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Makin’ Like Jack Kerouac December 26, 2009

Posted by Kimmothy in Fam Damily, Friends, Holidays, Travel, Vacation.

Why yes, I am sitting here procrastinating like crazy when I should be putting the last-minute touches on the frenized Packing for Vacation Extravaganza. Why is it I can only find unmatched socks and ugly underwear whenever this happens, why? Regardless, I’m going with whatever I washed and dried yesterday and hoping Florida’s schizophrenic climate will work with me. It looks like high’s will only be in the high 60’s/low 70’s this week, so that’s way more acceptable than when I was down there in October and temps were still reaching well into the 90’s.

We have a 7 to 8 hour drive ahead of us, depending on traffic and how many times Brian lets me and the dog get out to pee. Which doesn’t excite me, as both of us seem to have picked up a nasty cold situation in the last two days – of course we have. Did we really think Fate would allow us something as simple as a problem-free vacation? Oh, it is to laugh. But that’s okay. At the end of today’s journey we will land at my best friend’s house, one of my most favorite places to be on earth, and it’s there we’ll spend most of this next week.

Mother passive-aggressively assured me she understands it’s “so much easier” for us to stay at Grace’s and that she’ll just be happy to see us drop in every so often. Well, thank you, Mom, for understanding that each time I enter your residence, a little bit of my soul seeps out, never to return. Sister gets credit for that one. Because it’s so true.

We’ll be doing some inter-traveling with a couple of day trips planned spanning the greater Central Florida area of Tampa and Orlando as well, to try to fit in seeing as many people as possible. Always a challenge. Always worth it. It means a lot of time spent in the vehicle, but luckily the vehicle has new tires and (*crosses all fingers and toes*) is running better than it has in years, thanks to some pricey mechanical fixes.

All in all, though I can’t really breathe and everything on my body including my skin and eyeballs hurt, I’m really excited for this trip. It’s been over two years since we took a real vacation together and I’m thrilled to be going down there without having to miss my man and my dog while I’m there.

I’ll be checking in sporadically, but I hope everybody is having lovely holidays.



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