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Don’t You Forget About Me August 25, 2009

Posted by Kimmothy in Baby-Making, Home Life, Jews, Movies, Weather, Whatever, Work.

Apparently evil forces are conspiring to prevent me from my usual internet habits. Between the home computer finally farting out its final queef Friday night (during Brian’s weekly poker tourney, no less) and work pickign up in that brisk and annoying way it does every Fall, I feel like I’m completely out of the cyber loop. And I don’t like it, not one little bitch (typo, but it stays). In fact, I should really be working right now, but dammit enough’s enough already.

Hmm, so now that I’m here I can’t think of what I wanted to say. Typical. So much, yet nothing really important. Counting the days ’til the good weather arrives, of course. Funny how it’s right about now where every year I feel like I can’t deal with the heat anymore and right as I reach my breaking point, we get that first little hint of cool, dry mornings and nights. I was cleaning the closet room (again) the other night and I discovered a notebook where I’d written last year “September 15 – First day of wearing long sleeves.” Yes, I am that much of a dork. But like I told Heather, I appreciate myself when I do stupid shit like that. Because now either I can look forward to wearing long sleeves three weeks from today, or I can be disappointed that the day isn’t as cool as it was last year but either way know it won’t be too much longer now. Little things like that keep me enthusiastic about being alive. 

What else. Oh yeah – for the first time in ages, and I mean ages, I got hit on yesterday! Well, that sounds rude and in reality it wasn’t that way at all. Our building’s roof is caving in (it’s qualified as “historic” which actually means “we don’t have funds to either tear it down or rennovate it so let’s keep putting duct tape on it”) so there have been maintenance guys here almost every day. There’s one in particular who I usually say hi to or end up making small talk with – no flirting, I swear, and yesterday he asked if I remembered to bring my lunch (I had forgotten it the other day). I said “No, I forgot it again,” and he then asked if I wanted to go get something to eat. I am so out of practice because I didn’t see that one coming a mile away. I kind of laughed and said, “Well, the husband probably wouldn’t be too happy about that!” and he looked down at my ring hand and blushed fourteen shades of red. He said “I did NOT notice your ring!” and I believe him, because no one can fake blushing like that. When I told Brian (of course I did!) he said, “The poor guy had probably debated doing it all weekend, only to get shot down.” I hadn’t thought of that. But, a little awkward, a little ego boost, no harm, no foul. Like Grace said, it’s a shame he’s the roof guy instead of the computer guy, considering my problem at home. Those days are long past and times like these I really miss them. At least I’ll know who to flirt with should our roof at home become problematic.

We saw Inglourious Basterds over the weekend. Not as bad as my friend Stephanie thought it was, but definitely not Pulp Fiction or Kill Bill level. As a Jew, I did enjoy the revenge fantasy aspect of it and Brad still makes me laugh, but way too long and a little indulgent. A good way to kill a hot afternoon though.

Finally talked to Mother. Nothing new to report there.

Been trying to speak with a co-worker who used to work in adoptions, but both of our schedules have prevented that from happening. Barring putting an ad on Craigslist (“Wanted: Baby, sex unimportant, between the ages of 0 and 4 weeks, to a good home.”), adoption is really the only avenue I see that’s left. And the more time passes, the more I’m okay with that. I came across an empty pill bottle that used to contain some of those evil hormones the other day and stood there in shock, thinking about how I spent the first six months of this year. It’s already taken on the quality of something I might have dreamed instead of something that actually happened and that alone amazes me. The first of the eight pregnant people I know gave birth last week and it barely registered with me. I don’t know what that means.

To end on an upbeat note, I’ll leave you with a joke:

A baby seal walks into a club…




1. Laura - August 25, 2009

“…finally farting out its final queef Friday night…” BWAAAHAHAHAAA!

I was wondering where you’d gone off too…

2. Laura - August 25, 2009

Or, you know, “to”. Hi, I liek grammerz.

Kimmothy - August 25, 2009

Hi there! I know; I’ve missed the blogs and more than that the blog peoples.

3. Taoist Biker - August 25, 2009

Getting hit on is always fun. Okay, usually but not always. I’m with Brian, though…I do feel a bit sorry for the poor guy. Maybe you could flash him? Just the bra? Just a glimpse at the 2009 Melonfest Queen’s endowment should restore his bounce to his step, eh?

Kimmothy - August 26, 2009

I’ve flashed way less polite people than him.
Not a bad idea, because me being me, I do feel guilty now.

4. Swistle - August 25, 2009

Ha ha! I would have been so totally oblivious, I probably would have GONE TO LUNCH WITH HIM, thinking, “Huh, what a weird thing to do! Wonder why he wanted to?”

Kimmothy - August 26, 2009

I’m not far from that at all. I usually never notice things like that until much much later.

5. morethananelectrician - August 25, 2009

I guess the question is how far would you go if the guy was a computer guy?

I always joked about my wife always trying to get deals on stuff…until my second child ended up resembling the Schwann’s Guy.

Kimmothy - August 26, 2009

I’ve gone too far with computer guys in the past – good tech help is a weakness of mine.

6. LL Cool Joe - August 25, 2009

Loved the bitch typo, I may have to use it myself! 😀

And how cool to be hit on! You didn’t mention if he was good looking or not? Not that makes a difference but…..

Kimmothy - August 26, 2009

He is cute! And with tattoos!

7. crisitunity - August 25, 2009

I hope that the adoption route works out for you, and is less rocky than the hormonal one.

Congrats on being hit upon.

Kimmothy - August 26, 2009

Thanks…it has been awhile!

8. iamheatherjo - August 26, 2009

I want to see Inglorious Basterds, but I gotta say, Reservoir Dogs is still my favorite with the Kill Bill movies coming in closely after it.

Ironically enough, I was hit on this evening during Jessica’s birthday dinner by a wee little man who worked at the restaurant. Sheesh…

Kimmothy - August 26, 2009

You getting hit on? Does not surprise me in the least.
I would recommend waiting for dvd, but I think you already were.

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