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A little ADD never hurt anybody November 14, 2008

Posted by Kimmothy in Holidays, Tandem Random.

I’m way too caffinated this morning. I’ll try to finish a thought, but I’m not promising anything. My brain feels like bzzt! bzzt! bzzt! but coffee is SO GOOD when it’s cold and rainy out.

Today we’d planned to go out to the lake to do some work on his dad’s house. I was going to take SPECTACULAR pictures as well – the blue of the lake and the sky mixed with the red/orange/rust/gold of the leaves makes it so you can be as shitty of a photographer as I am and still come out with amazing pictures. The rain thwarted us! And it’s supposed to be like this until tomorrow night! I will forgive it so long as there are some leaves left by the time it’s all over with, though there’s supposed to be WIND mixed in with the RAIN – not looking so good for my precious leaves.

How’s NaNoWriMo going, you ask? Don’t ask. I should have around 25,000 words written by now. I’ll refrain from telling you how many I actually have. And I even cheated, picking a story I started writing years ago and building off of that. I can’t even CHEAT productively. I probably should’ve signed up for NaBloMo instead, as I have no problem whatsoever posting 30 blogs in 30 days. I never said I was smart.

If I don’t cut down on the Craisins, my fingers are going to start to turn purple. It’s out of control.

I’m not sure why, but I’m getting SO EXCITED about Christmas. It’s not like I’m expecting a pony or anything, but I guess it’s because it stopped being about the presents a long time ago (though as previously stated, presents are great too), I just love everything about it. Everybody’s all energized from excitement, over-exhaustion and stress, everything looks prettier all decorated and lit up, and I like taking my glasses off so everything looks colorful and blurry and like an acid trip without the jitters. TV specials come on, the same ones every year and they never fail to make me happy/sad/nostalgic. Damn, I do miss my dad during this time. My goal this year is to watch It’s a Wonderful Life, because I suck and I’ve never seen it before. Cookies, pie, cheese balls and candy canes all become acceptable food choices for a month. When we ride around at night going to visit and coming home, everything is cold, quiet and yes – it just seems more peaceful than any other time of the year. I could show you the exact spot of the country road we pulled over and Brian proposed on Christmas Eve ten years ago. I will drive him crazy pointing the spot out every time we go by it from now until Christmas Eve – I’m consistent like that. The radio stations that start playing Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving. I love it all.

Which reminds me – odds are if you’re reading this, I have your address, but just in case I don’t, please see fit to give it to me sometime soon. I’m all about the cards and I’ve already started working on the poem I’m including this year – you don’t want to miss that. Well, maybe you do, but give me your address anyway. Buying postage stimulates the economy and I like to do my part.

I’m getting a headache. Time to eat.



1. iamheatherjo - November 15, 2008

You would absolutely love Michigan Avenue at Christmas.


Then driving some of the side roads after it snows with the tree canopies and everything is all blue and quiet. Amazing.

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