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August 18, 2008

Posted by Kimmothy in Uncategorized.

Fall! Coming soon! Apparently I’m not the only one (along with April) impatiently waiting on the season to arrive; I’ve seen a lot of pictures and comments around the blogosphere with regards to this lately. It makes me feel like less of a freak. I can’t explain why I live for shorter days and longer shadows; it is what it is. I know my family benefits from it though; I’m way more in the mood to take long walks (with dog) and be frisky (with man) when it’s cool outside. Speaking of walking, my plans were thwarted this morning when we LOST POWER AGAIN in the middle of the night last night, thus causing my alarm not to go off this morning at 6:30. Lucky for the power company, I woke up at 7:15 so as not to be late for work, though I did have to dress in the semi-dark and wait to get here to slap my face on. When I called to report the outtage, I learned 1,300 other customers were in the same boat. Unbelievable. Back in the day when the lights were out I assumed (correctly) I didn’t pay the bill. Now I’m going to forget to pay the bill one day and just think the lights are off because they are assholes. But the joke will be on me and I’ll be the asshole once again. When I was little, one of the things I looked forward to about growing up was not being scared of the dark anymore. I couldn’t wait for that to happen. I’m still waiting. Last night I got up to pee (before the power went out) and upon getting back into bed, I had a crystal clear vision of a cold dead hand reaching out and grazing my ankle. Thank you Stephen King. Anyway, I flew two feet straight up in the air and landed in bed, somewhere in the vicinity of Brian’s groin. With my knee. He awakened quickly and said, “Whaaa?” I didn’t feel like explaining, so I said, “I’m sorry; I landed wrong.” He said, “Your knee!” I said, “I know! Sorry!” He said, “Okay, but you KNEE to be more careful.” Look at Mr. Funny, cracking jokes in his sleep. But my point is it sucks getting old but still being scared of shit. I pretty much gave up scary movies, but I will give up Stephen King books when you pry them out of my cold dead hands. HaHAAA, ZING! One more thing and I’ll let you get back to work. While doggie and I were taking a walk last night, I saw some trash laying around on the side of the road and picked it up. Then I picked up more. And more. By the time I got home, I had a handful of fast food wrappers, beer cans and cups. I don’t know why I did it. I’m sure there will be more trash tonight. But what if on the off chance someone saw me and they started doing it too and then someone else and then all of a sudden we had a whole little neighborhood beautifying policy without the government or anyone else telling us we should be doing it? That would be radical. Tonight I think I’ll bring a bag with me.



1. Dr Zibbs - August 20, 2008

When I was little, my sister told me the story of a guy who was getting in bed, and someone grabbed his ankle from under the bed. For the next ten years, I would jump to my bed from 3 feet away.

2. Psuedokim - August 21, 2008

I’m glad I’m not the only one – I feel like an idiot!

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