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Last Day of 40 February 12, 2010

Posted by Kimmothy in Friends, Life, Weather, Whatever.

I don’t know what my deal is, but I haven’t been in writing mode lately. The therapist says that’s a little warning flag. There are things I do that perpetuate healthy living (writing, exercising, eating well) and other things that lead toward a less-positive way of thinking (I won’t get into that here) and it all kind of makes sense.

I have been exercising though, so that’s something.

I think maybe it’s a combo of a couple of things, not all bad. I had a great time with my friend from Florida last weekend, so much so the weekend seemed to pass by in a flash. I doubt I’ll ever have another co-worker with whom I form such a close friendship – that type of luck and timing doesn’t happen very often, but makes me extremely thankful it happened at all. I miss working in the same office as my friend every day, that’s for sure. And it hasn’t diminished over time – if anything it’s gotten stronger. I told her about my two current office neighbors and how I probably judge them unfairly because I’m comparing them to her. And the person who took my place at the old job is a complete asshole, so I feel bad for Annette dealing with that moreso. At least mine are nice people. Considering I used to share an office with a bonafide crazy person every day, I probably shouldn’t bitch at all, but you know, then I wouldn’t be me and shit.

Another thing – it’s my 41st birthday tomorrow. I’m ecstatic about the fact I’m getting my birthday wish for snow – it’s supposed to start this afternoon and there’s actually going to be some accumulation. As only a person who lives in the South can feel, right? Well, I’m that person and YIPPEEE! There’s already a little buzz of excitement around here – Are we going to get out of work early? Of course we are, we always do! It’s fun to watch this town lose its collective mind whenever this happens. But the thought of turning another year older without achieving my dream of becoming a parent has been making me feel Debbie Downer-ish and it’s been on my mind all week. I wish there was a way to banish negative thoughts, especially when they creep in during what should just be a happy time.

I am happy though too, so I’m trying to concentrate on the positive. The man and I have been in one of those lovey-dovey phases lately, so that’s cool. He’s been making me laugh more than usual too, and that’s a regular occurance anyway. I like him. He also keeps me grounded when my neurosis threaten to float me away. And in the cold months he’s a badass snuggle partner too. I’m sure he’d be thrilled to know I shared that. Ruins the street cred.

Other than that, it’s Friday, it’s going to snow and it’s a double holiday this weekend (for me) so I plan to keep on rockin’ in the free world and I hope everyone else does the same.



1. Taoist Biker - February 12, 2010

I hope you get snow to your heart’s content and have a happity birfday while you’re at it!

Kimmothy - February 14, 2010

I did and it was – thank you!

2. Swistle - February 12, 2010

Here is what I have been wondering: is this one of those situations where WE could help? Like, I know that sometimes when I’m struggling with someone, it helps to have other people answer questions or even take tasks off my hands. I know I’d be willing to do that if there’s any way I can help your quest for parenthood, and my guess is that there are a lot of other people who would be willing, too. I’m not sure what’s involved, but maybe some people could call for information? Others could research helpful sites in your area? Others could find out what the first step would be? Others could give reports of their own experience? Others could talk about the options (private, overseas, open/non-open, etc.)? Anyway, email me if you think this would be useful. I think people LIKE to help, and it sounds like you could use some.

Kimmothy - February 14, 2010

You? Rule.
I’ll be emailing you later today.

3. iamheatherjo - February 12, 2010

I hope you enjoy your birthday snow and I hope you’ve already hit the grocery store for provisions before everyone panics and buys everything up so they don’t have to risk their lives going out into the treacherous inch or so of accumulation!

Sorry…but you know that’s going to happen. 😀

As for everything else, you know you have my help whenever you need it. Like Swistle said above, assign me something and I’ll get right on it! You know, because I love you and stuff.

Kimmothy - February 14, 2010

You also rule. I hope you know just how much.

4. crisitunity - February 13, 2010

Happy birthday, honey. I’m so glad you got snow (again, you are WELCOME to some of ours), and sorry you’re slightly under the weather emotionally, and I wish you a wonderful year.

Kimmothy - February 14, 2010

It was a real life birthday miracle of snow!

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