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Blurbs September 4, 2009

Posted by Kimmothy in Whatever.

The Friday afternoon before a long weekend – YOU might be so dedicated as to be working right now. I’m busy trying to decide how early I can get away with sneaking the hell out of here. (I’m thinking 3:30 sounds about right)

I know Brian so well sometimes. We went over to some friends’ to watch the game last night. For him, ALL the games are important, but especially this being the first one of the season he was so excited, I caught him several times over the past few days singing the team’s fight song in the shower. Before we left to head over there I noticed he was setting the dvr to tape the game. I teased him saying, “Don’t trust things when someone else has control of the TV, do you?” He laughed and said no. And then at times throughout the night, I could almost FEEL his discomfort it was so palpable (hopefully only to me). He likes these friends a lot, but I have the feeling that’s the last game we watch over there. Carolina game, anyway. Driving home I said “You hated not holding the remote, didn’t you?” He was staring straight ahead, sort of nervous looking and just quietly said, “No.”

But one good thing came out of the evening (besides Brandy’s nachos, which were phenominal) and that was, I broke the poop ice. Stay with me here. You know how when you’re around semi-new people, whether it’s romantic or friend and you’re comfortable with them, but maybe not to the point of discussing bodily functions? Well, I have a very temperamental stomach and it doesn’t always accomodate social siutations; in fact, I think sometimes it downright tries to sabotage me on purpose. Instead of stressing about it thus causing even more crampy badness, I totally just put it out there and say “I think it’s time for me to christen your bathroom now; is there anything good to read?” People always laugh and then the precedent has been set: it’s now safe to discuss pooping and I don’t have to worry about how far away the bathroom is, whether or not everyone is making enough noise for me to feel safe, etc. It really helps, I swear.

It seems like there’s been this shift with our friends in the last couple of years and now there’s quite a few “couple friends” – moreso than ever before. It’s a totally different dynamic than what we’re used to. Usually it’s where one of us has the good friend and the other one of us has to put up with that friend’s significant other with gritted teeth and clenched fists. I guess the odds are tougher for four people to really like each other and have a lot in common. But I like it. It’s very…1950’s.

I sometimes forget just how many people I told I was trying to get pregnant. Until stuff like today happens and I walk into my usual convenience store on campus to purchase a can of Diet Coke because it tastes so much better in a can than a bottle, and the my favorite sassy clerk yells out in front of the whole store – “Where you been hidin’; too busy making a baby to come visit me?” Then proceeded to ask another customer what position they used since they just had a baby and directed me to do the same. It’s a good thing I don’t embarrass easily except that I totally do.

Have you ever been bored enough to watch that show Bridezillas? I saw about fifteen minutes of one and it made me seriously scared for the successful perpetuation of the human race.

It’s stupid that I get a free class a semester and I haven’t taken advantage of it yet. I’m tired of waiting around for a baby or winning the lottery or whatever to happen and I’m currently deciding on a class to take. Before senility sets (completely) in, I want to fill the ol’ noggin with a lot more crap. Perhaps my dad was right when he predicted I’d get my degree the same day as my first social security check, but the joke’s on him because there won’t BE any social security by that time – haha Dad, take THAT!

I realized that of all the genres of books I like, suspense/mysteries aren’t included. I get so irritated and stressed out by the time the end comes I don’t give a shit whodunit, who-didn’t-dun-it, who lived and who died. Get to the fucking point already, you know? Feh.

I’m excited the holiday weekend is here. Labor Day: the day when most everybody is off from work. Isn’t it ironic? (Don’t ya think?) Tomorrow we’re going back out on the lake with Delorme & Joan in their sailboat, then to a cook-out at his parents’ house (my would’ve-been inlaws). I’m sure we’ll visit my actual in-laws Sunday since we’ve had a few weeks’ repreive from Sunday dinner. So that’s nice – I miss her cooking company. And Monday? No solid plans for Monday except straight-up CHILLIN’.

I hope everybody has a safe, fun and food-filled weekend.



1. crisitunity - September 4, 2009

I TOTALLY AGREE on breaking the poop ice. Life just gets a billion times easier when you put something uncomfortable out there. So much better than somehow pretending that you don’t poop and neither do they.

I also do not like mysteries, for the most part. I liked a single Agatha Christie that I read, and I like Raymond Chandler books because they are just so darn well-written, but most mysteries just seem like the author is smelting down old cliches and reforging them into new ones, and that’s what the whole book is composed of. I really prefer newly written books to recycled ones.

Kimmothy - September 5, 2009

You’re so right – that’s what I hate about mysteries too. This particular book I just finished had such an unbelievably trite and ridiculous ending, I regret the time I spent reading it. Never again!

2. Swistle - September 5, 2009

Love the “ha ha Dad, take THAT!”

Kimmothy - September 6, 2009

I made myself laugh over that one too.

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