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Mommy Realist May 22, 2009

Posted by Kimmothy in Bloggie Friends, Fam Damily, Friends, Whatever.

Heather and I were having an email discussion earlier, as we do, and she was talking about what an annoying time she had at the zoo the other day. On what should’ve been a little mid-week fun treat, she nearly had the entire experience ruined for her because of a buttload of asshole parents and their unruly spawn. Luckily Heather isn’t the type to sugarcoat and she knows that even though I’m praying daily to become a mother, she can always be honest about things like annoying kids.

I can’t stand annoying kids. Especially in large groups. They’re the reason we don’t go to the state fair anymore. They’re part of the reason we don’t go to many movies anymore (stupid ticket prices notwithstanding). Heather made me promise not to lose I.Q. points if I become a parent. And I did promise that, but I forgot to add that it’s because I can’t afford to lose anymore, having already lost a significant amount just by living in the South.

I (and forgive me this term; I hate it) read plenty of “Mommyblogs.” Not because these women are mothers; most of them I started reading before they had kids. Now they’re stuck with that label (I guess that would make this a Wannabemommy Blog?) and I will say there are a few who seem to have this sort of condescending tone now that they’ve given birth. Like they’re part of a special club (well, they kind of are) where if you read between the lines you can see them shaking their heads at your trivial silly little life, saying “Oh, I remember the days before I had kids; what do you DO with all your free time?” Well, sometimes I fantasize about slapping you and the rest of the time I sleep. Of course not all of them are like that; as the mother of five, count ’em, FIVE little people, Swistle is the mother of all mothers, yet I don’t consider her just a Mommyblogger. Yes, she talks about her kids (who wouldn’t?), but never in that sugary, fakey way that makes me throw up in my mouth. She’s REAL, yo. Unless she has me totally fooled and is secretly laughing at me. But I don’t think so.

I’ve seen firsthand what motherhood can do to fairly normal women. A few of my friends had kids shortly after high school or soon into our 20’s and I was shocked at how weird they became. I was so scared then thankful when Grace had Elizabeth that she didn’t turn into some Stepford pod person. Not only did her having a kid not change or ruin our friendship, it added to it by a tonfold (new word) by giving me a new little version of Grace to love. Then my sister went ahead and furthered the proof when she had my niece two years ago. Sister is still Sister, only now she comes with Mini-Sister:Photobucket

I guess what it boils down to is I can’t stand fake people, and what I’ve been talking about is just one more way people can be fake. And I’m pretty much the opposite of this – I wouldn’t know how to do it if you paid me. Should motherhood happen to me, I know I’ll be the same neurotic (with all new things to worry about!), moody, loving, socially retarded, sometimes amusing person I am now.

Have a nice long weekend if you have Monday off; if you don’t, write me – I’ll be at work too.



1. iamheatherjo - May 22, 2009

I don’t have to sugarcoat stuff with you because you would totally call me on it if I did! 😀

Flea and Tracy are two of my very favorite normal mama-types and their children are a joy to be around. I think about them and their kids when I’m standing in the middle of a gaggle of unruly children and their oblivious parents. We also play the “Would YOUR mom have let you get away with that?” game.

It was NOT a pleasant zoo experience.

2. Shari - May 23, 2009

I think the fakies are the women who don’t really have identities before they become moms. Like, they are always something based on someone else….so-and-so’s daughter, who-and who’s wife, and then they just become little whoever’s mom.

Don’t even get me started on the retards out there raising (and I use that term loosely) kids. “Oh, that’s fine, little Johnny plays in the street all the time! with razor blades! and Crack! Isn’t he soooo cute??” God forbid they get up off their fat arses and discipline their offspring.

3. Swistle - May 24, 2009

Oh, Sister and Mini-Sister are SO CUTE!

I’m so relieved you don’t think of me as a mommyblogger. I dislike the term, too, and I’m really more of a brownieblogger.

4. Aya Smith - May 24, 2009

What an adorable picture, they are both so gorgeous!

I used to wonder how it would effect me, when I became a mother… I honestly believe I haven’t changed at all. Maybe it’s because I also wanted to stay true to myself… if you change, you wonder which part of yourself was real… the past or the present? I would rather never ask myself that question.

I also agree with Shari 🙂 Fascinating blog! 🙂

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