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September 15, 2008

Posted by Kimmothy in Uncategorized.

And I lived to tell the tale. Was it worth it? Well, right now I’m too tired to make that call. We clearned a little over a hundred bucks and so a profit was definitely made. I had to deal with the clothes somehow anyway, so all my work was definitely not wasted, but I’m certainly not planning to do that again any time soon, even though I said if I had clothes left over I might.
Things that suprised me:
The two biggest surges of people showed up between 9 and 10:00 a.m. That makes me feel like an ass for getting us up and out of bed by 5:30, but I had no idea since I’d heard so many stories about people showing up before sunrise.
The signs/balloons I hastely/haphazardly put up seemed to bring in as much if not more people than the online ads. I’m glad I did both.
The stuff I put out just for the hell of it for filler so there wouldn’t be only clothes on sale sold and sold well. I was amazed at some of the garbage people will buy.
Old ladies will spend a huge amount of time picking out costume jewelry that is a quarter apice.
Things that didn’t surprise me:
We got to meet a lot of our neighbors and most of them are freaking weirdos. Especially Toss-Garbage-Over-My-Fence lady, who came not one but four times because this is probably the most excitement she’s seen on our street since the last time the ambulance came. She did buy some stuff, but I think that was just for show. Will this pleasant experience make her think twice before she tosses the next empty can of peas over the fence? No. One neighbor guy came with his little daughter and they were pretty cool and his wife also works at USC. Another neighbor guy stopped by by himself with no intent to buy anything but mostly to talk about how great our neighborhood is except for all the crime. He went into great detail about the time their house got “burgled.” Not robbed, BURGLED. Brian’s good at keeping a straight face, but I had to walk away.
So, anyway, it’s over. Brian forgot to call his Mexican friend who lives in the apartments behind us, since he could have brought with him a crowd of mamis who are the perfect customer base for most of the clothes I had for sale, but we had a nice time sitting around and talking with Kristen and Joe and they also helped us bring the stuff back in the house, a job I would’ve put off until later tonight had they not been here. And now comes my reward for a job well done; in fact I think I can hear my bed calling my name as we speak. I normally nap on the couch, but I have the feeling the noises my husband is about to make while watching his team get stomped new assholes will prevent good sleep.



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