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And Here I Thought It Was Just to Make Rooms Smell Better July 9, 2009

Posted by Kimmothy in Whatever, World.

God bless the Internet, man.

I somehow wandered onto this site that gifts us with the fifteen creepiest vintage ads of all time. I love this stuff, I really do. And while I’ve seen a lot of vintage stuff that is unintentionally horrifying, I never ever imagined I’d see something like the following. Seriously, Lysol?




1. Taoist Biker - July 9, 2009

Holy hell, that’s a good one. Depending on your definition of “good,” of course.

If you like that, I MUST share with you one of the coolest time-wasting links I found back when I lived out West: The Institute of Official Cheer. Warning: You could spend a couple of days going through that site! But it’s hysterical. High-steer-rickle.

Kimmothy - July 9, 2009

I always appreciate a good time-sucker. I’ll be going there directly and thank you in advance!

2. Whiskeymarie - July 9, 2009

Douching with Lysol??? Holy hell, I can’t even imagine the burning. But hey- if it smells “lemony fresh” afterwards, it would totally be worth it, right? I have to wonder what these women were doing that their pooners needed so much disinfecting in the first place.

Lucky for us, we “modern wives” can allow our lady bits to be as smelly and germ-infested as we please.

Kimmothy - July 9, 2009

If that was acceptable feminine hygiene back in the day, I’m very thankful my pooner lives in modern times. Even if a lot more has to go into grooming now, I’d say it’s a fair trade-off.

3. morethananelectrician - July 9, 2009

Maybe “pooners” would be nicer with a little “PineSol” instead of Lysol…

mmmmm. Piney fresh.

Kimmothy - July 9, 2009

I was thinking more along the lines of Febreeze.

4. crisitunity - July 9, 2009

My mouth is still hanging open.

5. Taoist Biker - July 9, 2009

Did you just use the phrase “hanging open” in a discussion of feminine hygiene products? 😀

Kimmothy - July 9, 2009

I was going to say something similar, so thanks for that!

6. Quick Hits « The Taoist Biker - July 9, 2009

[…] as not to leave you all on that note, as I previously shared on Kim’s blog today, I give you one of my favorite old time-waster sites from when I lived in the Midwest:  The […]

7. huladog - July 9, 2009

OMG, I am going back and forth between being horrified and LMAO. If this is what our mothers had to buy into, now I know why they are so messed up. LYSOL! My beloved Lysol. I’ll never be able to look at it the same way again.

Kimmothy - July 10, 2009

This would explain a lot about my mom.

8. dyskinesia - July 9, 2009


Yeah, I didn’t think to close my gaping-in-horror mouth until my jaw started to hurt. (No gaping jokes, damn it.)

All I could think was, “Wait a damn minute! My pooner is all tucked away, hidden from nastiness, whereas the boys have their filthy paws all over their wangers 85,000 times a day, and *I’M* the one who needs the disinfectant?!?” Fark that!

ThankyaJesus that I live in better times.

Kimmothy - July 10, 2009

Good point! I can’t picture dudes spraying lysol all over their peckers anymore than I can picture women using it.

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