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I Obviously Need to go Back to Work January 4, 2010

Posted by Kimmothy in Celebrities, Life, Movies, Whatever.

I rented Jennifer’s Body the other night and as is my habit after seeing a movie, I went to IMDB to read about it. Well, that led me to a black hole of an Internety time-suck that lasted hours, which kind of threw off my whole day but I guess that’s what vacation is for, right? Sure.

The movie is essentially made by women, with women, and for women (I don’t care who you are, Megan Fox is hot. Vapid as a piece of lettuce, but really hot) “unconventional,” in the sense that I guess it’s still rare for the horror genre that a woman is in the role of monster with men (boys, to be specific) being the victims. It only really shocked me in the similar sense that “Monster” with Charlize Theron was disturbing, except of course that was actually based on a true story so that creepy feeling you get is a little different. But also similar. Yeah, I don’t know either.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s a little disconcerting at this advanced stage of the game that a ruckus is still stirred when a woman dips her little pedicured toe into the Man pool and comes up with something entertaining and marketable. Some of the comments I read about the movie’s writer/producer Diablo Cody (disclaimer: I am a fan) were downright scary in their misogynistic tone and content. I mean, sure – judge an artist on their talent; isn’t that what the Internets are for, us armchair critics? (And yes, some of her dialogue makes me cringe but I always recover quickly.) But in a movie discussion forum to bring up what she wears, how she looks, how trashy her tattoos are, the fact she used to be a stripper which obviously means she was also a hooker – the fuck? I love Kevin Smith too, but most of the criticism about him pertains mainly to the point people still think he’s a hack after over a decade of successful movies and projects, not that he’s going bald, is overweight, has the wardrobe of a frat boy and used to work in a convenience store.

I don’t usually climb up on many soapboxes, let alone the feminism one, because I don’t like spending a lot of time on what I still think is a mostly pointless battle. I like cooking dinner and somewhat catering to my husband and I appreciate when doors are opened for me. But hot damn, some of the shit we still, STILL go through on a consistent basis amazes the hell out of me. Is it just that it’s more subtle now and disguised by political correctness that makes it less noticeable?

I realize too that some of it is geographical and I am in an old, mid-sized city in the South. I try not to get offended when some old dude calls me Honey or Sweetheart or as is the case many times here, Darlin’. It’s how they grew up and all that. Plus it’s fun being called Darlin’ when the right person says it with the right accent. And I understand the Man-as-head-of-household is still pretty prevalent around here, as it’s both culturally and religiously been practiced here for-freaking-ever.

Brian grew up in a household like that and on occasion when I see his mom defer to George when she technically shouldn’t, I cringe a little inside. At the same time I’m thankful Brian grew up with many independent thoughts and opinions that completely differ from his parents (had he not, I doubt he would’ve married a Jew). Can he be a little piggish at times? Sure. I think it’s part of his DNA. But do I call him on it? Every time. Does that change anything though? Not really. Am I ever going to stop answering my own questions? I doubt it.

Sister and I have had many, many conversations regarding male/female division of responsibilities. Sadly, it will never, EVER be the case that a husband/boyfriend will be judged on a messy household or an unsuccessful dinner party. It makes no nevermind that most women now work full-time jobs, as many long hours as their male partners if not more, but are still strapped with the majority of the domestic tasks. Well, and This Just In: Life’s not fair.

However. There’s a reason I married the person I did. I’m not attracted to weak, sensitive men. I’ve been friends with a few of those and it’s lovely in the way that deep discussions about make-up with your girlfriend is nice. I’m glad there are these sensitive, enlightened fellows around. But I know that’s not what would make me happy in the longrun. Brian’s fucking socks on the floor right in front of the goddam hamper are still worth putting up with for the other (schwing!) things he provides me with.

I think it all boils down to a respect thing. Maybe there just needs to be more of it all the way around and then we can go from there.



1. Swistle - January 4, 2010

WOOT about the unfair criticisms thing, and I laughed at “Well, and This Just In: Life’s not fair.”

Kimmothy - January 4, 2010

It is better to laugh than dwell too much!

2. iamheatherjo - January 4, 2010

I know we’ve discussed this many-a-time before and I have had the same talk with Bill & Tiff too.

I work in a male dominated field and have for pretty much my entire working life. It isn’t fun, it isn’t fair and there are times I have to work twice as hard to prove my worth and it sucks. I don’t want to have to do it at home too.

There’s a reason why you married Brian and there’s a reason why I’m still single. LoL

Kimmothy - January 4, 2010

I’m sure it takes a certain level of strength/confidence/smarts as a woman to be able to deal with the type of stuff you probably have to deal with all the time. And I know I couldn’t do it so it’s lucky there are ladies such as yourself to keep those buttmunches in line!

3. morethananelectrician - January 4, 2010

Strippers are sluts, right?

*ducks and runs*

Kimmothy - January 4, 2010

The fact that you are a comedian is the only reason that remark is remotely acceptable.

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