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My Top Ten December 23, 2009

Posted by Kimmothy in Holidays, Lists, Movies.

I’m a sucker for both lists and end-of-the-year round-ups, so imagine my delight when I came Paste Magazine’s fifty best movies of the decade. Jon has a list of his own as well. While these things are totally subjective, I was pretty impressed with myself I’d seen eighteen of the movies Paste listed and while Donnie Darko still makes me want to punch a kitten, I agreed with the greatness factor of most of the others.

Out of that list, here’s my personal top ten:

10. The Departed – Scorsese. DiCaprio. Damon. Boston accents. Loved it.

9. Junebug – You may not have heard of this quiet little thing, but it’s the first thing I saw Amy Adams in and what made me start liking her even though I’ve heard she’s not really a nice person and I can kind of see that about her.

8. No Country for Old Men – You can just go ahead and put every Coen Brothers movie on every top ten list as far as I’m concerned.

7. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – Trippy, kind of suicide-inducing, but creative and proof Jim Carrey can do more than make weird faces and stupid noises.

6. Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2 – For awhile there I thought Quentin was in an early retirement, but this proved he’s just as badass as he ever was. This also confirmed my suspicion he’s obsessed with Uma, but I can’t blame him for that; for awhile she was my number one If I Ever Switched Teams girl.

5. LOTR Trilogy – I fought this for a long time and I’m glad I waited to watch all of them with my movie club successively over a three-week period. Yes, it was a twelve hour movie of a long walk and then a ring getting tossed into an abyss at the end. So what.

4. Little Miss Sunshine – In my humble opinion, this is pretty much perfection in a movie.

3. O’ Brother Where Art Thou? – This came out during my Bad Time and it was one of the few things that proved to me it was still good to be alive. The soundtrack is still never too far out of reach in our house.

2. Juno – I used to want to be Tina Fey. Until Diablo Cody came along.

1. Almost Famous – I was amazed this movie arrived technically in this decade because it sort of feels like it’s been around my whole life. I can’t say anything about it that hasn’t already been said, but I will say it’s probably not just my favorite of the past ten years, but pretty much my favorite of all time. I did not see Kate Hudson’s career going in the direction it has after this though.

I’m sure there will be a deluge of these types of lists over the next few weeks – it’s what pop culturists live for. And I’m also pretty sure I’ll stop and read each one of them. Except did we already technically hit the end of a decade when 2009 started? That always confuses me a lot.

One of the traditions I loved and wish I could implement again is going to the movies on Christmas Day. How perfect is that – you’ve opened all the presents, eaten a bunch of food and already spent way too many “quality” hours-days with people you’re related to. One year my mom was being a total bitchface about something and I was feeling murderous toward her but it soon didn’t matter because we got the hell out of there and went to see Titanic. Movies are supposed to be about escapism and what more do you ever need to escape than your family at the holidays? Those evil Hollywood geniuses know this of course, which is why a movie always premieres that day – how convenient!

I’m hoping to fit a movie in somewhere between now and when I go back to work. We shall see.



1. Rob Eng - December 23, 2009

Hey, very nice list you posted. I’m trying to compile my list of my favorite movies of the decade… but it’s just too hard! Anyway, I love each and every one of your choices, although my #1 is definitely the LotR Trilogy. Anyway, great post and thanks for sharing!

Kimmothy - December 24, 2009

It’s hard for me to pick just ten!

2. Heather - December 23, 2009

The first thing I saw Amy Adams in was an episode of Smallville and I still don’t really like her.

Loved the books, dislike the LOTR movies.

I’m with you with Almost Famous and Kill Bill Vols 1 & 2, however. (Even though I think Reservoir Dogs is still Tarantinos best, just my opinion.)

Kimmothy - December 24, 2009

I think for me it’s a tie between Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction for me.

iamheatherjo - December 25, 2009

Pulp Fiction loses points with me because of no Michael Madsen. I know that because he couldn’t be in the film due to filming Wyatt Earp, John Travolta was given “comeback role” and all the crap…but I’d have taken that trade-off with no problem whatsoever.

3. Tiffany - December 23, 2009

It seems totally surreal that we can have an “of the decade” list for the 2000’s, already.

Kimmothy - December 24, 2009

I know. 2010 sounds like a science fiction year to me.

4. Jon - December 24, 2009

Lots of good choices there. Nice work!

5. LL Cool Joe - December 24, 2009

I’ve only seen one on your list! I really need to get a life!

Happy Christmas Kim. I hope all your wishes come true!

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