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Sew Lacking November 21, 2009

Posted by Kimmothy in Baptists, Fam Damily, Home Life.

Brian had a grandmother who lived on a working farm, where the family made most of their money growing and harvesting tobacco. Among other things, she knew how to catch, clean & cook fish, swing a chicken around by its neck and then pluck, quarter and cook it, and raise eight kids on a budget so tight they’re all barefoot in the first few years of their school pictures. The fact all her kids grew up to be devout Christians and all-around good people can be attributed solely to her upbringing, since her husband retured from World War II an alcoholic and fairly useless man.

The woman was hardcore.

I was thinking of all this as Brian handed me a mint condition old Sears sewing machine other day, one of the finds in the latest foreclosure we’re in the middle of cleaning out.

I’ve always wanted a sewing machine. My mother used to make matching outfits for her, me and Sister on her Sears Singer. She re-did my favorite Raggedy Ann doll a few years back and the purple comforter we use every winter. The curtains that hang in my kitchen. A ton of other stuff I’ve enjoyed over the course of my life.

Fabric stores excite me. Clothes excite me more. The big problem lies in the fact I have no idea how to set the thing up, much less turn it on and use it. It mocks me from its case in the corner of this room.

A sewing class in 8th grade where we completed two projects, a stuffed animal and a shirt. Replacing the occasional shirt button. Those are what make up the sum total of my sewing experience. I’ve never learned to knit, crochet, or do hook rugs. I can cross-stitch, but cross-stitching doesn’t make anything that’s useful and in fact actually produces things I myself would never hang on my walls or display on my couch, let alone give as a gift to someone I like.

I obviously can’t produce a child. I can’t make fried chicken, let alone strangle and pluck one. I have no idea if my make-up colors are “Summer” or “Winter.” I don’t like wearing heels. My God. I guess I better figure out how to use it, because this sewing machine might just be my last chance at proving womanhood.



1. iamheatherjo - November 21, 2009

Check with the fabric stores and see if they have classes or the park districts in your area. Go ahead, laugh at me. But that’s what I did when I found that free knitting class Jessica and I went to last summer. I know JoAnn Fabric has advertised sewing classes. I’d be interested in going because I’d like to make a quilt like my grandmother used to and maybe make more intricate Halloween costumes, but I have no machine (and I recently saw how expensive good ones are) so I do everything I need to do by hand.

Don’t worry about that whole ‘womanhood’ thing. I’ve had to turn in my Girl Card thousands of times. 😉

Kimmothy - November 22, 2009

You know, that is why I love you – what a fabulous idea. And a quilt is the ulitimate as far as I’m concerned; I’d be pretty dang happy with myself if I were to ever pull that off.

2. crisitunity - November 22, 2009

This last paragraph gave me a Sad Face. Poor dear Kim. Nevertheless I think this is a great first step on a cool domestic journey. I couldn’t believe how much crafting added to my life when I stopped being ashamed and started doing it full-out.

Kimmothy - November 23, 2009

No need for sad face; the last paragraph is me making fun of myself, one of my favorite hobbies!

3. LL Cool Joe - November 26, 2009

Don’t laugh but I can sew, and use a sewing machine. I’m rather hoping it doesn’t prove womanhood really. Hey but I can chop down a tree too. 😀

Kimmothy - November 26, 2009

Can I come over and take some lessons? For both the sewing AND chopping!

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