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I said Brr, it’s cold in here! January 15, 2009

Posted by Kimmothy in Books, Fam Damily, Movies, Reading, Weather, Work.

That title is for Grace, who will be the only one who understands it, unless someone else is a cheerleading mom who has heard that cheer as many times as we have.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but OH MY HELL, IT’S COLD!!! And those of you who live in colder places than I do, I don’t want to here it man – under 30 degrees is under 30 degrees and that shit is cold. So I was checking the weather first thing this morning like I do every day and finally heard some good news. Saturday night we’re supposed to break all kinds of records and get down to 8 degrees. And then Sunday…(drum roll please)…there is a chance for snow!!! A “light dusting” only, probably no accumulation, but this makes me as excited as a crackhead in a candy store. Or a kid in a crack house – whatever. We’ll be twenty something miles north of home that day at the inlaws’ and I will bring the camera and stare out the window all day until I see white stuff falling from the sky. If it doesn’t happen by mid-afternoon like they’re predicting, we will get in the truck and keep driving until I see something, dammit. I’m sick of this waiting.

Oh, but I do have a question for all you northern folk. They warned to “winterize” your house for the next few days and the only thing I know that pertains to that is letting the faucets drip drip drip all night so the pipes don’t freeze. Is there anything else we should be doing so the house doesn’t freeze or explode or something? I don’t know these things.

Those good people at FOX are smart enough to understand that nothing breaks up the winter blues like bringing Amercian Idol back into our lives right smack in the middle of it. We dvr’d it and watched all four hours last night. But I will admit if it wasn’t for the dvr, I couldn’t handle it. Way too many commercial breaks. Same with Biggest Loser. But that is just reason number 685 I love my dvr like the boyfriend I’m not allowed to have. You pay several dollars a month for something that totally frees up time and takes away the annoyances of scheduled programming – I will never give it up, beautiful boyfriend.

So I’m about 100 pages into Twilight. So far it hasn’t been life-changing, but it’s very readable. That’s the danger of hype. I’ve learned to keep expectations low even when the whole world is raving because I’ve been burned way too many times. Like my dad with Caddy Shack. Every person he knew told him his life wouldn’t be complete if he didn’t watch that movie (my dad was a golf pro). He finally caught it on HBO years later and hated it. Which is blasphemy and it upset me. I asked him why and he said, “It made fun of golf. That’s how I’ve made a living my whole life and pay for all the stuff you like to buy.” Point taken. He was a purist when it came to golf though. And I still find myself cringing whenever someone talks about it being “A stupid game/chasing a little white ball around.” You know what, fucko? EVERY game is stupid and almost ALL of them involve chasing some kind of ball around. Whoa, get ahold of yourself.

Even though tomorrow is Friday I’m scheduled to set up a training in the morning. I’m actually happy about it, as it will force me to get up and out of the house early, therefore giving me more of a chance to have a productive day. Even though it’s going to be ball-grabingly cold tomorrow morning.

But this is the weather I wait for all year! I embrace it with gusto and joy.
I hope wherever you are, you’re staying warm and keeping dry and playing in some snow.



1. snerkology - January 15, 2009

It’s supposed to get up to 78 here today. Don’t hate me that I’m not happy about that. I have 22 pounds to lose before light clothing weather shows up, dammit!

2. Kim - January 15, 2009

No, I wouldn’t be happy about 78 degrees in January either. I don’t like waking up to cold weather, but I freaking love the rest of the day – mostly because my favorite item of clothing is the hoodie.

3. skiplovey - January 15, 2009

yeah it’s supposed to be 84 today and I feel kinda guilty about it since the rest of the world is totally freezing right now and I’m wearing shorts. But not that guilty, living here is really flippin’ expensive.

4. Kim - January 15, 2009

I’m guessing South Florida?
I say that only because I lived there a very long time and remember the neverending 80’s.

5. iamheatherjo - January 15, 2009

Nope! I’m not telling you jack squat about winterizing your house! You told me you didn’t want to “HERE” it from us in the colder places (where it is too fucking cold to play in the snow and you know it)! 😛


I do hope you finally get to see some of the white stuff. I’m especially hoping you’ll see it on your birthday next month.

6. Kim - January 16, 2009

I think the bastards were lying about the snow. Now they’re not saying anything about it when this morning they were all excited.

7. iamheatherjo - January 16, 2009

Awww!!! I’m sorry. But maybe the snow is just waiting for your birthday!

You KNOW I would give you some of mine if I could. 🙂

8. Kim - January 16, 2009

Oh and thanks for pointing out my glaring typo – thanks a lot!
Coming on the heels of a blog where I make fun of spelling and grammar that is stellar.

I’m still holding out for my birthday. Just ONE HOUR NORTH of here, it’s snowing right now.

Damn it.

9. suzy2110 - January 16, 2009

We haven’t had any snow so far, though it barely got above freezing all through Christmas and the New Year. I’d actually like a little bit now!

10. Kim - January 16, 2009

I don’t understand when the weather is freezing or below, like it’s been here on and off since November, why there isn’t snow. It’s a rip-off!

11. morethananelectrician - January 17, 2009


You will read anything, huh?

12. Kim - January 17, 2009

I finally caved to the pressure. And no, I refuse to read Dean Koontz, Danielle Steele, Mary Higgins Clark, John Grisham, Tom Clancy, or any book with a muscular, long-haired man grasping onto the bosom of a long-haired women – I believe they’re called Harlequin romances. So despite what it looks like, I do have good taste in books.

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