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I Love Fridays July 10, 2009

Posted by Kimmothy in Books, Celebrities, Exercise, Fam Damily, Reading, Travel, Vacation, Weather.

Such a busy day I didn’t have time to blog – the horror! But a seriously good day, so no biggie.

I try to save the exercise stuff for the other blog, but I just have to say this. Sometimes it’s so good to get out of your little box, whether that be your home or office and just walk, man. (Walkman? Remember the days before mp3 players, old farts like me?) I volunteered to go pick up our office mail today across campus and noticed while I was out the weather was exceedingly pleasant. This is a rarity here in the summer months so whenever it happens I try to take full advantage and be outside as much as possible. And I may be biased (definitely), but the University of South Carolina is really a beautiful campus. And trust me, I’ve seen a few.

In the years since I’ve been gone it’s been beautified and refurbished even more, and it sounds stupid since I go to work there every day, but I rarely see it since my office is in a building a little ways apart from the main part of campus. I really need to get out more. I spent my entire lunch hour walking to the main campus bookstore and figured out something important. South Carolina is A LOT hillier (is that a word? I don’t care) than Florida. A big no-shitter, right? But seriously. We’re a good two hours from any honest-to-goodness mountains, but there are some serious elevations here too, when you consider I spent a good portion of my life ten feet above sea level. I miss many things about Florida, but that’s not one of them.

By the time I got back to the office I was sweaty, red-faced and jello-legged (flip flops probably weren’t the best footwear choice, but I obviously didn’t plan this to happen today), but man I felt excellent. It didn’t hurt I made a couple of purchases in the Barnes & Noble part of the book store, oops. Finally, finally found Common Sense by Glenn Beck, a book I’ve been trying to buy for Brian for over a week (is Amazon broken? Because seriously) and yeah I’ll go ahead and admit it: Storytelling by Tori Spelling for myself. (You can say what you want about her, but that has to be the coolest book title to writer name rhyme in the history of books.) I’ve never read romance novels, I hate Danielle Steele and Mary Higgins Clark, so yes – one must get their summer reading fluff somewhere, right? I started watching her stupid show on Oxygen and somehow got all into it. Don’t ask me. And don’t judge, lest ye be smited with my wand of smite.

And, AND, after hemming and hawing and scheduling and re-scheduling, I think I may actually have my Florida trip planned – finally. The problem with going there is, and I’m not exaggerating this, about twenty different people I want to see and spend time with and they’re spread out in three different cities. Everyone has stuff going on, everyone is busy, but they all also want to see me whenever I’m there. I am loved there, and I am lucky for that. Plus the fact my uncle is having serious surgery the day before I’m arriving, so that lends an air of obligation to the whole thing. I am pretty sure I have it finalized though and it looks like I’ll be leaving home on the 24th and returning on the 31st. Give or take.

Since my damn sister’s husband (I’m not cursing him; I love him) has to be out of town for work that week and she was planning on going with him, I’ve revised visiting them in Orlando and instead will be stopping in Columbus, GA where they’ll be for the week to spend a couple of nights with them in the hotel there. That little girl they made two years ago (and them too, of course) is a big part of why I want to go so badly, so hey – family slumber party in a hotel room. I’ve been to Columbus before, strangely enough, for a wedding. Luckily we don’t need much outside stimulus when we’re together  in order to have a good time because the place isn’t what I’d call your typical vacation destination.

It doesn’t matter. I’m soon to see a lot of people I love vurry vurry much and I can’t wait.



1. morethananelectrician - July 11, 2009

It is little things like not being afraid of walking to the book store…because you could melt…is cool.

Just bring some more comfortable footwear.

Kimmothy - July 12, 2009

The walk changed my whole perspective!

2. LL Cool Joe - July 12, 2009

Please tell me the appeal of flip flops! I’d tried them on once and ouch. I couldn’t walk 2 feet (pun intended) in them! I think I must have weird feet.

Kimmothy - July 12, 2009

ONLY buy thick comfortable soles when you’re talking flip flops! The appeal is that they’re the easiest shoes to put on, especially for Casual Fridays when I’m very lazy. Also I was raised in Florida where flip flops are practically the law.

LL Cool Joe - July 12, 2009

Yeah we don’t get much call from flip flops here in the UK I suppose. Unless they are good in the rain. 😀

3. LL Cool Joe - July 12, 2009

and what the hell is that image on my avatar, and where has it come from?

Kimmothy - July 12, 2009

I’m not sure.

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