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Mystery! Intrigue! Laziness! Presents! February 14, 2009

Posted by Kimmothy in Books, Celebrities, Fam Damily, Foodies, Friends, Holidays, Home Life, Meme, Movies, The Man.

With the dog hurting himself last weekend, my dreams for a family roadtrip on my birthday were squashed, just like last year when I met my friend Jen in Savannah instead of going north to the mountains. Is there some evil force keeping me from seeing over an inch of snow? It’s starting to look that way. But I didn’t want to leave him with Brian’s parents again (since-that’s-who-he-was-with-when-he-hurt- himself-not-that-I’m-blaming-them-but-you-know-what-I-mean) and taking him with us was in the original plans but he’s still limping, I decided staying home was the only option. It was still a nice day.

Brian had to work in the morning, so I slept late. He came back bearing gifts and those gifts were a bunch of dvd’s he knew I’d love and a little exercise gadget I’ve been wanting, one of those calorie counter things I keep seeing on The Biggest Crybaby. I guess he’s taking me seriously when I tell him I’m starting to exercise again. He’s always been an optimist that way. He also brought home burgers, fries and Cokes, which is my favorite birthday lunch.

We watched Baby Mama, which was better than I thought it would be – surprising. Tina Fey is genius at portraying the late-thirties baby obsession that takes over while you’re not paying attention. In one scene she’s in a crowded elevator with a lady holding a baby standing in front of her. She reaches out and touches the baby’s hand and then secretly sniffs the baby’s head; kind of creepy and totally real. Brian looked at me during the scene and I said, Yes. That shit is REAL. He then asked me what was up with her since her character on 30 Rock is also trying to adopt a baby and I told him she’s fine; she’s married and has a baby in real life. Because I probably know a little too much about her, but it comes in handy for situations like that.

I checked my email that evening and found out work had been trying to get ahold of me but my voicemail box was full. Oops. A lot of people had called and text’d (what is the past tense of text, dammit, becaused “texted” looks stupid) to leave me birthday messages and that made me very happy. But apparently someone had sent flowers to me at work, not knowing I wasn’t going to be there yesterday. Was it you? I can’t figure it out. They stored them in the cold supply closet for me to help keep them from wilting, but I’m going to take a ride over there today and get them so I can bring them home and stare at them. I like flowers. And I can’t wait to find out who sent them!

My friend Johnann sent me a bunch of books from my Amazon wishlist that I’ve plowed through while still avoiding Twilight. Even so, we’re planning a Barnes & Noble date today, as one can never have enough books; I need to buy one for Brian for V-day as well. Annette always gets me Office-related merchandise, but this year she decided to cover all the shows and got me a cool (literally because it’s the kind you stick in the freezer so it can keep your drinks cold) mug with the NBC logo on it. She and I are proud Peacock geeks. Before we had cable, NBC was the only channel we could pick up and I was frighteningly fine with that, since that’s what 90% of the things I watch are on. I know Heather was naughty and is sending me a birthday box and unlike the one I sent her, I’m sure everything she planned on putting in it will be in it. Does anyone know where four bottles of OPI nailpolish could have run off to, because THEY WEREN’T IN HER BOX AND I DON’T HAVE THEM EITHER. Ahem, sorry. That is the kind of mystery I don’t enjoy. And of course my mom sent me a Walmart gift card, because she knows depending on our finances, I’ll either spend it on something for myself or on groceries, which also counts for myself. A grocery trip without worrying about over-spending is a very exciting thing to me. I am easily pleased, which makes for a lot more fun and a lot less disappointment in life.

And this morning upon sitting down to the computer, I saw a big red stuffed heart with sneakers on waiting for me – I’m guessing that had to be from Brian or I’m REALLY going to be mystified. I tell him every year not to acknowledge Valentine’s, since I feel my birthday is the more important of the two holidays, but every year he gets me a little thing anyway. He’s cool like that.

It’s been a nice celebratory weekend so far; I hope everyone else’s is too.



1. shmode - February 14, 2009

Awww, a red heart with sneakers, happy birthday!

2. Kim - February 14, 2009

It’s cute! Thank you, I’m old now.

3. iamheatherjo - February 15, 2009

You know what though? I wanted to get the package in the mail Monday but it’s a HOLIDAY! What is it with us?!?!?!

Ah well.

Your birthday IS the most important, but it’s also nice to acknowledge V-Day too! 🙂

4. Kim - February 15, 2009

I like ’em both. My dad always brought us little V-day treats and it makes me happy Brian does the same thing.

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