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Pat’s a saint but I ain’t March 13, 2009

Posted by Kimmothy in Baby-Making, Friends, Holidays.

I had mentioned something awhile back about this whole Operation Knocked-Up schedule interfering with St. Patrick’s Day. Gone are the days when drinking was a common occurance for me and now it’s pretty much relegated to special occasions, i.e. my fortieth birthday, going out in a boat, maybe the 4th of July and St. Patrick’s Day. I managed to forget about it in the meantime. Until ten minutes ago.

Delorme’s birthday is tonight and a month ago I already knew what I was going to get him. He loves this German beer called Maisel’s Weiss; he introduced it to me on my birthday and I liked it a lot too. Or at least I think I did; it’s hard to tell how things taste after five or ten shots. He discovered the beer while traveling in Germany and gave me the whole history of touring the company’s brewery, meeting the owner, etc. but I can’t remember the any more of the details because I was really drunk. But, having a mind like a steel trap, I did remember he told me it’s really hard to find around here and the only place he knew sold it is Greene’s Liquors. That place happens to be .6 miles from my office, so a little while ago, I ducked out for a few minutes to go purchase the birthday beer.

It’s weird, but even though I don’t really drink anymore and am not a big fan of alcohol in general (see: Lushy Mother), I have a strong fondness for liquor stores. The smell, the neon signs, all the pretty bottles and always so many choices. The employees are always in a good mood (hmmm, suspicious) and knowledgable. And this place is friggin’ HUGE – it’s like the Disney World of booze. The store is divided into two separate sections; one for alcohol and the other beer and wine. Of course I walked into the wrong side first, but I looked around for a few minutes to see what new and exciting things are available and there are quite a few. I then went to the beer side and found what I was looking for immediately, which makes me think I have a nose for this type of thing which makes me worried. But it didn’t matter – there was a distinctly festive air about the place – it was pretty damn crowded for an early Friday afternoon during Spring Break, everyone was wearing green beads and hats and t-shirts in preparation for the St. Patrick’s Day thing in Five Points tomorrow…it was all so damn celebratory.

We’re not going to the St. Patrick’s Day thing tomorrow, because we promised we’d help the rednecks finish moving into their new trailer. Also because it’s one big day-long drunkfest, which is fine if you’re drinking, but probably not as enjoyable if you’re not. I will try to block out the memories of last year and years’ past with how much fun this day always is. Luckily the weather is supposed to be shitty so that’ll help.

So, pretty much, no St. Pat’s celebrating for me. And you know what? If there is something actually growing in my uterus I will be completely fine with that. If there isn’t, I’m going to hurt someone; just add this to the list of reasons.

But nobody is going to stop me from wearing green and cooking corned beef and cabbage Tuesday. Take away all the alcohol you want, but do not take away holiday food. And if you’ve ever heard anything about corned beef not being good for you if you’re pregnant, please…please keep it to yourself. No. Tell me. Seriously.



1. Julie - March 13, 2009

I feel your pain.

2. iamheatherjo - March 13, 2009

I manage to have a great time on St. Patty’s Day whether I drink or not. (I have my own set of alcoholic worries ingrained in me from having a parent drink themselves to death.)

We, so often, take turns being the designated driver that there are so many times it’s just not my ‘turn’ for revelry but it’s always fun. The drinkin’ doesn’t make the fun WE do!!

I never really partake in the St Patty’s Day food, however. Odd, no?

3. Swistle - March 13, 2009

When I’m trying to conceive, the day I get my period is the day I eat lunch meat and drink alcohol and eat tons of candy and take cough medicine and so forth.

4. Swistle - March 13, 2009

Posted that too soon. Meant to add that if there is no reason not to drink on St. Patrick’s Day, I think you should get an “I.O.U. one St. Patrick’s Day” coupon.

5. muddywaters - March 13, 2009

I drink a lot less now that I’m a parent. However, I still enjoy howlin’ at the moon, especially if there’s live music involved. I cut loose about three time a year, and that’s good enough for me.

When I get in my 70’s, I might become a regular at bar, just so that I can know what it feels like. It would make great blogging material, but blogs will be antiquated.

6. Whiskeymarie - March 13, 2009

You’d think I’d be all over St. Pat’s day living in St. Paul and loving alcohol and all, but not so much. Around here it’s a loud, obnoxious drunk fest at all the bars (even the non-Irish ones around here) so I plan on pretty much avoiding going out at all costs.
Not my thing.
But I do love me some corned beef and cabbage, maybe I’ll just stop in somewhere for lunch…

7. morethananelectrician - March 14, 2009

Just go the party and show your boobs…that’ll spark a lot of fun. They’ll think you’re drunk!!!!

8. Kim - March 14, 2009

I’m feeling very weird and crampy and bloated and stuff this morning. It’s like something’s trying to tell me to calm down, wait a few more days, take a test and maybe, just maybe, the results will be what I would like them to be. I don’t know. It’s a pretty strong feeling today. Plus it’s raining and cold and I’m really glad I’m not downtown with 40,000 drunk people. It’s sad though – last weekend it was sunny and 80 degrees. Mother Nature is a bitch sometimes.

9. crisitunity - March 14, 2009

I agree with you about liquor stores. Regardless of the state, I have always found them a nice place to be. I also like that I’ve only rarely seen giant chain liquor stores taking over where one-man proprietorships were the way of things.

10. Kim - March 15, 2009

Cris – Yes, that’s true. Even though this is a large one, it’s still privately owned and the only one of its kind. I didn’t think about that before, but it’s kind of nice.

11. LL Cool Joe - March 15, 2009

“Disney World of booze” sounds like heaven to me! 😀

I drink a lot more since we had kids, especially when one of them became a teenager!!

12. Kim - March 16, 2009

Joe – Completely understandable! Those teenager people scare the crap out of me.

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