust, which, duh, BONUS. What a fool I was to go without this for so long and I’ve learned my lesson. Financial situation be damned, I’m buying everything! As soon as it comes out! Kindle, here I come! In six years or thereabouts.

The SIL’s wedding is finally over with, and…wait, that didn’t sound right. It was a perfectly fine wedding with beautiful brisk sunny weather, random uncomfortable family moments for us to make fun of, decent food, an open bar I thought about taking advantage of then didn’t and the coolest wedding exit for a bride and groom ever, a helicopter. What bothered me is where did the helicopter take them to and why didn’t anyone tie tin cans to it and spray “Just married” on the back window. Later at home, I was falling asleep with a book in my lap on the couch, so I got up and mumbled I was going to bed and Brian said, “You were so pretty at the wedding tonight; I was proud to be there with you.” The next morning I asked him if he really said that or if I was dreaming and he got all offended. I just wanted to make sure, you know?

I’ve gotten into watching hair and make-up tutorials on Youtube. Go on, mock me if you must. I have no idea how or why this started, but I’ll take my free entertainment wherever I can get it. Vlogging – it’s the wave of the future! Pretty soon these plain old written blogs are going to go the way of the phonograph and then where will I be? Because you can bet your sweet ass there will never come a day I put myself on video and release it to the Internet at large. Have you heard my speaking voice? Seen how many bad angles of me that can be captured on film? No no – I will never. As a matter of fact, I know of some footage that exists of me from about fifteen years ago when me and my cousin were driving around somewhere and he filmed me driving and singing. SINGING. He likes to remind me of this every so often, just to keep me in check I think. Should that ever get out, why, I’d have to look into a secret relocation program and go underground forever.

I’m more excited about new episodes of shows that are coming back in the next month than I was about the Fall season shows starting. If that’s not upside down and wrong, I don’t know what is.



1. Taoist Biker - March 9, 2010

NO, I haven’t heard your speaking voice because you wuss out on calling in to the radio show. Wuss. 😀

I’ve never been a makeup fan (Gene Simmons excepted) but Dys, who is not a big makeup person either, sent me this link and I was really astounded. You can do some really cool shit with makeup, as it turns out.

I have a pair of Sony earplug-type earbuds, and those come with different sized pads that you can use for different sized ears. Keep an eye out for those or similar ones, you can often find something similar. I find these MUCH more comfortable than the average earbud.

Now let me and/or Heather know if you need more mp3s, mwuhahahahah!

2. iamheatherjo - March 9, 2010

I, too, have the Sony earbuddies! LOVE them. I’m looking to upgrade my little Sansa mp3 player to a 120gb Zune. Because, you know, I’m the Anti-Apple. Heehe…I’m glad you’re enjoying your mp3 player and that was a perfect birthday gift. Big, big points for Sister! 🙂

That was a lovely compliment from Brian and I’m glad he said it.

3. Kimmothy - March 9, 2010


4. Taoist Biker - March 10, 2010

Any requests? Look at those mix discs, any artist listed on there is probably an artist that I have at least one album from. Maybe more. And we have probably a half-dozen 80’s mix CDs, so I totally can gag you with a spoon on 80s music.

I think my bud Michael left me some good obscure death metal since the last time I sent Brian a care package, too. 😉

Kimmothy - March 11, 2010

Omg, I didn’t think about 80’s – good call!
Also, Brian is obsessed with James Brown, so he would appreciate any and all of that wack-job if you have any.
You rock! Literally!

5. Buttercup - March 12, 2010

Hey Kim, I’m visiting from Swistle…I, too, suffer from having tiny earholes. 🙂 Even my ENT commented on it. I use the headphones that wrap over the top of your ear and just kind of hover in the general vicinity of your ear canal. I don’t know who makes them or anything, and my description wasn’t particularly apt, but if you saw them, you’d be like, “oh, those. OK.”

6. Weekend Plans « The Taoist Biker - March 12, 2010

[…] Make some CDs for Kim […]

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