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(R)ocktober September 29, 2009

Posted by Kimmothy in Fam Damily, Friends, Marriage, Vacation.

My favorite month of the year is almost upon us and I’m still a little phlegmy (least favorite word in the English language, but apt description) but mostly giddy it’s finally here. I have some stuff I’m really excited about coming up this month, mine and Heather’s favorite holiday notwithstanding.

1. Celebrating Ten Years of Wedded Bliss – how is that even possible? Yes, there was that unfortunate nine month period when we were ON A BREAK, but other than that, ten years of non-stop togetherness and not a homicide to be found. It’s really amazing to me. And you might think it’s a coincidence that my anniversary falls during my favorite month of the year, but it is not – I planned it this way for a reason. Not only did I want my outdoor wedding to be decorated with nature’s show of Carolina Blue sky and red, yellow and orange gently falling leaves, but to be able to celebrate it every year during this time as well. See, that’s me – always thinkin’. Except for the fact on October 9, 1999, all the leaves were still green and on the trees and it was overcast all day. Best ever. Not to mention I happened to pick the busiest, most stressful month out of Brian’s college career to take a week off to come up here from Florida and get married. I didn’t plan it that way on purpose, but of course that’s the way it worked out. He likes to remind me of that every now and then and I’m not sure why. Did it work out in the long run? Yes it did, so shut it. And happy anniversary. I didn’t plan to get married on John Lennon’s birthday either, but that also worked out just fine. Sharon Osbourne’s too. Random.

2. The LEAFestival – is counting as our anniversary trip, even though it falls a week after the actual anniversary. I’m ridiculously excited to be going camping in the NC mountains. I’m NOT ridiculously excited that Delorme is already giving me rules to follow. Today he called to let me know there would be two more couples joining our group (cool) so that I need to adjust the amount of chili I’m making to accommodate four more people (still cool) (everyone takes turns making a meal for the group), and to make sure to provide cheddar cheese and oyster crackers to go with it because they’re so much better than Saltines (Not cool). Okay, first of all – duh, of course I’ll be having the cheese to go with the chili; he used to live with me, so he should know that. Second of all, and I told him this, I usually make cornbread to go with it as well, not that he remembered that either. Third of all – I’m going to punch him in his mouth if he thinks he’s going to order me around all weekend. While on the phone he also told me I have to buy long johns right away. I politely let him know I already own them, but thanks for the tip. Oh hell no. Aw HALE NAW. I can already tell I’ll be hanging with Joan or Brian or some hippies I just met much more than I will him if this is how he’s going to be. Let’s hope it isn’t. But it’s good to have a contingency plan just in case. Stranger hippies – excellent.

Family Trip to Disney – I found out the other day my cousin from NY and his family won’t be able to make it this year and that makes me very sad. But Halloween in Disney, especially in the camp ground Fort Wilderness is so much fun, it’s still going to be a great time and I can’t to see the rest of my family again. This time Brian will be there, so even better. We haven’t decided where exactly we’ll be sleeping yet for that trip, but it’s possible we’ll use our tent again and if so, damn twice in one month after not using it for a couple of years. Exciting. We need a new air mattress, which I might be buying today if I feel like dealing with K-fart or the Deathstar after work today. George offered up this nasty old thin, ripped piece of foam to use to sleep on and we politely declined. I mean…come on, George. Thank you anyway, but just for practicality’s sake – it’s going to be in the 40’s and possibly even 30’s up there at night; the farther off the ground I can manage to sleep, the better. Even though I WILL BE WEARING LONG JOHNS, DELORME, DON’T WORRY!!!

So, yeah. I’m excited for the month ahead.



1. Taoist Biker - September 29, 2009

Sounds like a fun month to me! 😀

Kimmothy - September 29, 2009

I can’t wait!

2. iamheatherjo - September 29, 2009

If we ever meet at Disney, I’m staying in a hotel! 😀

3. Laura - September 29, 2009

Tomorrow is supposedly the last 100-degree day we’re supposed to have this year. I don’t trust the darn weatherman. Don’t want to get my hopes up that I can maybe drag out my long sleeved shirts sometime in the next 45 days.

4. Joan - October 1, 2009

Luckily you only have to deal with “Demanding Delorme” occasionally! Forget the oyster crackers, I like cornbread too! And for the record, I still don’t have long johns. Maybe I need to think about bringing my own tent!!

Kimmothy - October 3, 2009

He is one of my favorite people; he just needs to chill out a little on being the boss! I think I have spare long johns, but they’d probably be WAY too big on you!

Joan - October 4, 2009

No need to worry. Delorme made sure we bought my size today! So we can rest easy now!

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