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Rainy days and Fridays October 24, 2008

Posted by Kimmothy in Weather, Work, Writing.

I was complaining about poopy weather two Fridays in a row, but actually when I’m not at work cold and rainy is pretty much my favorite right after cold and snowy. I know, I’m weird. But think about it – sunny weather is nice, but it gets boring after awhile and you feel pressure to be outside doing something productive or fun. This weather gives you the perfect excuse and setting to curl up on the couch under a blanket with a book (or TV if that’s your thing), which for me usually ends up turning into a nap, but oh what a great nap it is when it is dark and wet outside. I should start a little fire even…but in writing that I just remembered all our fire wood is out by the side of the house. In the rain. DAMN IT.

Of course I did venture out in the yuck for a little while this morning, but I’m damn glad I did. I wanted to visit a Target that isn’t my usual store to see if they had anything different than mine. They didn’t, but the trip wasn’t a waste, oh no. That Target is right next to Kohl’s, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to take a peek in there as well. Oh, momma! They were having the sale of the century (sucky economy, anyone?) and the shopping gods were with me and reminded me I’ve been looking for a new coat. The gods then smiled upon me and I found this beauty that is a chocolate brown courderoy pea coat on sale from $89 to $30. Fits? Perfectly. It has a hood! I bought it, took it out to my car and made out with it for a few minutes. I may or may not have it on still. I’m so glad I went out in the rain.

I’ve heard about this for a couple of years, but this morning Lani brought to my attention NaNoWriMo. Wha? What the hell are you talking about, Weirdo? Well if you stop being rude I’ll tell you. It stands for National Novel Writing Month and that month is November. You join up on their website and the rule is you work on a 50,000 word novel from the 1st of the month through the 30th. It’s a challenge by all means and one that I’m pissed at myself every time I don’t do it. It basically forces you to write every day, which I try to do anyway, but doesn’t allow time for second-guessing, erasing and all that other self-doubtful shit I always fall prey to. Lani’s doing it. I’m doing it. You should do it too. Just think – by the end of the month we’ll all have written a novel. How cool would that be. Thank you girl for putting that up on your blog today.

This past work week was fairly hellish, but yesterday I got an interesting proposition. My boss approached me with the question of would I be interested in working a conference out of town in a few weeks. They’re short-handed and she wanted to ask me first, because I’m the sucker…no, because I’m such a valuable team player. I probably shouldn’t have reacted by laughing and saying no at first. Oops. Once she told me the details though I started thinking it over and decided, duh. Why wouldn’t I want to take that opportunity to:
A. Get out of the office for a few days
B. Get out of TOWN for a few days
C. Show that indeed I am the team player and wonderful worker you think I am

Plus after thinking about it for awhile I realized, hm. It’s in Spartanburg, about an hour and a half north of here. Spartanburg is close to Greenville. Greenville has a great mall with an awesome Gap store in it, one which I haven’t been to in years. That Gap gets a better selection of winter stuff than the ones around here because it gets colder there. Of COURSE I will go out of town! Career advancement and quality shopping, a trip I’d be retarded to not take. Now let’s hope she forgot about my first reaction so I actually can go.

Happy weekend, Poppets!



1. iamheatherjo - October 24, 2008

All this talk about shopping makes me woozy! EEEEKKK!!!

I, too, need a new coat before it gets cold. I just can’t bring myself to ‘shop’ for it. Will you do it for me? 😉

2. LENORENEVERMORE - October 25, 2008

Spartanburg??? huh…never heard but shopping at the GAP is always fab!!! Great weekend dear! lol on your leather dream…;)

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