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Interim February 10, 2009

Posted by Kimmothy in Fam Damily, Friends, Home Life, Pets, Whatever.

Between getting rip-roaring drunk Saturday night, my beautiful yellow doggie sustaining a semi-major injury while under the care of Brian’s parents and work being extremely hectic, I feel sad that I haven’t posted anything for a few days. I’m hoping to be able to do so later today, mayhaps during my lunch break.

In the meantime, here’s something to ponder.

My sister-in-law has invited me to one of those sex toy parties she’s throwing next week. She told me I could bring however many friends I want and so far two people have agreed and one person has said yes tentatively. Other than that, her friends and her sister’s friends will be there. I’ve met some of these women and they’re what you’d consider your typical prim and proper southern women. I’m mostly going out of complete curiousity to see how these women act when they get a little sparkling wine in them and are presented with plastic and rubber things that vibrate. If only I could get away with taking pictures, I totally would, but I don’t see that happening. At all. Of course I’ll report on everything as best I can without photographic evidence. This should be interesting.

I hope everyone’s week is fabu so far.



1. Taoist Biker - February 10, 2009

Sounds like the beginning of a mostly-falsified letter to Penthouse to me…

2. Kim - February 10, 2009

As I’m sure the evening will end up being. Somehow I think I’m doing this just to be able to write about it.

3. kristen - February 10, 2009

Have fun! I went to one about two years ago and it was definitely an experience. The Passion Party lady was very tactful and professional. However, the “ice breaker” in the beginning was a big much…it was sort of like “never have I ever,” combined with musical chairs. She would make a statement – sometimes a bit too personal for even me – and if you had done what the statement was, you had to get up and move one to the left or right. Some people were honest, and some didn’t move at all. I don’t think it really worked as an ice breaker…

Can’t wait to read about your experience!

4. Kim - February 10, 2009

Oh my God. I just pictured playing a game of “I Never” in front of my sister-in-law. She’s cool, but I don’t think so! Thanks for preparing me – I’ve been to one too, a long time ago. I don’t remember much except being vaguely embarrassed for most of the entire party.

5. snerkology - February 10, 2009

You can’t even sneak in some pics on your phone? Does your phone have a camera? Is it wrong to assume that most folks’ cells do?

6. Kim - February 10, 2009

No camera on my phone – I’ve never cared to have one. UNTIL NOW!!!

7. iamheatherjo - February 10, 2009

There was a bit o nudity (Cindy’s, not mine) at the one I attended and Lea leaned over and said “If that broad keeps spraying that pheromone shit around me, I’m going to jump you right here”.

Yeah, so we had fun.

I have to say that “The Tongue” freaked me the hell out. EW! EW! EW! I wouldn’t even use that thing on my Christmas card envelopes.

8. morethananelectrician - February 10, 2009

The Tongue…

Does it come with saliva too?

Wait…wouldn’t really want ot know.

9. Kim - February 11, 2009

I’ve seen the tongue too. It scared me.

10. Taoist Biker - February 11, 2009

Even I thought the Tongue was a little weird. If it can be any shape, really, why THAT? Disembodied penises I somewhat understand, but tongues? Why not get one of those lesbian-approved non-phallic dolphins or something? They all have the same motor inside anyway, and there’s less chance of mistaking it for some thing that the dog dragged home.

11. Kim - February 11, 2009

I guess I’ve never been a fan of plastic body parts of any kind, so never really thought about how gross the tongue is. Even real tongues are gross – they serve their purpose, but damn they’re ugly.

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